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Undereye brightner-Studio Lights

What is the process? over concealer and no concealer at all. Just the inner corners? Why the odd colors? I just don’t get it!! =(

you can wear it with or without
it’s a peach undertone
so it counteracts the blueness of dark under eye circles

Smashbox O Glow! It turns purplish-pink when applied to the skin. I don’t think it really follows the natural color of your cheeks when you blush. n

haha…I love this stuff! I like the flush it gives my cheeks but I dont know if I would say its my natural blush color. I also like to use it on my lips under lip gloss if I am in a hurry.

I don’t get colored concealers like red, green etc ones where do they go and how exactly do you get them to blend in with your skin if they arent the color of your skin?

I believe green correctors reduce redness, and I foget what red ones do… They’re basically to counteract certain pigmentations in the skin, not necessarily conceal like a flesh toned concealer would! You would use these before foundation, and then the foundation would blend it into the color of your skin 🙂

i often get confused with skincare products. there’s so many skin products with different purposes it always confuses me, makes you feel like it’s more of a business thing. that’s why i usually go to the drugstores to get what i want unless i am sure of a particular high end product. it’s different with makeup, you either like the color or not. but with skincare, there’s just too many terms.

a proper skincare regimen is actually really essential! your makeup is only as good as the skin underneath it! its not so confusing if you know what skin type you are and what you are trying to acheive. is your skin tight after you wash it? do you get shiny during the day? are your pores visible? do you feel like your skin isnt as smooth or even as you want it to be? do you frequently break out or just occasional? these are some of the questions that sales associates or aestheticians (skin care specialists, like myself) will ask you to steer you in the right direction to products that will help your skin out. not all skin types are created equal and not all products are created equal. HTH!

Sculpt and shade stuff…you brush on some dark “powder” to give your face depth and shading. Uhm ok so I get the concept of blending but how the heck does someone not end up looking like they put dark powder on in certain areas and not in others…I totaly don’t get how this is going to look natural in day light. The concept doesn’t so much escape me but the actual ability to make it work and not look weirdly clownish. Is it only meant for photo’s? because I can see its use in that form…just not in “real” life.

Hey Tanya! The darker powder is supposed to be just subtly darker than your natural skin tone, because essentially contouring is creating shadows on your face to give the illusion of more defined features, like cheekbones. I personally contour nearly everyday 🙂 You can do really, really dramatic contouring, which is best suited for photoshoots and whatnot, but in real life, you can do it subtly and have no issues at all!

Moisturisers. Oh, I understand the NEED for a good cream to banish dry skin and provide SPF, but…the overwhelming multitude of products! Cream for your eyes, face, body, neck, legs, ears, left ankle…GAH! Oh, and not to mention what’s in them. Is it important that I put vitamin K on my skin? Yarrow root? Marshmellow extract? Cream containing the tears of infant unicorns? I don’t understand! Mommy!

i can totally understand the problem w/ the contouring thing, it takes lots of practise, finding the right shade but when you can learn from your pictures, you’ll get use to them and really love it cause i used to not bother but now i can’t live without it. and i’m happy to know i’m not the only one confused with skincare. i would love to get good products but there’s always new products with new names for new problems that i didn’t know we were suppose to be aware of. it’s hard to catch up, i just stick to a good moisturizer for my skin type with spf.

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