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only feline topped with shadow and a lil transparent powder. anything that says waterproof will either not go on my waterline at all, smudge, or make me tear a lot.

Urban decay Zero. If I run it along the waterline a few times and then wait a minute and do it again and then set it with shadow, it lasts all night long!

Almost none. I have contacts and haven’t used eyeliners on my waterline much. This was until I discovered Guerlain’s kohl powders, they last all day, and then some, and they don’t irritate my eyes or cloud my contacts, I absolutely love them:-)

No liner lasts by itself on my waterline, though setting it with MAC Carbon e/s generally makes it last longer. But still not all day.

Yves Saint Laurent Kajal Khol. It was a big short khol pencil the same size as Benefit’s BadGal (if I remember that Benefit name well). Unfortunately it was a Limited Summer Edition (2007, I think). Excellent power staying and an incredible density of blackness. I have a back up but it won’t be eternal. I know Givenchy makes one called “Magic Kajal” but I haven’t tested it yet. I eventually will!

Anyway, I’ve got a routine to make the waterline staying power longer: I also apply khol on the upper waterline. I put the khol on my waterline near my tearduct, close my eye on the khol and gently slide it to the external corner of my eyes (that way, it get applied on both waterline). That’s easier to do with a big sized khol. Sounds silly but it works. When I was simply using a khol on the lower waterline (I’ve done that during years!), I had to correct it several time a day. Now it stays at least 6 hours without fading. But it last less with an ordinary khol. Kajal works best!

revlon matte kohl eyeliner. i have mine in rich mink color which is good if you have naturally hazel/brown eyes. my eyes are naturally brown. it lasts all day long. hope this helps! =)

NONE ???? I really love how black mac’s smolder is ut its the worst one in staying on my waterline :/

i heared Stilla’s is good (even kim kardashian says she likes it) but its kinda expensive n i’m not even sure it would work


I’m using Gemey Maybelline Khôl non stop and I must say that as for now, it always worked on me
good thing cause it’s cheap
i’d rather keep my money for MAC e/s and l/s

Stila Smudge Pot and MAC Carbon shadow over top seems to stay the longest for me (when I do line my waterline, which isn’t often). Usually survives a 12+ hour day at work, minus some smudging in the corner

Sadly, I have yet to find one.

Curious, while looking at old posts…you said you applied Blacktrack on your waterline. How were you able to do that? 🙂 Does it last?

generally, MAC 231 is great for applying wet stuff (gel, liquid) to your waterline. No gel has worked for me so far though.

UD 24/7 works decently well, but I found MUFE works best on my waterline. Annabelle in Canada has a similar liner that works decently when I’m on a budget.

I use the Prescriptives Jet eyeliner. It stays even after crying or sleeping. I’m so bummed that they are going out of business. I have started stocking up!

I haven’t tried too many liners on my water line, but of the ones I have tried, L’Oreal Hip gel eyeliner works well. It lasts for at least several hours (the longest I’ve done so far). I love the look of a lined waterline, but I find it’s a bit too much for work.

I always go for Engraved by MAC. Thats the only liner i find lasts all day. I bought Feline and I am not impressed. I really like how black it is but i found it still ran a bit, though not as much as Smolder and other liners. Engraved is my go to.

Nothing works on my waterline except for MAC Blacktrack Fluidline topped with an eyeshadow, and, when I get desperate, CoverGirl LashBlast Waterproof. These don’t irritate my eye at all, but I’m sure it won’t work for everyone.

ONLY MAC Liquidlast (I’ve only used point black from this line before) will last on me. I’ve tried so many, I think pencils are just impossible, gel liners are only a little better. I use liquidlast with my 231 because the brush it comes with is impossible too.

mac liquidlast is the ONLY one that would do it for me…ive tried stila eye kajal, urban decay 24/7, some mac pencil ones (cant remember which ones specifically), anna sui waterproof, clinique cream liner and coastalscents gel liner. even set with shadows, none of them worked. liquidlast is soo amazing :]
completely agree with aksaiyo! pencils dont work for sure and gel is only slightly better

how do you guys take that stuff off safely? it’s a pain in the butt to get it off my eye lids, although im sure it would work for the water line i dont know if it would be safe

mmmm Im going to try this. Ive never used this on my waterline before, but I can try the other brush. This is a great idea. Liquidlast LASTS forever. Olive oil or mineral oil should remove it. But I think if it lasts I wouldnt remove it if I dont have to. I wonder if the waterline needs to breathe?

Fluidline lasts all day on my waterline, but it’s a pain to apply. Powerpoint pencils alone don’t work super well, but if I apply another pencil over it, it will last a while. UD 24/7 in Yeyo will usually stay on until I remove it (even though Zero doesn’t last at all on my waterline).

only things that i found that lasts on water line for more than like 5-6 hours is MAC greasepainstick – love it!!! totally must have i hope they will make it permanet!

I use Chanel Aqua Crayon Eye Color Stick in Very Black. This is the only thing that stays on both my water lines from morning till past midnight. Sadly it was d/c. I’ve had it for 4-5 years and still have a bit left since I use it occasionally.

Stila Eye Kajal in Onyx seems to work the best for me — it is definately the most black and the creamiest out of all of my black liners (even more so than MAC’s Feline which I love). It might not last *all* day, but I don’t mind re-applying.

i swear by mac fluidline. when i was in school i was on swim team and went in with it. and trust me it lasted.i applied it with any generic black eyeliner pencil.

None last all day on my waterline. I haven’t tried putting gel on my waterline yet though. Right now I’m really liking Feline, but it still starts to come off after a couple of hours, probably because my eyes get watery during the day. I am curious about Stila’s kajal though – after my 2 felines finish, which won’t be for about 2 years!!!

I have many black eyeliners and my favorite used to be the MUFE and UD zero….but they weren’t that black or long lasting and now I found my holy grail….Prestige Total Intense eyeliner in blackest black….it truly does not move….It’s amazing!!!

I like MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner in Midnight Black. I previously used Smashbox’s Arched Liner Brush (#21, $20) with both gel liners but, I found Urban Decay’s Liner Brush ($16) to be MUCH more effective.
Urban Decay’s flat liner brush easily allows me get the gel liners on my upper lash waterline, everything else was a pain (literally). It also works wonders on my lower waterline; application time is minimal because it covers more area at one time than other brushes. I apply using the sides rather than the tip.
If I’m having a really bad allergy day (and very watery eyes), I’ll pack MAC Carbon shadow into my lash line to help keep gel liners on the waterline.

Mac fluidline (any color) and MUFE liners all last pretty well on my waterline. I apply the fluidline with my 210 brush, which does tickle a bit, but the color seems to last around 10-12 hours!

I only ever put gel liner on my waterlines eg MAC Blacktrack. It stays put like nothing else. If I use anything else, I always seal it with an eyeshadow. This helps it to stay, however it doesn’t feel the nicest. As a scientist (who works on eyes) I’d have to say that it’s probably not the best idea to be putting makeup on your waterlines – especially not every day. The inner rims of your eyes contain openings that release an oily substance which which oozes over the surface of your eye and helps it to not dry out. In saying that, I’ll definately line my eyes if I’m doing a smokey eye for a night out!

I know it’s not good to put anything on your waterline, so I never use anything waterproof… I just think that is dangerous, and a risk some are prepared to take, but not me.. my eyes are too important.

In having said that, I do wear feline/smolder on my waterline 2 – 3 times a week.

I think feline lasts only a tad bit longer than smolder, but I have watery eyes.

Smashbox Jetset cream liner works well on my waterline. doesnt last quite all day, but does last hours longer than UD 24/7 liner at least for me!

I agree with Natalia, I like the smashbox jetset eyeline for the waterline. It last much longer than any pencil liner i have used even the UD 24/7 liner. Jetset is the olny prodect i have used in the waterline that has had to be removed with makeup remover. It is great!

Nothing lasts on my water line. I set it and it still fades throughout the day. If I don’t set it…it’s gone quick. I currently use Stila’s Kajal liner. I’m going to give UDPP a try…but I don’t think it will work. I just have watery ass eyes.

For about a year and a half, I’ve been using Revlon Colorstay eyeliner in black with MAC Blacktrack Fluidline on top. It’s never failed me.

Gosh Velvet Eyeliners – love, love, love them! I find that they work better for me compared to all the MAC liners I’ve tried. Plus, they are cheaper!

This past week I tried Stila’s kajal liner in the onyx color since I had it from a holiday kit I got and never used it. It was the worst idea I ever had. Usually I use 24/7 zero and while it may not last it doesn’t smudge under my eyes. The Stila liner did and I looked worse than the 7th grade emo girl at the YMCA I work at in the afternoon. It was embarrassing so I kept my sunglasses on most of the day.

With the Stila liner — you only need a *small* amount. It is very black and creamy/thick. If you over-apply, it will smudge like no other. If you use a small amount and kinda smudge it over — it wont look so crazy.

Not any I’ve tried(MAC technakohl, UD 24/7, stila kajal, l’oreal kohl liner) lasts for all day but for hours probably some. The L’oreal kohl liners lasts a nice time but the corners fades after about 3-4hours, the greaspaint stick lasts longer than l’oreal kohl liners(more than 5 hours I’d say) on its own but still, if you’re asking for all day I haven’t found one yet. Doesn’t matter if I set powder on top or not it just doesn’t last.

the clinique cream eyeliner stays on my waterline all day long. one time i cried but my black liner stayed on my waterline didn’t smudge at all! amazing!

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