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probably just seeing all of my mom’s makeup laid out. might sound crazy, but i sparked an interest when i was a TODDLER, two years old to be exact. there’s a video my mom showed me of her doing her sister’s makeup, and when the video turns to me, i have a pot of red stuff (probably lip balm) that i used to sloppily cover my cheeks and lips and i kept repeating, “hi everyone, i have makeup!” hahaha. and since i was 3 years old, whenever we would go to the toy store, i’d ask for those cheap makeup sets that came in rectangle container that had blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, etc. anyone remember those?

If you’re thinking of the Petite Miss sets – oh, I DEFINITELY remember those. They were my favorites, with all their hideously unnatural colors of everything (operating, of course, on the premise of pastel + pink = perfect).

lol so i wasn’t the only one. i LOVED those, i had so many of them! and i remember i’d always get sad when i’d break the lipstick because of how they were packaged with one on top of the other and only one cap for the very top one. lol.

My mom of course. She was a beautician…did hair and makeup and i can remember when we would go to family get togethers she would be all done up and she put a lil pinky lipstick on me. Funny thing was I wasnt allow to wear makeup until high school.

watching my mom putting on her lipstick as a toddler. Of course when I tried it out for myself I was punished but it didn’t deter me in the least. i also watched my aunt get ready for her dates as well and when I was a preteen she always treated me to a ‘makeover” when i spent the night with her. I remember my first make up being a blue eyeshadow i got for Christmas when I was twelve and when I was in 14 getting to wear Coty’s Nature’s blush

i first got into makeup when someone gave me one of those cheap toy makeup sets for my birthday. my mum took it away right after i opened it, saying makeup wasn’t for girls my age and i never saw it again. but i never forgot it either =p

wow…….I guess it was because my mother would never let me wear makeup — even just to play around in the house. When i was 13, my stepmom brought me home a HUGE bag filled with makeup, tools, hair products and said “have fun!” I think since then it’s all been downhill……….

youtube. i watched the xsparkage and saw the amazing things make up could do, and then i went crazy for it! and have been on a spending spree ever since.

THIS SITE. i wore a little drug store makeup before, but when i saw what you could do with makeup from this website i had to buy some mac. now im in head over heels!!

If we want to start from the beginning…it would be playing with my aunt’s makeup while I was three and dumping it all in the toilet. xDDD
At 13 I started in makeup for real when I bought MAC pigment samples on ebay.

Halloween last year. I was looking on youtube for makeup ideas/application tips, found Lauren (Panacea81), and the rest is history.

I know this sounds cheesy, but my friend got me into it. I was in my first year of college. LOL
and my first experiment is with dior kohl liner which i applied heavily around my eyes, and my friend even complimented.

My mum had a palette from Estee Lauder and that was my first introduction to makeup. I remember her buying me a lip gloss from Avon, it was a fried egg that had 2 compartments under the yolk, both were lip glosses !! That’s what started me off with my love of cosmetics.

I looked on youtube for something and seen all the MAC videos. I hated makeup before cause it never did what I wanted it to, I was using drug store stuff. So I finally got my first MAC eye shadow, and I LOVED it!

My mom of course, she was a Lancome lady. But afterwards, right when I started high school, the LJ comms of eyeshadow sluts and mac

My older cousin showed me how to apply black eyeliner to my water line when I was 10 years old. Ever since then I was HOOKED!

a cousins wedding! i needed DIY make-up. went to the MAC counter. the MA, Alexia, was so helpful, did such a great job and made it look so easy! i was able to re-create the look after a few tries. and now im an addict 🙂

Exploring my mom’s (extremely limited, leftover from the early 80s) makeup collection. I remember this one Avon palette she had that folded out and had loads of different things in it (shadows, blush, lipstick, brushes)… and I thought it was sooo much fun to smear stuff all over my face…

I still think that, my views have just been somewhat… refined… since then!

my cousins started putting makeup on me when i was a little kid then i went through a tomboy stage then after seeing M.A.C. i fell in love! my cousins can’t believe that i wear makeup now when i used to tell them that i didn’t like wearing any! =)

I think when I was 6 or 7 my grandmother gave me one of her old lipsticks (a hideous frosty mid pink) and I put it all over my cheeks, lips and eyelids. That was the beginning of my love 🙂

My first actual MAC and official makeup purchase on my own was because of Stephielaclac on youtube, I would always replay the Cocomotion video, that’s what got me started.

And I also remember walking around The Bay a year before and seeing Barbie posters around the counter I just didn’t know about it!


I think it was my mom’s nail polish : she always had hands extremely well groomed, she always had (still have) several nail polish colors ready.

The first make up thing I owned was a nail polish made by mom: she bought me a transparent nail polish, and added a dab of red, to make it look pinkish 🙂 I just loved it ^^

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