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Definitely fruity/sweet scents. My perfumes/lotions are banana, raspberry, lollipop, butterscotch, vanilla, stuff like that.

I like fresh/”green” scents and the other side “warm scents” like caramel (like some LUSH soaps smells!)
And “creamy” smells …. And smells “Like teen spirit” ;-)))

I prefer musky scents, say like Shalimar by Guerlain. I’m generally drawn to complex and deep scents as opposed to light and floral.

I like ‘clean/fresh’ scents for my skin care if that makes sense, fruity scents for shampoo/conditioner/shower gel and girly scents for daytime/date/dinner perfume and sexy perfume scents for night time/clubbing.
Girly perfumes -Gucci II, Ralph Lauren Romance, Vera Wang Princess
Sexy perfumes – Gucci Envy, Valentino Absolut, Gucci Rush
Whew….I guess I like a bit of everything then 😉

I don’t really wear perfume, but I love vanilla scents – all of my body sprays, body washes, shampoos, lotions have vanilla scents.

If it smells like food, I’m all over it. My favorite scent is Vanille Abricot by Comptoir Sud Pacifique, and I love the vanilla scent of MAC lipsticks. I also love the fruity smell of Aussie shampoos.

lol! I like food scents too, as long as they are SWEET foods and not savoury (somehow that just doesnt work…) Actually, now that I think about it, ARE there any products that have savoury food smells?

I only like my perfume to be perfumed. Of those I like chypré scents and pretty much only chyprés. I don’t know why. The only one not in that group that I like is Tom Ford for EL Azurée/Bronze Goddess.

Other beauty products I prefer to be unscented, although the Chanel face care smells ok, as does Clarins. RoC skincare used to be scentless, they changed the formula and then my husband started smelling like a grandma so I made him change brands.

I hate scented body lotion (surprise), and use naked body butter from bliss even though it is too expensive.

My husband loved the Mac lipstick smell, though and I don’t mind it.
I also make concessions for Bumble and bumble Creme de Coco shampoo. It works and it smells good.

got a bit carried away–this topic hits a nerve for me lol

I prefer for nothing except perfume to be scented. Or at least if it is scented for it to be light after rinsing for soaps and hair stuff (my hair smells faintly of cocoa butter, but only if you purposely put some of it up to your nose, so i don’t worry about mixing scents with that) and for perfume I only like real perfume, not fruity and floral body sprays like at bath and body works (i do, however, love their oils and air fresheners for my room and aromatherapy alarm clock). I can’t identify the actual scents in any of the perfumes i like, lol, i just go around the department store sniffing. I love both of sarah jessica parker’s fragrances, and chanel no5, and i also like the victoria’s secret dream angels heavenly and very sexy for her. For my boyfriend I like polo black, polo and very sexy for him.

I tend to like the Woody/floral/oriental/musky scents. Some of my current favorite perfumes:
-The One by Dolce & Gabbana.
-Flowerbomb by Victor and Rolf.
-Alien by Thierry Mugler.
-Narciso Rodriguez for her (The black bottle).

I forgot to add that I dislike most of the scented lip/stuff. I really loathe Estee Lauder’s, it makes me sick. I even had to give up the only lipgloss I had bought from them because the smell is very nauseating. However, I don’t mind MAC’s scent because it’s not overwhelming.

I love fresh, clean scents.. fruity is cool sometimes as long as its not overwhelmingly artificial and sugary.. it has to be subtle.

Can’t STAND powdery or strong florals.. yuck!

This sounds ridiculous, but I just love the scent of my fabric softener, and I wish they made bath/body products that smelled like it! lol

I tend to mostly be drawn to yummy scents….Pink Sugar…for example.

Although in the evening I love florals…

I love tropical scents. Bath and Body’s Tropical Passion (which I think they discontinued) is such a rich scent. I also do love “clean” scents like Cucumber Melon; fruity but clean.

I like my fragrances dirty and sexy, mostly woody orientals or true orientals. My current rotation–Tom Ford Black Orchid, Angel, Rose Angel, Donna Karan Black Cashmere, Boucheron Trouble, Dior Addict, Narciso Rodriguez EDP (Pink bottle), Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb (although it’s a little sweet for me), Guerlain Shalimar, Chanel Coco, Cartier Les Baiser du Dragon and the new Bvlgari Black Jasmine. Occasionally I’ll go for a floral or clean fragrance like Bvlgari Pour Femme, Dior Dolce Vita (one of my all time favs), Prada Iris (hanging out at home with the kids and also for room spray) are a few. I know I’m missing some but I’d have to go upstairs and actually look through the 50+ bottles.
Outside of perfumes that also make lotion I can only handle minimal fragrance in my skincare or body products because it makes me itcy and can make my hands blister almost immediately. I’ve had to run out of Victoria’s Secret in search of a bathroom because I started breaking out in hives after putting one of their lotions on my arms. It’s weird because I never had this problem until the last 5 years minorly and it’s been really bad the last year.

I really like fruit smells – berries, citrus, and apple especially. That goes for my actual perfume products as well as lip stuff – though I also like jasmine-scented perfumes and chocolate-scented/flavored lip products. I’m not a huge fan of florals in any sort of product, and the scent of roses makes me gag.

If it is perfume I like either cleaner scents or musky/woody ones.

With lotions and etc I like either citrusy or something calming like lavender(not strong) lemon, or vanilla

Woody/oriental scents; (Anything with sandalwood I usually love!)I mostly switch between Kenneth Cole Black and Burberry London perfumes.

I like citrus scents. Anything clean and fresh. Nothing floral or heavy. They make me sneeze. I also like products with peppermint such as shampoo and lotion. And it’s one of the reasons I love Burt’s Bees lip balm.

Citrus scents: Ceylon, grapefruit, lemons, etc….. I can tolerate fruity scents if they aren’t heavy, but hate most musk scents.

I used to work for Estee Lauder, and got drawn into the idea of every woman having a “fragrance wardrobe.” I’m drawn to a whole range of scents, from floral to musky. My current loves:

Valentino White
DKNY Be Delicious Green
EL Pleasures
EL Beyond Paradise
Hard Candy
Aquolina Pink Sugar
Clinique Happy

Perfumes/scents…My passion! I am an avid collector and must have 100+. Many I used to own, and outgrew, so don’t have anymore. If it’s out there, I either have it, or don’t like it. Every week, I stop at the fragrance counters to smell what’s new. Love most scents except if it’s too woody/or too oriental. Opium is not for me!!!… Every so often, I will try on some fragrances that I don’t normally like/have in the hope to have changed my mind but, so far, Opium does not smell good on me. Love citrus, vanilla, rose, fruity, floral. I found out that the same fragrance does smell differently depending on your hormone levels.Some of my faves:
– Aqualina Pink Sugar
– Viktor & Rolf FLowerbomb
– Delices de Cartier
– Organza and pretty much all Givenchy
– Most Chanel
– Most Escada
– Most Ana Sui
– Hanae Mori
– Juicy Couture
– Prada Infusion d’Iris
– Bond 9 Union Square (Andy Warhol)
– Bond 9 Chinatown
– Crystal Noir & Bright Crystal by Versace
– Daisy by Marc Jacob
– Bulgary Omni Amethyst
– Fendi Palazzo
– La Perla J’aime
– Kenzo Amour
– All Christian Dior (esp. Poison and Hypnotic Poison)
– All Dolce Gabbana
– Soir de Lune & Eau du Soir by Sisley
– Chloe
– Armani Prive Rose Alexandrie
– Silver Rain & Midnight Rain by La Prairie
and those are only some of my faves!!!… (I guess I’m a little obsessed with fragrances:O).
I put it on every day even if I just stay at home doing laundry. If I don’t have a scent on, I feel naked.

In beauty products, I usually do not have a consistent favourite scent…it keeps changing according to my mood/the occasion/the weather! I like pretty much all the ‘types’ of scents. I especially like when a scent reminds me of something that happened when i was wearing it; like my clarins after sun lotion reminds me of the beach and my beachhouse.

Although, I HATE products that smell like chemicals! The other day I got a sample of some clarins face wash and it smelt soooo disgusting!…like a nursing home! It was so bad! Also, I dislike the scent of (the v. popular) philosophy amazing grace. I sniffed the tester lotion and it was very putrid ugh!

At the moment, I am all over Michael by Michael Kors! even though it is a summer scent (yay…last month of winter in oz!) I will still wear it to remind me of the good times, lol! In my face products I am currently IN LOVE with the mac volcanic ash exfoliator (what is with that scent, its absolutely lovely!), and I also like this lavender face cream I have, and a few of the Ren body products smell wonderful too!

I seem to be drawn to a wide variety of scents – I like woody, oriental, florientals, florals and a few of the gourmand type fragrances. The one type of fragrance I don’t like is the ones with marine notes – except I did buy MAC Turquatic Heat, which does have some marine notes. See, I like everything!

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