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I ususally just use a cold cream or face cream but lately i’ve been using baby oil gel formula, which i’m loving.

For eyes Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover, from Target, $5.99. Removes everything, including MAC Liquidlasts.

For face, depends on what foundation I wore that day. If it was a tinted moisturizer day, I use wipes. If it was a full cover foundation day, I use a cleanser. I’m not partial to any product for either.

Either Philosophy Purity cleanser or the Target Brand of the Ponds Clean Sweep Original cleansing cloths. Both work great at removing the grime 😉

I use Neutrogena or Clinique eye makeup remover, then slather on some Ponds, then use the Ponds wipes, lastly, I hop in the shower and use my usual face wash.

Lush Ultrabland is absolutely fantastic at removing anything and everything. Since it’s so thick, Ultrabland travels well (no spills!), and I can apply it just where I need it, like my eyes or lips if I’ve been wearing an especially staining color. The covert hippy in me also likes the all-natural formula and recycled packaging.

This is my HG too! Love it! I find a lot of makeup removers irritate my sensitive skin to the point my eyelids chap, so I lovvvveee this!

Johnson’s 3 in 1 facial cleansing wipes.
Apparently it gently cleanses, tones & removes makeup. I use it to remove make-up and then I stick to my skin care regime, it works for me so why not!
I been using these wipes ever since I started wearing make-up so won’t be changing these any sooner =] x

I use Luzier’s eye makeup remover. It’s liquid and I use it with a cotton square. It’s weird: it looks, smells and feels like water. But it is the best remover I’ve ever used. And if it gets in my eyes, no big deal. It’s just like water in that way.

…which is a big deal with my whole fragrance allergy and everything.

Virgin organic coconut oil is what I use to take off eye makeup. Best ever for taking off my WP mascara and keeping my lashes in good shape. I then follow up with Philosophy Purity cleanser for the rest of the face.

I use Shu Uemura cleansing oil, takes out all my makeup and I like that it emulsifies when I add a little water to it. I also love Lush Ultrabland.

I use Lancome Bi-Facil eye make up remover then following up with Ponds wet cleansing towlettes. Then lastly my skin care regimen. Sometimes I get lazy and just stop at the Ponds when I’m too tired, but I have mild break outs now and then so to keep it under control I really force myself to do the whole thing.

A combination: I always use the Body Shop chamomile eye-makeup remover to take off mascara or eyeliner, but I use either MAC wipes or Cleanse-Off Oil to take the rest of my makeup off (I don’t use them on lashes because when the oil gets in my eyes it makes them film over for a bit).

I use DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, followed by Lush Aqua Marina for a thorough clean. When traveling I use Lush Ultrabland.

DHC Deep Cleansing oil or The Cleansing oil from Garden of Wisdom + whatever cleanser I am experimenting with at the moment…

i use albolene… i didn’t know you could use virgin coconut oil to remove wp eye makeup, i typically only use it for my hair but i’m going to have to try that….

Its the quickest ever and it doesn’t bother eyes at all. I HIGHLY recommend. I have tried all kinds of oils but the coconut seems to work best for me.

I use Boscia’s Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil.
It’s AWESOME. It takes off all of my makeup, including mascara. I don’t have to waste cotton balls and stuff like that because you just wash your face like normal with it.

Ok, I use Essence of Beauty Eye Makeup remover from CVS…only $4.99 and works like a dream! Never stings, and no issues removing waterproof makeup…I buy it 2-3 bottles at a time cause I don’t want to run out!

Well I guess I’m a little different than anybody here. I got tired of paying so much money for makeup remover, one day I got fed up & decided to make my own.
I used about 4 oz. plastic travel pump container.
Fill with water.
I add 1 or 2 drops of baby wash or shampoo.
I also add 1 half teaspoon of either olive or or baby oil.
Shake it together & it’s awesome.
It’s my HG from now on, it doesn’t sting or burn whatsoever, it’s super gentle, & better yet I have more money in my pocket for more makeup!!

I switch it up…

I have MAC wipes but when I finish the package I won’t repurchase. They just seem so wasteful and expensive. I only use them if I’ve really loaded up on makeup for the day or an event.

Right now I pretty much use Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple and follow up with moistened q-tips to get any remaining eyeliner…

I did love an oil-cleanser from MUFE ( extreme cleanser ) but when I finished the bottle I found that Sephora stopped carrying it.

I like results from oil-based cleansers – they are just so pricey. I want to try MAC’s cleanse off oil, Shu Uemura, DHC, Bosica — I love how they emulsify with water… I can’t used straight up baby oil on my eyes – it just feels so gross.

You should try making some from my little homemade recipe. You can always substitute pretty much any kind of an oil base, use your own judgment how much to use. I got super tired of paying those outrageous prices just to get my makeup off.

Thanks to Helene, I looked for a non-oily eye makeup remover and decided to try Mario Badescu’s Eye makeup remover gel (non-oily). It worked. No more cloudy/blurry eyes for me 🙂

I still use the cleanse off oil of Shu for the rest of the face.

I have one of a cheap brand, which isn’t avaible anywhere but in The Netherlands. It works great, but it’s really oily. I only use it at the end of the day to remove everything.

The other one I use is by L’oreal PARIS, I use this for small corrections. The other one is easier for removing everything..

I always use Chanel’s eye makeup remover. It literally melts all the makeup away. Being that I’m a contact wearer, I am very cautious about my eyes. However, I can spill the whole bottle on a cotton ball, wipe my eyes, and there is no irritation what so ever. The bi-phase water/oil solution leaves mt eye area soft, clean, and ready for the next application of makeup in minutes!!

cleanse off oil takes off everything including lash glue which i need since i wear lashes 3-4 days a week. i use the mac wipes on non lash days. i used to use purity but had to stop as i now have exzema on my hands and it made them worse but it took off even lash glue.

Cleanse off oil
Mac wipes
Mac eye makeup remover

I do like Purity Made simple. I’ve been missing that one lately. It takes off everything and doesn’t burn my eyeballs.

If I have a decent amount of eye makeup on, I use Boots Botanicals eye makeup remover from Target (love it) or Ponds Cold Cream. If my makeup was semi-light, I just wash my eyes with my regular face wash (which is now Johnson’s Head to Toe baby wash!) It has helped my face so much, and is SO gentle!! And so so cheap….will last you forever. I didn’t think it would take much of, but it really does. I don’t dilute it with water, I just squirt some in my hands and rub them together to make it creamy! (I have dry skin with hormonal breakouts around my chin area)

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