Temptalia Asks You - What is your strangest beauty habit?

What is your strangest beauty habit? Do you do a ritual that you think would be considered bizarre or odd? Is there a method you use that’s a bit off-the-wall? What’s the weirdest thing you do when it comes to beauty?

I’m an obsessive hand-washer, which I suppose isn’t altogether very weird, but it is probably my strangest habit. I am lucky that my hands don’t dry out from all the washing I do, thank goodness!

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i do a lot of strange things :-DDD sleep on my back to be wrinkle-free,use home-made things: the yellows of eggs for hair, honey ,mayonnaise for hair….
be in the bathtub for 15 minutes to get my skin soft…
leave on hair conditioner for much longer,than the label says…
yoghurt on my face… let fresh air in my room as often as possible…
change the pillowcase often,to get rid of bacteria,which could cause pimples…
wash my hands with antibacterial soap..
don’t touch my face very often..eat strange veggies to be slim… eat nuts and chicken to get protein for my hair…
try to eat the salads without dressing… and i could go on…. πŸ˜€

because when You sleep on your stomach,You push your face against the pillow,so the skin creases. i heard,that using silk pillows prevents the damage πŸ˜€

Wow you do lots of stuff =D
i alway’s wash my makeup befor going too sleep
(witch everybody does or atleast should do)
because if i don’t, i feel so Dirty that i can’t
sleep =D

I apply fresh aloe vera gel on my face every morning and leave it on until it dries (about 20 minutes) before rinsing off. I am so used to this that I feel like I have “missed” a step in my regime if I don’t do it.

i am very curious,too. i heard lots of raving about aloe. it is good fort everything,is that right? pimples,redness,rosacea,wrinkless,tiredness… they say it is a miracle worker,the higher the percent,the better. how can You get the freshest aloe?

I have three potted aloe vera plants and they are quite easy to grow (just like cacti) and require minimal care.

Aloe vera gel (I only use fresh gel) is good for moisturizing, soothing and tightening (temporarily). Some people drink the stuff and claim it’s great but I can’t bring myself to do that.

My advice is to buy a plant and use the fresh gel. It’s really a miracle worker because it’s free, has no chemicals and your skin will really look different after about a week of daily use!

it sounds great! i will buy a plant,this IS really the freshest gel possible. You break a leaf and the gel just comes out πŸ˜€ i can’t wait to try it!

I drink aloe beverages quite often. Granted, they are a lot more common to find here in Korea than stateside. It depends on what brand you try though- Minute Maid is great. The drinks usually have the aloe pulp in it- the pulp tastes kinda like grapes. Not bad stuff, you should try it!

Brushing my teeth and….flossing.I can floss every 5 minutes! Not because I like it so much,it’s just I “organically” HATE anything between my teeth.
And pedicure.I have it done every 3 weeks. All year long.

I paint my nails every 2-3 days , I can’t stand not having polish on my nails , I do my toes every week , even in the dead of winter , I feel complete if my nails are painted

I do my nails about every three or four days. I can’t stand anything chipped or my cuticles getting too long (I trim them every time I do my nails too). It is so time consuming but I do it anyway. I also have mild OCD and like you, I wash my hands compulsively! Any time I’m out, I run to the sink the second I get in the door because my hands feel so dirty from being out in public, touching gross things (I don’t use public washrooms, by the way). I also brush my teeth three or four times a day. I may be crazy, but at least I’m always clean. πŸ˜›

I do mine about that often, too, Skyler. Not as much lately (I do tend to forget to set aside some time – generally I’ll do them and read for school while I wait for them to dry and set).

Wow, you must have some GREAT teeth!!

I don’t think it’s strange to wash your hands obsessively, it’s a healthy habit (I do it too!).

My friends think it’s weird that I never run a brush or comb through my hair, ever. Also, my friends are grossed out when I tell them that I wash my hair no more than 3 or 4 times a week. Oddly enough, I’m frequently told that I have beautiful hair! So I guess these habits work for me.

i only wash my hair 3 or 4 times a week too!
To get nice Hair, you acctuly HAVE to wash it only so less times. Because if you wash it everyday, your Hair wont be as nice.

Have a nice day =)

After washing my hair [shampoo + conditioner], I’ll rinse it with cold water for shiny and less-tangled hair! πŸ™‚ A must ‘step’ before I step out of the shower.

Oh my god- I am so glad there are other people like me who constantly wash their hands!!! I seriously thought that I had OCD and I thought I was some freak!!!

Hi Christine!
I have some quirky habits.
One is to use silk pillow un-dyed pillow cases. It is very good for your skin, as it minimises the risk of allergic reactions and smooth it up (no origami wrinkles in the morning). It’s considered good to prevent crazy hair as well, but my main reason is the skin (I am too reactive and get red and itchy for anything).
I too wash my hands compulsively and always have an alcohol gel solution around (all over the house and handbag), so I can desinfect my hands whenever I need/want. Milton baby gel is great, as well as other travel-sized bottles. Especially good when you are in a plane.
Never use soap in my face, only mild cleansers. Some people think it’s weird, but your skin gets squeaky-clean without the dryness, which is great.
And I think that’s verything, really!
Have a lovely week,

I find that silk pillows slip and slide everywhere – do you have a remedy for that? I’m sorry to hear that your skin is so ultra sensitive, but hopefully you’ve found some products that work with it!

Hi Christine!

Well, I use a soft and very flat pillow, so the pillow cases don’t actually slip. This silk is kind of heavy, although very thin. If you wish I can give you the sellers names. There is 2 in the US.

But the flat soft pillow is best, so your head kinda sink in. No marks in the morning whatsoever.

Yes, my skin is sensitive, but I sort of refuse to acknowledge it. I took some time to accept the fact, and it does not keep me from trying new skincare, and I don’t avoid scented products by all means (maybe I am crazy, I know, but…)

I don’t think it is the skincare or makeup that make my skin react, but rather fabrics (thus, those pillowcases) and/or stress. It actually is behaving much better lately after the pillowcases. I also got some Dior Capture samples that are helping me a lot, in spite of the fragrance, believe it or not.

I also have a Darphin Purifying Balm that is amazing. Oily and gunky, but it makes wonders for the red, itchy breakouts that sometimes arise by the end of the day!

Thanks for your comment and talk to you soon!


I’d love it if you could give me the seller names! Perhaps I’ll look into them πŸ™‚

Why must skin be so tempermental?! It’s such an annoyance to try a zillion products before we find the right mix of what works and what doesn’t… it feels like a neverending quest!

Hi Dear!

I think skin is temperamental because we are temperamental! Well, I also think any prescriptions you take can play a role as well. But stress, oh stress!

OK! Here are the Sellers (eBay):

– Spasilk/Seller: rlouinc

– Mulberry Silk/Seller: feelingpampered

They are both in the US!

Hope you like it!


i must put regular conditioner in my hair AFTER i wash it and towel dry it. I just have to. (makes my hairdresser cringe)
I have to do my eyebrows twice a week or else i feel positively grizzly.
I’ve left the house probably once in the past 13 years without blowdrying/straightening. I feel hideously ugly and fat with curly hair ….but i love it on other people go figure!

strange! weird! hahaha.. i also wash my hands and put on some alcohol (i could actually finish one bottle of alcohol in a week) but not as much as i wash my feet! i go to the tub and pour liquid soap and rinse it..then when i feel like going back to the comfort room to do anything else i have this feeling that my feet are dirty .i would often soak my feet in the tub again! i most of the time, squeeze and scrape my nose to get rid of the whiteheads and blackheads while watching tv, surfing the net.. (but not when i’m in class) lol

It’s not really strange, but I have to listen to music when I put my MU on. And, I have a very strict order in which I put my products on. If I mess up- I seriously have to wash my face and start all over again.

I used to always do that, too! Then I moved apartments and was stuck in bathroom with a very noisy fan, which makes it impossible for music.

What order do you put everything on?

I also have to have music playing, it seems to take forever and I’m not as creative if I don’t. I also like to have a freshly washed face, and I wash with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, anything else is way to harsh on my face. And now (thanks to the thread about eyelashes) I have to heat up my eyelash curler to achieve maximum curl.

every week, when i condition my hair i have to leave it in for at least 12 hrs.I’ve gone up to 3 days, keeping the conditioner moist with a shower cap and 4 days but letting it dry and harden in my hair.If i put conditioner on in the morning, which i hardly ever do, i’ll wear a shower cap all day and cover it with a hoodie or a scarf.this keeps my hair looking amazing.
also, first thing i do in the morning is wash my hands with cold water.before i brush my teeth or say a word, i have to wash my hands.this also helps to wake me up quicker.

i also let conditioner dry and harden in my hair:-D
i think this way it has more time to work on my split ends.

by the way,how long is Your hair Tami?

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