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I look online all day at Coach purses and MAC. I have one Coach and I’m looking for a new one for christmas. As for MAC I try to get at least one thing from each new collection, so I guess I’m not *THAT* addicted ๐Ÿ™‚

Other than MAC which is expensive but not as expensive as other lines thanks goodness, I am addicted to shopping for clothes mainly at Abercrombie and Fitch, Banana Republic, Express, Limited and Macys. I cant ever say no to something cute! Surprisingly I am not much into purses and shoes , yeah I got to match but I only have like 5 dress shoes and a few tennis shoes. I hardly ever carry a purse unless theres something special going on to which ill need to store something. I do however carry my wallet everywhere!

MAC!!! I look at MAC online everyday, and Sephora… my fave brands found there are Benefit and Philosophy. I’m also a HUGE QVC addict!!! If it’s on easy pay I’m buying it!!! I love Forever 21, I feel guilty if I spend more than $30 on one piece of clothing but when it comes to beauty stuff, I’ll spend as much as I can afford… and it’s a good thing my husband never checks our checking account!!! hahaha… the savings are safe but the checking is free game!!!

I have a serious designer handbag addiction… I have the BEST boyfriend and the BEST parents that spoil me to death, and I absolutely CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT EVER say no to Dior purses! I spend too much money- I need to STOP!!!

hehehehe FABRIC, love it. I have three huge plastic bins of fabric. I can’t get out of a fabric store for less than 100$ which is quite a bit of fabric. I am currently taking a sewing class so at least I can justify that I am learning how to make good use of all the fabrics I own. This Christmas I am making all our gifts, except for our son who will get some store bought stuff mixed in with the handmade stuff…which suprisingly he likes better than bought stuff. hehehe too bad I cant make my own computer games for him ๐Ÿ™‚ I use to have a bit of a shoe addiction, but since becoming a vegan I am trying to buy only non-leather shoes and honestly it SUCKS…there are such a crappy selection of hot/sexy/fun non leather shoes. Apparently designers think that all vegans are hippy chicks and dont want sexy high heels – NOT TRUE!! Of course I also love MAC and am slowly but surely adding to my collection…wouldnt call it an addiction though.

Yay for vegan shoes!
You should check out Mooshoes.com, or if you’re in NYC, go to the Mooshoes store because the shoes are actually a lot nicer in person than they appear on the site IMO.

Why are torturing us? What have we done? LOL

It depends.Really.If I have (at the moment) everything from make-up (department) then screw it! Make -up simply won’t do it.
It really depends WHERE I AM at the given moment.Europe.Leather jackets and coats.Shoes.Purses although not as much as MAC for example.
Books – especially in so called mother (or original of mine) language – meaning two (languages).Tones of books!
Again Europe – amber and silver jewelry.Art (paints – originals,not prints).France…wine LOL and cloths..or should I have said…jeans? – LOL
Many if not to say TOO many.But seriously….MAC and shoes! MAC we all know why LOL.Shoes,but…. have to be not only nice,but comfortable.

definitely makeup!!! but if i were to say something I splurge on, it would be sunglasses..I love designer shades….but consistently? definitely makeup

Make-up, no question! I rarely spend excessive amounts of money on anything else in the ‘girly’ category like shoes, clothes or purses. When I do buy those things, I’m not into big brand names or whatnot. Couldn’t care less about that kind of stuff… as long as I’m wearing quality items that look and feel good. But I am certainly a loyal MAC-brander. ๐Ÿ˜›

My favorite thing to spend my money on is American Eagle clothes, then comes hair then comes makeup..MAC and Chanel.

My #1 addiction is MAC of course, second JUICY jewelry, third COACH bags and last but not least creative memories (scrapbooking):)

I love Juicy jewelry! I only own one piece, but there were these earrings once upon a time that I fell in love with, didn’t buy, and deeply regret not doing so!!

And scrapbooking – LOVE THIS! Very expensive hobby, though!

M.A.C.-hands down… I just purchased a Fluidline, 2 eye shadows, 1 Paint Pot, 1 lipstick, & 1 lipgloss… All in the span of 30 minutes during my lunch break!!!

it used to be just hair products, but as of late it’s been makeup. I spend hours at MAC, Sephora, and Bare Escentuals. I just can not help myself.

It’s like I walk by MAC and it’s calling to me. It’s scary when one starts asking for MAC giftcards for bday and christmas presents.

Makeup, hair, makeup, hair! there is just no other way to live! lol.

Over-the-knee, thigh high, and knee socks for sure! They make cute skirts, even short ones, wearable here in the Iowa fall and winter! sock-dreams.com is the best ๐Ÿ™‚

Makeup. Its easier to justify because I can buy so little at a time that my bill isn’t huge, but when you do it every week its the same as if you splurged and spent a couple hundred all at once. I have to stop because I need clothes for the spring since I was preggers this time last year. Now that…makes me tired just thinking about it.

mine are:
1- Bags.
2- Shoes.
3- Clothes.
4- Makeup.

However, Makeup is the cheapest for me so I buy it all the time.

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