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I have to say clinique but maybe i am just being a tad biased just because i work for them! 😉
to be honest now i have tried many skincare lines and i just don’t rate alot of them – apart from ysl’s hydra range.

Each of my skincare products are from a different brand lol
But my must have products that i always have at hand are:
Lush Cosmetics – Angels on Bare Skin (gentle on skin)
Shiseido Pureness – Balancing Softener (smells nice, spritzer bottle and doesnt dry out my skin like most toners do)
Biotherm – Source Therapie (smells nice and makes your skin feel really soft and supple) and Aquasource Moisturizer (the only moisturizer i’ve tried so far that doesnt make me too oily)

ProActiv is the best acne treatment I have ever used. I’m lucky to have good skin – soft, neither oily nor dry, no discoloration – but I do have occasional acne problems. ProActiv is gentle but it does the job. It leaves my skin really bright (not shiny) when I’m done.

Does anyone have product recommendations for preventing wrinkles at a young age? I’m 15 and paranoid about wrinkles, so I want to do everything in my power to prevent them when I’m young.

To help prevent wrinkles, wear sunscreen (#1, stay out of sun/tanning booths!), sleep on your back, maintain a healthy weight, and don’t smoke! Beyond that, I think any moisturizer that your skin tolerates is beneficial. Personally I like products with jojoba and/or borage oil. hth!

Carrie said it all ,i would only add that a cardio activity,like an hour of running on fresh air also helps.
and if You like fish,then eating any oily fish will help your skin be more elastic.
eating antioxidant foods also help: fresh leaf vegetables,and fruits contain many antioxidants.
genes are also important,it is said,that every woman should watch her mothers face. if she has wrinkles,where? these will be the parts of Your face,that You need to concentrate on. around the eyes is the most common,there is the thinnest skin.
prevention is key,and it is good,that You care about your skin.
PS.:I also fear wrinkles very much! i am afraid,that when my lids won’t be so firm,i couldn’t make more beautiful eye looks…

Hope this helps 😀

oh,and i just read in Allure: “eat your water,not just drink it” this means,according to Dr. Howard Murad,that if you eat fresh,unprocessed veggies and fruits,you get “constructed water” which is “full of protons”,therefore “better for the skin as tap-,or bottled water” because it can “penetrate into the cells more quickly” 😀

I bounce around different lines but these days I like Philosophy and Clinique.

Back in my acne days ProActiv was great, although I always wished that they’d give more toner and acne trement and less face wash.

Sisley – the ingredients are all botanical.
My fav are :
eye cream – remove my dark circles and puffiness ;
Sun-block – the only formula that won’t clog my sensitive pores;
I know their anti-age is great, but hehe I am still “too young” to experience the visible effects !

My night moisturizer and exfoliator is from Philosophy, night eye cream is from Clarins, and day moisturizer and eye cream is from Kiehl’s. Cleanser is Cetaphil 🙂 I actually jump from one brand to another but right now I’m pretty satisfied with these products.

Currently, I use and array of skincare products. It’s hard to be dedicated to just one line when there’s so many out there! 😉

I like Olay’s Foaming Face Cleanser and Kinerase Day and Night Moisturizer (great, but a hefty price tag!) because it’s really moisturizing and nice for the winter season.

What are some of your favorites? 🙂

Olay complete. I love it because it moisturizes my face plus it has spf 15 for sun protection and not to mention that it is affordable. I have used other more costly products that didn’t work half as good as olay. I just love it!

I would have to say Dior Hydraction for moisturizing, i’ve tried many brands but none helped my extremely dry skin, it even got rid of my dry patches and make me glow…i have yet to find a good cleanser though..

I started breaking out at age 13 and still have “problem” skin….only now the problem is that I am fighting maturing, combo skin with periodic breakouts. Bad, bad wicked skin!! BUT finding the Eminence line was like finding the holy grail of skin care for combo, troubled, ULTRA sensitive, at times acne prone, maturing skin. It truly has been the first line of products to whip my skin into shape 🙂

I use daily-
Eucalyptus Cleansing Concentrate (very gentle, though I will admit that I am not totally in love with the scent).
Rosehip Tonique (again super gentle toner in a mist bottle that doesn’t dry me out at all and the scent is amazing).
Herbal Spot Serum (a God send…truly great stuff, just a few drops and problem spots be gone).
Thermal Spring Whip Moisturizer (light, not greasy and gives just the right amount of moisture).

Weekly –
Pear and Poppy Seed Microderm Polisher (the grainy stuff that cleanes off dead skin).
Rowan Sorb Masque (amazing masque, really REALLY leaves skin looking refreshed and glowing).

I also see a skin care person once a month who uses the whole line of products (I forgot to mention they are all organic) and I know she uses a variety of things on me when I am there. In addition I shared with the site that I recently had a laser peel which was an amazingly painful procedure (and I did natural childbirth so I am no whimp when it comes to pain) which really has been a wonderful investment in helping remove some old acne scars and just really brighten and even out my complexion – if you can stand the pain I totally recommend it.

OHHHH and I also use Eva’s Essential Protection Oil Free sunscreen every day. It has a SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection rating. Nice and light and the first sunscreen that hasn’t made me breakout.

I don’t have one favourite skincare line; most of the products in my skincare routine come from various brands.

This is my skincare routine:

1) Dermalogica Precleanse
(amazing for removing makeup)

2) Philosophy Purity Made Simple
(cleanses and purifies the skin very well)

3) Ren Jojoba Microbead Purifying Facial Scrub
(very gentle but incredibly effective scrub/exfoliater)

4) Avene Thermal Spray
(Prep for Toning, ideal for setting makeup too)

5) Murad Clarifying Toner
(great toner, softens the skin, helps clear pimples)

6) i. Cucumber slices placed under eyes for 10min. (helps remove dark circles)
ii. ReVive Eye Renewal Cream or La Prairie Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex
(both SO moisturising and hydrating)

7) Chanel Precision Eclat Originel Radiance Revealing Serum
(provides me with a radiant glow)

8) Creme de La Mer
(love this moisturiser!! I have combination skin but luckily, it doesn’t make me break out and it’s lovely on the skin. really luxurious, my skin looks better than ever before!!)

At night, I use Bare Escentuals RareMinerals Skin Revival Treatment instead of Creme de La Mer.

It’s a very long routine but I’m rewarded for the time and effort (and dollars sadly) I put into looking after my skin. =)

Bec, I have a gf who LOVES Bare Escenntuals products…though she has never mentioned your Skin Revival product. Can you share a little more about it please.

I will also put in a vote for Murads toner, used it before and found it to be very helpful in removing grime and leftover make-up that normal cleaning missed…though I found it to be a little drying for my “maturing” skin.

Hi Tanya,

This is the only Bare Escentuals product I own and it’s simply amazing!! It’s a powder produced from a wide array of ‘RareMinerals’ and it contains several vitamins and minerals.

BE Skin Revival is a product made specifically for nightly use and it basically helps combat/heal/prevent all your skin dilemmas ranging from rosacea to acne to fine lines and wrinkles to countless other issues. Is there anything you’d like to know in particular?
I’d rather ask and be able to answer your question directly, than type up paragraphs of useless information.

By the way, I’m sorry to hear Murad was too drying for your skin! It wasn’t drying for me because I have combination skin but I must admit it’s probably best suited to oily and combination skin types.

uhmmm honenstly I am not really sure what I should be asking. I think maybe I need to start out with Google and see what the general info out there is. But I will say that your write up on it has certainly peaked my interest.

My favorite skincare brand is perfective ceuticals. I moved to nevada 2 years ago. I am 48 years old. The climate is extremely dry here. I purchased what they call divine age guardian cream for the face. I really like it because I have really sensitive skin and it doesn’t have a strong scent like most other face creams. Also it soaks in to my skin –most creams I try just sit there. The fine lines and large pores diminished gradually in two months. I use it at night beause it does not contain a sunscreen. In the day I use estee lauders daywear cream with spf 15. The perfective ceuticals cream is 120.00 for a jar but it lasts 6 months. For lips at night I use vaseline and sometimes also use it under my eyes too.

At the moment I use:

Eye Make up remover: Clarins Instant EMR
I wear contact lenses and this is one of the few products that does not irritate my eyes. And it takes off waterproof products very easily.

Cleanser: Clarins Cleansing Milk
Very gentle on my combination skin and avoid soap based cleansers.

Moisturizer: Clarins Hydration Plus SPF15
Light and minimum SPF – doesn’t make my skin greasy.

Toner: Jurlique Rose water
One of my favorite toners ever – it’s hard to find though.

Sunscreen: Clarins UV Plus SPF40
Absorbs instantly and doesn’t leave a shiny/oily residue.

Eye cream: Olay
After spending an obscene amount of money on HE eye creams, I discovered Olay – and was surprised with the results. Haven’t tried any other brands since!

Lip balm: The Body Shop Hemp Lip Treatment
The smell is rather strange at first, leaves the lips very soft when left on overnight.

Sometimes I use Cetaphil if I have to clean my face more than twice a day. I also use different brands of sunscreen, depending on how many hours I will be outdoors – Neutrogena Healthy Defense and Clinique Super City Block work well for me.

i need to find something that works for me — extremely oily and breakout prone, slightly rough. right now i’m just using clean & clear cleanser and St. Ives apricot scrub in the morning, followed by toner (sea breeze, whatever) and khiels blue moisturizer and MAC matte before makeup (still, not cutting down the oil production). every 3 or 4 days i use Philosophy’s The Greatest Love scrub — that really helps with the roughness.

Hi Courtney,

I used the Greatest Love Duo set before and have combo-oily skin, so I just wanted to give my 2 cents on it.

The greatest love is a moistourizing scrub. I think it has sugar and oil in it. You really should use another cleansers to clean out the oil after you use it.

Personally, I don’t think it works well for oily skin, but it does keep my flaky dry skin in the winter at bay.

I would suggest Clinque Exfoliating Scrub ( the minty one) or the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel (the duo, not the pad) for rough skin. I find that if I use the exfoliating scrub in the shower, it works the best. I pad my face lightly with a towel before I apply it and it gets all the grind out. Try it.

Right now, I’m using Angels On Bareskin from LUSH and the Exfoliating Scrub, works very well, my skin’s pretty clear now.

Hope you’d give it a go and see if it works for you.

In general I really love Aubrey Organic products. They are all natural, mostly vegan, and very well priced. They have full lines for pretty much every skin type (sensitive, normal, dry, oil, combo dry, combo oily). I adjust to what my skin needs as it changes over time. Right now I’m using the combo dry cleanser and the sensitive scrub/mask.

For winter moisturizer I use Shikai 24-hr repair creme. Simple ingredients, non-irritating and very effective on my dry patches on my cheeks.

For eye cream I use Kiss My Face Eye Witness. It actually depuffs my upper lids in the AM, I swear!

The Clinique 3 step system [face wash, clarifying lotion & moisturzing lotion] is AMAZING. I love it. It’s helped clear up my skin a lot. :]

I also use Clean & Clear’s Daily Pore Toner at night and it makes my skin feel so clean.

I’m a big fan of Olay products and those are the products that make up a big chunk of my skin regimen. I also really love Clinique and Origins 🙂

Wow, I am loving all of your lists! Isn’t it funny that most women use a variety of skincare products across brand lines, but when it comes to makeup, many of us are more dedicated/loyal?

i like Dior,because it’s so luxe and gentle. they have a pink face cleansing gel,which is hydrating and removes everything.

i also like Clinique for serious pimples. their pimple heal concealer is the best i ever tried. it heals anything during 1 night,really. and the whole anti-blemish solutions line is good.

for sensitive days,i recommend Vichy,La-Roche Posay and Roc.they are very professional products!!!!

i love Helena Rubinstein lotions,they smell great and are good for the skin.

i also love Clinians,it never irritates and have very unique ingredients.

oh ,i forgot: my fav moisturizer of all time is Lancaster: Re-Oxygen.
wizh its tiny beads it feels like You just put your face in a bowl of very cool fresh water from the alps 😀

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