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What don’t I use! 🙂
Well, my daily routine is: Clarins shower gels (Relax/Tonic/Contour) applied vigorously with a scrubbing mitt; then I apply Bio-Oil and Nivea body cream, with a few drops of Clarin’s new Cellulite Control Body Shaping Supplement added (which seems to be giving good results!).

I do dry brushing on my skin before a shower (usually every other time).. then I use a moisturizing organic body wash. After the shower I normally use Burts Bees body butter.. it works better than some expensive creams I’ve tried so I usually stick with it. I stay away from lotions with petrolatum or mineral oil in them.. they’re just not effective in the long run and smother your skin, which needs to breathe. If I don’t use body butter of some sort, I just use an oil blend of jojoba & maybe lavender or rosemary EO. Works awesome for me. 🙂

Oh, Tracy, you’re making wish I had gotten some lavender essential oil! What do you use jojoba oil for? I did get a bottle of that 😀

I’ve used The Body Shop products since I was a teenager and love them. I like Crabtree and Evelyn products as well. I don’t use anti-cellulite creams – don’t believe they work – and sculpting creams. Just shower gels and moisturizing lotions – and a scrub once a week, since I have dry skin and I’m not supposed to exfoliate too much.

What’s your scrub of choice? Yeah, anti-cellulite and sculpting creams only produce minimal results, and you really have to keep up with it. They work best on any new stretch marks (white) vs. older ones (darkened).

As you know I am a huge fan of TBS and LUSH. Right now my favorite scrubs are Pink Grapefruit (the fragrance is divine) and Cocoa Butter, because it’s so moisturizing.

Very nice! Can you believe I still haven’t had time to get to TBS? I’ve been so busy I’ve only gone to the mall to swatch MAC, lol.

You’ll need at least an hour to check out TBS stuff! They are quite generous with samples as well. Don’t forget to get some perfume oil and Scent Me lotion so that you can make your own moisturizer and stuff!

Yeah, do tell! What is dry brushing?
I use a scrub in the shower whenever I have the time, and I lotion once in a great while. That’s about it. For the Utah deserty environment, especially in the winter I should probably be doing more, but I already have so many stretchmarks it sort of feels like a waste of time. 🙂

I use body butters and lotions! I use a scrub once in a great while. I had this stuff for stretch marks from Avon once and it worked really good while I was using it… but when I stopped using it they came back. Weird.

At this time of year I get right into the cellulite stuff-makes me feel pro-active! I use Biotherm’s Celluli-laser scrub 2-3 times a week. You use it on dry skin and it has a thick texture so it forces you to really massage it in-good for cellulite! I then use the massage roller thingy (Biotherm) and follow with Celluli-laser treatment. Then a scented body lotion to match my fragrance (I love to layer my fragrance) or Elizabeth Arden 8 hr Body Cream, if I want unscented. Shower gels are usually Fruits and Passion.

I’m pretty well versed in all the types of products listed in the question, but to be honest, I don’t use any of them, because most of them don’t live up to their claims. Marketing is something else! Every now and then, when I find a body moisturizer whose ingredients are simple and to the point and I know exactly what each ingredient is for, I’ll buy it, but there are very few commercial body products I use. I make a lot of my own things because:

1. My skin is sensitive and a lot of products marketed for people with sensitive skin still have a lot of unnecessary filler ingredients in them. Things that are innocuous to most people can initiate an skin freakout for me.

2. They are often more effective, because they’re made just for me.

3. Hello, it’s cheaper! LOL! No money wasted on marketing and pretty labeling.

@Lydia, I know what Avon product you’re talking about. It’s actually not bad, but the thing is, it doesn’t make strechmarks go anywhere, the trick is that if you use it regularly, the light reflecting properties diminish their appearance, so of course, you’re stuck having to always use it. =P

As for all the celulite and “contouring” creams out there, they key to them working is not all the fancy ingredients in them. What IS important is that the product is thick and emollient, forcing you to really take time to massage it in. That’s whats important to reducing the appearance of cellulite- physically manipulating the subdermal tissue, which is what vigourous massage does. All that other stuff that supposedly make the product “work” is just stuff that makes the product sound exotic, and might tingle your skin a bit to make you feel like it’s doing something, LOL.

Dry brushing or massage with those little peg massagers helps, too.

I love luxurious bath products! I’ll try pretty much anything, but I only buy a few staples because I’m pretty cheap about the whole thing!

My favorite cream is Bliss Body Butter in vanilla bergamot (I like the lemon sage too), but it costs a lot, so I get it when I ask for it for Christmas or my birthday! 😉 My second favorite is Jergen’s shea butter lotion which only costs about $7 for a 16.8 fluid ounce bottle at Target! It’s rich, creamy, super-moisturizing and has a nice but subtle scent!

I love exfoliators and am currently using up my hoard of clearance Sephora coconut body scrub (discontinued — boo!) but I’ll use almost any scrub as long as I like the smell! 🙂

I haven’t tried any anti-cellulite products!

I’ll try pretty much anything in the bath/body department, too, lol!

I adore Bliss’ body butter!! I just tried it out this past winter, and it’s so lovely!

I’m allergic to most fragrances, so it’s hard for me to find an adult lotion that doesn’t make me break out. Victoria’s Secret seems to be the exception right now. Their Beauty Rush lotions smell awesome and don’t affect my skin in a bad way. Woot!

Even supposed ‘fragrance free’ lotions have the bad fragrance I’m allergic to. boooo.

Wow, I’m so amazed that VS’ Beauty Rush lotions don’t cause your allergies to flare up! I’m surprised, just because I find VS to be so potent, lol!

I am a Lushie, so I usually do half a bath bomb, melt, or bubble bar a day. I also use their soaps.

My perfect lotion cocktail this spring is:
Sympathy for the Skin by Lush
Coconut Milk body lotion (spray) by The Body Shop
a couple of squirts of “So Aglow” by Bath and Body for the gold sparkle

It’s amazing.

I try to use a heavy moisturizing wash, then i put some neutrogena oil in a spray bottle and spray some on and then i seal that in with cetaphil body cream that comes in a jar. My skin feels like buttah when i’m done!

I use different stuff in the shower all the time. But for moisturizing the body, especially the legs- post shave- I swear by dry oil mist. The body shop has one(14), target has one by j.r.watkins(7.99), they r the best. When I am really broke, I save the spray bottle the oil comes in & by cocoa butter oil from walmart & just pour it in the bottle. Its not as dry, but works well. But really, this stuff absorbs fast & I get tons of questions when I have a skirt on about how/why the skin looks so smooth. its my best beauty secret.

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