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Ditto on that, and a Greek yogurt facial mask. It’s basically washing your face throughly with a deep cleanser, put your hair up in a towel, slap some Greek yogurt on your face and wait for it to dry out a bit. Then, just loosen the hardened yogurt with a warm, wet cloth and wipe off/cleanse your face again, and finish with moisturizer. It’s REALLY quick and makes my skin SO amazing..

I agree that this sounds great! Yogurt’s proven to add moisture into things when cooking, so why not your face? (My parents are chefs)

I put one egg white, honey, a litte sugar and yogurt together to make a face/body mask. It is realy good to smooth and moisturize your skin.

I also do aloe vera gel+ flower water mask which is fab to calm the sun burn.

Aloe vera gel is incredible. Blended to my moisturizer on morning and evening it really helped my super dehydrated skin to recover a bit!

Also, I use flower waters as toner on morning and evening. I love them! Which one do you use? 🙂

I mainly use DIY stuff my sister does for me!
– hydrating facial mist with aloe vera
– helichryse balm for the rosacea on my nostrils
– honey masks
– deodorant
– nourishing oil for nails (AWESOME)

Oh I really like the idea of a DIY Deodorant! I only really like Dove Deodorant, and it’s left me with dry irritated skin under my arm, which I hate.

If I’m honest, I don’t do any DIY treatments so I might try out some of these ideas!

Oh, would like to learn your recipe for deodorant. I came across one : green pepper juice mixed with iodine.

Tea tree oil toner (so that I don’t have to dilute tea tree oil everyday) – 90% filtered water (from the brita pitcher) and 10% tea tree oil) I put it in an empty toner bottle, and I just have to shake it before I use it, because the oil floats to the top otherwise. This is great because I do like using a toner, but I don’t want to pay $$$ – and my skin loves tea tree oil.

The trick that saved my hair – having never experienced hard water before moving to the UK, my hair felt horrible to me no matter WHAT I did – weighted down, not fully clean, dull, etc. Now I mix about 10% organic apple cider vinegar with about 90% filtered water in a big bottle that used to hold body wash, which lives in the shower. It’s my last step – after shampoo and conditioner, and rinsing my hair in the normal water, I use that mixture to re-rinse my hair. It’s completely transformed my hair … I love it so much, I’ll probably keep doing it even after I move back to Colorado.

Mid cookie baking hand/arm exfoliation – I make just a bit more brown sugar and butter combo than I need, scoop out a tablespoon or two, and gently rub it into/onto my hands and arms. It’s NOT a super gentle exfoliation, but my skin loves it. Wash it all off, and my skin is so so soft.

Asprin mask – I do this sometimes – normal instructions, plus a drop of tea tree oil, and a bit of organic honey to keep it from going powdery on my face.

Crap, I’m incapable of being brief.

Plain simple egg white mask once a week. It firms and brightens.
Sometimes I mix in Honey or green tea powder. LOVE! lol
Egg yolk can be used for a more moisturizing effect.

Aspirin mask sometimes.

I’ve tried a few at home masks with avocado, bananas, yogurt, honey, etc. and it’s just too messy for me (and makes me kinda hungry!).

i am all about making my own hair products! i get shea butter and black soap when my family visits from africa and they are both great for your hair and your skin. i also like making leave-in sprays for my hair.

im all about the homemade mixing medium (3 parts water, 1 part glycerine) for use with my ever growing number if pigments. i clean my brushes with baby shampoo. i add baking soda (or powder…i can never remember which!) to regular cleansers give them an exfoliating kick.

goodness, i do a lot of DIY stuff…i hadnt even realized. that list could go on and on!

i make my own lip, face, and body scrubs
i do my own little homemade hair masks
and i’m looking into making my own cuticle oil
i would make more if i wasn’t so lazy!

I do my own hot oil treatments. After it’s slightly heated (not frying pan hot), I put it into my hair, put my hair in a wrap and cover it for about 20-30 minutes. Then I take my shower as normal and my hair feels great when I’m done.

I also do my own lip exfoliator much like the others have posted.

I do my own manicures and pedicures because I *hate* it when people cut my nails too short or put the polish on in some way I don’t like.

egg white mask. whisk an egg white, apply to face and wash off after 15 minutes. it’s pure vitamins, it gives such a healthy glow and removes any impurities. very cheap too.
i like to keep my skin very pale, so i add a bit of lemon juice.

I do the odd egg white mask.
Could someone please tell me how to make an aspirin mask? I hvae never heard about it before.

put some aspirin tabs (i used to buy the cheap 100 or more bottle at target) on a plate, add a drop of water to each (i use a syringe..) and let the water dissolve into the aspirin. you’ll be able to smoosh the aspirin around without feeling any hard lumps. add a bit of honey and mix well.

you could crush the aspirin up if you wanted, but adding water just makes it easier since it softens up.

i used to do this all the time, it made my skin feel so nice after. utill i found out it was actually CAUSING acne and a nice rash for me. probably allergic to aspirin. now i just use sugar.

I make my own face and body creams, lotions, scrubs, cleansers, masks, soaps – all care products except for shampoos and shower gels.

home made mixing medium,

honey and glycern fash mask and for hair mask 1 egg mixed with 1tsp lemon juice and plain yogurt! leave on for 10-15 mins then rinse this will give you soft and shiny hair! X

Oh boy, all these comments make me feel like I am so lazy (well I am lol)! I might rice-rinse my face sometime this week.. I will have to go and buy some rice first!

i use egg whites and cotton for a DIY nose strip>>you know to take away the blackheads<, i apply a thin amount of egg white first and then put a thin layer of cotton and then over that i put egg white again and let it dry for about 10 mins until its really hard dry!!and pull it out!!!

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