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My skin’s pretty good, apart from the odd pimple everyone gets now and then. I guess i’m lucky

My skin’s Gorgeous!!Im proud of it.Its just tinee minee hairs on my body and i have to get waxed every month,MAJOR PROBLEM!


I started becoming prone to cystic acne. I had it for about two years and then it seemed to clear. However, lately, its been starting to come back, so its pretty frustrating. Also, I am starting to get fine lines under my eyes where I squint my eyes so I have been trying to find a product that minimizes the look of them and too, there’s nothing worse than foundation and concealer creasing up in them.

Let me sing the praises of MAC’s Fast Response Eye Cream! Hit the MAC counter, ask for a sample and I promise you’ll be hooked!!

Awww bless!! Have you tried steaming them with a hot flannel, exfoliating, face wash then rubbing an ice cube over the area? Used to work for me when I was around 12.

I start to see lines around my eyes (all those sleepless nights…), there´s no beating around the bush – I´m getting old!!!!!! *sighs deeply*

I don’t like my pigmentation. I have a four large freckles/moles and a few smaller ones on my face (they keep popping up no matter how much sunscreen!) and they are impossible to conceal! I just have to live with them, which is annoying. Another problem I have is big dark circles under my eyes, but that I can fix with a bit of studio fix concealer! One thing I do appreciate about my face is my bone structure!…I just wish I had perfect skin to go with it!

Hi Tanya,

I have a mole on left of my nose (which I am sure is pretty apparent, LOL), and it took me about 20 years to not hate it. I still don’t like it, but when I Photoshop it out, I don’t know if I like myself any better without it, either. :/

Acne and the scarring that comes along with it. I’ve been using Proactiv for about 6 weeks though and I have seen a huge improvement! My skin’s not perfect yet but it’s getting better!

Yep, it’s always just been dark bags under my eyes but now it’s wrinkles in the sides of those bags that have me worrying. Of course my other concern is the big forehead lines from all my super expressive facial expressions. Too bad people wouldn’t even recognize me without them, botox will never be an option.

my skin is so f-ing oily!! if i smashed my face against a frying pan, thered be enough oil to cook stir-fry!

i used to worry about pimples, but ever since ive been using clinique’s clarifying lotion 3, i don’t get pimples anymore.

I have some redness that doesn’t go away. I haven’t gone to the dermatologist in awhile, but my family have a history of psoriasis so I should just to make sure it’s not that.

My biggest concern is developing huge pores and wrinkles around my eyes and mouth grrrr! I’m scared!

it’s actually more of a hair problem… my skin just shows the by-product. My face is sooo hairy, and I have blemishes in some of the spots where it’s been plucked 🙁

Some of my pores are visible… that’s about it. I very rarely break out, so I’m very lucky in that respect. Although the last couple of weeks my skin has been awful! Not full on acne, but at least 3 pimples at a time, and when one clears up, another one shows up :\ I can’t put my finger on what it could be!

Acne, and skin unevenness… sometimes after using self tanner (even if i exfoilate first) it will randomly fade in splotches, making me look like i have some sort of skin disease

Skin uneven fo sho (happens when are darker), fine lines/wrinkles, bags, and because of some new hypothyroidism/endocrine issues, I have acne for the first time ever (at 22, awesome!)

SMALL TINY PIMPLES THAT ARE SO ANNOYING! Doesn’t exactly help that I have sensitive skin. Sheesh. But it’s NOT stopping me from my M.A.C obsession 😀

Definitely acne scars of the past.
My skin is in tip-top shape now, but about 5-6 years ago I had really really bad acne that have left some scars. With a combination of various products over the years, they’ve lightened significantly, but I’m far from a crystal-clear complexion.

my skin isnt necessarily sensitive..its more temperamental, i think. It tends to be pretty dry usually, but if i stray from the routine..use a different or too much moisturizer, skip a night time face washing..then i will get a big whopping pimple somewhere random on my face. Also get one when i’m on my period. And i get some serious dark circles under the eyes. So I guess that’s not too bad 🙂

I have freckles and some dark spots from sun bathing too much in the past. I wish I could vanish them!! I hate them.

Occasional acne, acne scars on my chin, facial hair (not very visible, but I still obsess a bit… Yeah. But it has definitely improved over the past years 🙂

Minor facial hair that is not really visible unless in the right (or wrong, I suppose) light that drives me nuts, the occasional cyst. However, what really drives me nuts is my uneven reddish ruddy cheeks. They’re usually pretty red and I get a really strong flush really easily (if I’m cold, hot, walked up stairs…).

Where to begin?

Uneven skin tone: my forhead is so much darker!
Acne scars (GRR!)
Visibile pores
fine lines/wrinkles on forhead
facial hair

Yeah, i pretty much have to worse skin possible…at 16.

I have pimples mostly on my forehead and a little on my cheeks. But i used toothpaste on the pimples and it burned it so now it looks horrible !!!!! =[

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