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My favourite would have to be my Lancome ‘Nine mini colour focus eyeshadow coffret’.

I love it because there are nine shadows, and even though they are small, they are in a good range of colours – neutrals and brights.

There is a shimmery volcanic black (comparable to magnetic fields), a warm blonde-gold, a medium bronze-copper shade, a pastel matte powdery pink, a shimmery mint-green, a matte chocolate brown, a shimmery pale icy-blue, a matte cream, and a pale shimmery lilac. In total ALL MY FAVE COLOURS! woo hoo!

So, this palette is great for me to throw in my bag, or bring on holiday, because I can create many different looks by combining dif. colours.

Now all I need is a good lip palette…..:D!

I love Dior quints, my favorites are Incognito (light neutrals), Stylish Move (light pinks and dark purples) and Mystic Jade (greens, it has THE best shadow ever in it, an amazing green-brown duochrome WAY smoother and creamier than Club).

Bobbi Brown Mauve Face Palette is also great, for a complete look in one palette.

It is hard to narrow it down to just one favorite!

what I donΒ΄t like are lip palettes, I need an actual lipstick or gloss to feel complete, lol!

I think it is permanent! Try it, it looks somewhat strange at first, but once you swatch – perfection!

I love pretty much all of the pre made palettes by POP Beauty! They all have such pretty ranges of color, plus come in those adorable wallet style cases that fit anywhere–like in a purse for a road trip!
My favorite one right now is the Bronze Eyes palette from POP. I never wear neutrals, but the colors in that are really inviting–and there are placement suggests right on the inside of the lid!

My pick would have to be the Holiday 2006 MAC palette in Smoked Eyes. Whenever I go anywhere, I can make a bunch of smokey eyes from subtle to crazy dark. Plus even a neutral eye. It’s the perfect travel companion.

UD Deluxe palette – I use all the colours & they’re all gorgeous. UD palettes are always so wearable (if you aren’t afraid of colour) and the Deluxe has every colour of the rainbow.

I usually don’t reach for my quads/quints for some reason. I prefer to mix and match colors by contrasts – not by colour family, so I usually end up using singles. However, I find that when I do reach for a set, I almost always reach for the Fafi 2 quad! I can’t help everything abaout FAFI I just looooovvvvveeeee! I just love the sparkles and the playfulness. ALthough the colours are “funky”, they are really subtle (shimmery). 2 nights ago, I purchased online a product after watching a youtube tut from a link on Temptalia on Ben Nye eyeshadows. Yeah, that was an impulse buy which, hopefully at $85 I won’t regret later… I had never heard the name and, since I am a beauty product addict, was curious about what it was all about… I was flabberghasted to google and find out that Ben Nye is a professional halloween makeup company!!! Anyway, the girl in the tut used them for her look and they were so gorgeous, so pigmented, so smooth and easy to work with, that I HAD TO HAVE A SET TOO… It did not look Halloweeny in the least! I purchased the 12 color set that she was using and can’t wait to try it on and try to recreate her look, which was so very gorgeous (she used yellow, orange/tangerine/azalea/red/chartreuse/teal/green/vanilla). I swear, if this kit turns out as good as it looks, it might become my favourite eye palette/set!!!…
Has anyone here used the Ben Nye products for a non-Halloweeny look/regular use? How would you rate the products? Great color payoff? Long-lasting? How about the texture?

Gah, I always forget I can just respond directly to the comment. Sorry.
I have a friend who does a lot of makeup for fashion/print and she uses Ben Nye almost exclusively if she wants to use color. Most recently I saw a yellow/orange/pink sort of sunset eye she did on a girl and I was blown away! She started doing makeup for an extremely high end artistic haunted house here in Salt Lake, so maybe that’s why she knows to use it. I read an article about the company in a makeup industry mag and they’re a very homegrown company that mix their own pigments. Very impressive!

Mine would be the STowaway quad, or the Heatherette Trio 1.

If I have to customise my own quad, I would put in Satin Taupe, Black Tied, Femmi Fe and Solar White, all of which I already own.

I LOVE my Chanel Spices quad!!! It makes for a really beautiful neutral eye – and it’s so easy to use and blend!

I will love this forever.

Hands down, the smoking eye quad from the Smoke Signals collection. It’s practically fool proof.. and I actually use ALL the colors =) My favorite quad ever!

I have a really great Isa Dora eye shadow quad plus coordinating blush and lipgloss that i just love! It has a light pink, a light purple, “normal” purple, and a dark purple, all frosty. It makes for a great purple smokey eye!

I think for me it’s a toss up between the MAC Thunder Eyes quad that came out two or three years ago (it has my favorite gold color ever in it-Rye), and the MAC Smoking Eyes quad that came out with Smoke Signals last fall. I always reach for this one when I can’t think of anything else to do or if I need to do something quickly. It’s an essential.

I have a limited edition Lorac Best Dressed palette, which was recommended on many of the beauty blogs. It was around for the Oscars last year. It’s in this really pretty brocade fabric compact and the colors in it are perfect for my everyday looks. Six good neutral browns, golds, and bronzes, I find I use it the most. I love it. I’ll be sad when I use it all, but I think it’ll be awhile, the sizes are generous!

Before I got it I was loving my Best of Becca, but this Lorac blows that away.

I loved Thunder Eyes from MAC, Naturally Eccentric from MAC and I also love Lorac’s Croc Pallette which is universally flattering.

I looove my quad smoking eyes from the smoke signals. I use it all the time for neutral to smokey eyes!

Oh goodness…. I’ll try to narrow it down, I guess.

Bobbi Brown Best of Chocolate

Bobbi Brown Nude-on-Nude Shimmer Palette (one of those in-flight impulse purchases that turned out to be SO worth it!)

Pop Beauty BronzePop Palette

Fresh Eyeshadow Trio in Chamomile

Stila Quad in Marrakech

Yeah… I probably have too many palettes, but those are my definite favorites!

i dont have a favorite,but i have some,that i dont like at all,so i want to share with You all,so You wont buy them,it would be a waste of money.
i have many CHANEL quads,as You can see in my old “storage” pictures here on Temptalia.
i am not a bit satisfied with the color pay-off. combined to MAC,its absolutely frustrating.
the black in one of my quads is grey when swatched.
if only i would spend that amount of money on MAC…

Lancome:i got a palette of 9 colors (i think 9 is in it),it was as surprise present for me,i wouldnt ever buy it… again,bad color pay-off.

then i got a Guerlain palette of (what iot seemed) 5 nice shiny pastel colors…. as i started to use it,the glitters disappeared,they were only on top…. and ALL the colors are white… so now i have my white supply until thge end of time…
instead of my pastel colors….

the only shadows which can be compared to MAC in my opinion are the Dior Mono eyeshadows.
i never tried a Dior palette,so i cant say anything of it….

so,MAC is the best of what i have tried so far πŸ˜€

Hey Zsofi,
I know exactly what you mean!
I have too, purchased much more expensive makeup like Chanel and Guerlain (the “Fleur de Feu” limited edition that looked sooooo gorgeous in pictures of mags! I salivated for it for months before buying it, to be sooo disapointed, because what you said it so true; for example, in Guerlain, the nice asian patterns on it came off of it the instant my brush touched it!
I also find that Chanel lip products are way much more pigmented than their eye products and, this goes for many higher end lines. I always get sucked in for other brands only to be disapointed because as it turns out, I don’t believe that any other makeup company outthere has achieved the high level of pigmentation that MAC has… Even Nars, Lancome, Christian Dior. Waiting for a Ben Nye eye color palette (12 e/s) that might change my mind…

Chantele let me know how You like Ben Nye as soon as You get Your hands on it πŸ™‚
the industry has secret weapons,i know a brand,too: Atelier-A. Its made in France,it looks cheap at first ,but its really something for the pros i think. i havent tried it,but i will. they have a product which is very similar to the pigments. And many pros love Makeup Forever,also havent tried it yet… You tried it?
Ben Nye isnt available in my country i think,but now You made me want some of it πŸ™‚

now all we have to do is to resist any other temptation and save for MAC!!! and get to know pro secrets… they have so many… :-DDD

Hi Zsofi,
I haven’t tried MakeUp Forever, or Atelier-A, or Ben Nye…Yet!!!:D
Ben Nye is not available in my country either (Canada) so I had to order it online from the USA. I don’t know how long it will take before I do receive it. I can’t wait already (with trepidation like a child waiting for a toy!!). So far, I haven’t been salivating over the 2 new upcoming MAC launches (Lustretwins Pro Longwear and Starflash e/s). The colours are not so much to my taste. The only things I like are the kohl and I already own them all from a previous collection. It’s a good thing cause I’m saving for Cult of Cherry.
I will definitely let you know when I get my Ben Nye palette, and blog about them, and, who knows, maybe even show some looks(that is if I can figure out how to do it on my pc…).

You wont believe this Chantele!!!!
i wrote Ben Nye in Google,and i found a site in my language,plus i can order online,and it’s quite cheap.
Poudre IrisΓ©e looks like pigment in the picture.
Pearl Sheen Eye Accents looks like a MAC shadow πŸ™‚
and the LumiΓ©re Luxury Powder also looks very interesting πŸ™‚
it’s so strange!!! i had a dream last night of high quality eye pencils for a low price,and the security guard didnt allow me to buy them πŸ™‚
all day i was thinking where are these pencils,that are calling me πŸ™‚
now i found them,thanks to You πŸ™‚
its Karma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Canada is such a beautiful country!!!!
but its blasphemy that MAC is made there and some collections arent available there…
be patient,Your order will come soon πŸ™‚
but then we wont be hearing of You for some days,you will be playing with the new stuff :-DDDDDD

Sorry,now i realise that maybe i gave a new name for You Macaddict :-)))))
Your name isnt Chantele,right? :-DDDD

Same person.
RU going to order the products? If u do, pls let me know how they work!
It’s always fun to discover new products!
U been to Canada B4?
What a weird dream… I have never dreamed of makeup…yet If I do, I hope it’s a wonderful dream full of beautiful colors, tons of products and me, in the middle, playing with them! πŸ˜›

Yes,i will order,but not now,i like to fall in love fully with a product b4 i buy it πŸ™‚
first i collect all the available info and so.. of course i will let You know when i order them πŸ™‚
No,i havent been to Canada,but once i will travel there!!!!
i only have discovered this one continent,Europe,that i live in :-DDDD
hope that wont be a dream for You,but reality :-DDDDD
maybe a big sale,and You can take them ALLLLLLLLL home :-DDD

No,Hungary πŸ™‚
but i have been to France maybe twice?
and i have explored many european countries a year ago on our big Europe Tour with my fam πŸ™‚
i still am sad,that i didnt go into the Shu Uemura shop in Paris….
i have to tell,Italy wasthe best place πŸ™‚
The Garda lake. Paris was a little disappointment for me,bc i have read in many mags,that on the streets everyone is stylish and chic πŸ˜€
but no…
only US mags suggest this :-DDD

Wow,i just watched a tut with that palette,abolutely amazing,i have to have this πŸ™‚
i wrote to the seller,i want to go and buy it in person,bc its not clear on the site how can i chose colors.
definitely do a rainbow look with that baby :-DDDD

You bet!!!:PI have done a rainbow eye B4 but it was over 1 1/2 ago and I can’t remember the colours and technique I did then…:O(Does the girl have purplish hair in the tut?Β  If so, that’s the same one I watched!I just lllooovvveee colourful eye makeup and hair!Β 

yes,she has puplish hair. but You know what? i saw a much better tut with that palette,also a rainbow eye.
i dont know if i can say her name here….
but if You write to my email address ([email protected]),i give You her name.
Worth watching πŸ™‚

i hope Youu rad this Chantale: i went to Ben Nye today and i bought Silver and Cosmic blue,i love them :-DDDD
and i bought a creamy white color,its gorgeous,too.
now i make several looks with it πŸ™‚
and i bought 2 glitters,a turquise one and a violet one :-)))

Chantale: I have a friend who does a lot of makeup for fashion/print and she uses Ben Nye almost exclusively if she wants to use color. Most recently I saw a yellow/orange/pink sort of sunset eye she did on a girl and I was blown away!

Wow! Now, I can’t wait to get my palette and start using it! I guess it is a bit a of “secret trick/tool” of the industry to use Ben Nye products? I guess it is not very well-known or else, I have just been living in the dark! LOL!

Hi Macaddict,

A lot of people use Ben Nye, Kryolan, etc. for photoshoots, because they have a wide variety of intense colors. MAC PRO is still used a lot, too – moreso their PRO line (chromacakes, paint sticks, etc.) for body art.

Gentle Fumes quad is probably my favorite because I love smokey eyes & when I can’t figure out what I want to do for a night on the town in color form, I’ll just grab that quad & BAM!

Definitely the Smoking Eyes quad from las year’s MAC Smoke Signals collection. The perfect quad for a simple, neutral smoky eye for the day and a sexy smoky eye for night. I use it at least three times a week πŸ™‚

I have a couple faves… My Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette- I just got it and the colors are great! Nice pigmentation and they have neutrals and colors. Very pretty! and Urban Decay’s Ammo Eye Palette- This has some great colors for going out. I also like it because I can put it in my purse.

The Ben Nye palette is great too with very vibrant colors. It is actually stage make up for clowns but it doesn’t look like it at all! I highlight with it too sometimes. It has a very nice shimmery gold and white. I would recommend it!

I love my Lancome quad in Purple Rain, is a quite old palette designed by Fred Farrugia (Fall-winther 2002-2003) and actually i re-created these colors using mac eyeshadows:
beautiful iris – parfait amour – hepcat – indian ink.
Is a gorgeous quad to pop green eyes!

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