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One of my friends doesn’t wear makeup at all and she thinks that I’m a little nuts. She doesn’t even own a single tube of mascara or lip gloss. I can’t sleep at night whenever I think about that, so I try not to.

They laugh, they tease, they probably call me shallow behind my back…but then they ask me to do their makeup / hair whenever we go out, so secretly I think they wish they could get away with being such a beauty geek!

None of my friends are as wacked about it as I am. They always ask for my advice + are cool about it, but none of them read beauty blogs or check out all the newest collections, or any of that.

They’re all supportive of it though. I have great friends that way. πŸ™‚

Hey Cristine,

No cristine,not really.They do not laugh on me coz they also love makeup but not that much wen it comes to me!!


some think I have too much makeup.
that I don’t need all of it.
BUt they do know I love it and it has become my new hobby : )

I usually donΒ΄t make my addiction public.
My friends who know admire my collection and my vanity table. My husband thinks he could be worse off if I was into fashion or shoes or handbags that much.;)

“My husband thinks he could be worse off if I was into fashion or shoes or handbags that much.;)”
My hubby just came to that realization one time during dinner when I told him I couldn’t sleep because I really wanted this one thing and tossed and turned all night. He said “i guess it could be a lot worse *sigh*”

Most of my friends don’t get me when it comes to this topic. I have 2 friends who never wear make-up, the rest wear just mascara and lipgloss (and on VERY rare occasion eyeshadows). They do ask me to do their make-up when we go out but still think I have too much make-up and I’m a beauty addict. I find that to be a little annoying, me having a lot of make-up makes me happy and is good for them too coz they get to use it!

They do not know the extent of my personal makeup collection. I am not hiding it, but they just don’t care. I need to find new friends!! Lol.

I have one friend who shares my passion for makeup, but she and I live so far from each other. I’m in Michigan and she is in Florida. Anyway, when we go to Sephora or MAC or even the drugstore and we find something new, we e-mail each other, send pics of our purchases, etc. It’s pretty funny. Aside from her, I have no one else…boo hoo! The rest of my friends either don’t wear makeup, or if they do, they don’t get excited about it like I do…=0(

They think I’m nuts and weird. They wear make up, but they’re just not into it like me. My mom and sisters on the other hand, wow, we could live at Sephora! I asked my mom if she wanted a massage or facial for mother’s day and she gave me the sternest look and said deadpan “I want make up” She makes me so proud!!!

well my parents hate it they think its a waste of time..
my friends…sometimes they think its too much sometimes they come to me for advice or to do makeup

No, which I guess is why I’m always online to talk to you guys ;). They know about it, and (to my face) they’re cool about it. I totally agree with the above poster that they are all about me doing their makeup. My friend pushed back the time of her party so I could do her makeup last week. Usually, when we go to the mall, I’m like “OK Have fun in forever 21, Ill be at MAC, call me when u get out” and for the most part, they join me at MAC and I’ve got them to start their own little addictions.. so… who knows!

Aww, “to your face” but behind your back?! Aww.

But it’s great that at least they recognize you for the makeup guru that you are πŸ˜€

ahh me too about the mall thing!! I always regret buying clothes @ forever 21 so i would rather buy MAC!!

Well my sister and husband want to be the founders of:”Mac Anonymous” they think it’s “silly” to have more than 50 eyeshadows, I of course beg to differ! My best friend and I are always on a mission to “paradise” so it’s cool to have a partner in crime! Besides, I missed out on so many quads from ’04-07 I have to make up for lost time! πŸ™‚

My friends think I’m ridiculous for the amount of makeup that I have. And I have no friends that are as passionate about cosmetics as me….. πŸ™

I did meet a good friend on a MAC Addicts group on FB!

My friends are totally on board with me!! And, a couple of them have started reading your blog regularly b/c I told them how much I love it πŸ™‚

My boyfriend is such an enabler! He thinks my makeup hobby is great. I went into MAC yesterday to get two (2) Dazzleglasses and walked out with five (5) in addition to a lipstick, lipliner and four eyeshadows. *sighs* Most of it was aquired by him since I “didn’t have enough lipgloss.” What’s a girl SUPPOSED to do when a guy says she doesn’t have enough lipgloss? *lol* My friends are rather in awe of my beauty addiction. They don’t use makeup often and all the colours are intimidating apparently. I’ve been slowly passing on my Jedi knowledge so that they’ll be addicts too. πŸ˜‰

But the shoes are beautiful! I got Comet Blue, Glamour O.D., Love Alert, Steppin’ Out and Ms. Fizz. Today I’m trying Love Alert over Russian Red.

Ohh good question! My friends love it! This past weekend, we were all in a wedding together, and they were all gushing over the MAC eyeshadows. I guess there’s something in it for them, so they approve, haha.

My friends think Ive gone crazy to buy makeup with insane prices lol. None of them have the same addiction as me… oh well hehhe

Lol all of my friends are either guys or gals who don’t wear makeup at all. Well apart from one friend who wears lip balm and calls it makeup, although i disagree. Anyway I’m seen as the ‘perfect’ beauty goddess who knows all.. and somehow i just can’t bring myself to disagree lol.

I have one friend who shares my m/u love. other friends buy stuff @ sephora infrequently or do wear make up but arent obsessed with buying it.
my mom thinks i go overboard so i tend to hide my purchases from her but i always let her borrow my stuff and tell her how to use it =)

I’ve spent over $300 this week alone. My girlfriends joking refer to having an intervention all the time.

I keep it quite in check, but sometimes rather than leave my collection in the car I’ll bring my little bags into the office, and when your hobo bag is packed to the brim with special edition makeup bags, people start asking questions. I have a friend whose desk is near mine who will start her day wearing my makeup if I bring it around, and others will come around and gawk at the shadows and laugh or sigh.
I had one friend who got really into it but she wasn’t very responsible and added MAC to the list of things she was in debt for, which didn’t make me feel good. She recently got all her debt settled though- which means I no longer have a shopping buddy! πŸ™ Good for her, bad for me!

my boyfriend says he’ll pay for my makeup addiction when i start med school. good man, that one. πŸ™‚

my friends think i should become a makeup artist since i have so many products and they come to me for their weddings, photo shoots and just to go out. some thinks i’m crazy but i love it!

I don’t have a lot of friends, period (kinda shy and introverted) but luckily of the few I have, 2 of them are professional MAs (1 is runway/editorial, the other-theater) so my delight with makeup pales considerably in comparison to them. As for the rest of the girls, I guess they care about makeup as much as the average woman. Every now and then we’ll hit MAC/Sephora/Ulta and play around, but of course, my guy friends don’t know/don’t care. LMAO.

Oh I forgot- my mother thinks I have WAY too much but my collection is piddly compared to your and many others I’ve seen. Funny, I’ve seen her in makeup exactly twice my entire life. But now she wants me to do her face for a special event pretty soon. My daughter could care less about makeup since she’s a hardcore tomboy. She only cares about lipglass and getting her manis/pedis. I think I can manage that. LOL

Well, my husband loves it, say I look great –of course, he knows makeup makes me happy!. My mom and some friends look at me like IΒ΄m silly and vain, but mom already asked me to do her makeup and IΒ΄ve got many compliments on my makeup by the same friends that think itΒ΄s just a girly thing. Go figure.

I’ve got the critics that sit and complain about how long it takes me to get ready to go out… oh well… Its about what I enjoy… :o)

My friends love me doing their makeup, shopping for mu with me etc, but they think im crazy for buying so much πŸ™‚

My boyfriend is the one who is most aware of it. My mom and sisters like to use all my makeup though and have me do thier makeup for them sometimes πŸ™‚

I’m kinda new in my mac m/u addiction. I have a few friends that wear makeup, but could care less about new stuff. I come to temptalia to know I am not alone*lol*
my husband is awesome about it. He thinks I look so pretty and says anything that makes me feel good about myself, he will support.but i hope to find someone, even online, to share my excitement with!!

LOL! Yes, here at Temptalia we can gather around like addicts and be comforted by the fact that someone else is probably a bigger addict than us!

One of my best friends is a MAC addict like myself and we can talk makeup for hours on end! We’ve both had huge traincases since jr. high filled with makeup and we do not go out without makeup on….and we’re 26 year old mommies now! My other best friend is a hairstylist and while she loves doing hair, she really could care less about makeup or fashion. She’s very low maintenance.

My co-worker thinks I spend a ridiculous amount on makeup…which I probably do. She heard me say that my blush cost me $18 and just about died! My hubby really doesn’t mind…I make the majority of the money, so I spend it as I please. He just likes to remind me of how much I spend sometimes. But the other day, he was bragging about the size of my collection to my cousin. I thought it was cute!!

None of my friends are as into makeup as I am (although I am cultivating some new makeup friends online) so they think I’m a little crazy! Then again, they always have! LOL! They love me and ask me for makeup and skin care tips! We go shopping together… we all have a great time! πŸ™‚

I do work hard to keep them from finding out how much I pay for some things!

You guys save me from being utterly lonely when it comes to my makeup addiction πŸ˜€

That’s so great that you’re their source of info and advice!

well, the girls want me to make their make-up every time we go out:D and the boys… they can’t understand that beauty-thing but they say that being like this is much better than being scruffy:D but sometimes, they want to know what the hell i do with such a big collection of make-up:D:D (even if i don’t have that much tubes of make-up…..)

All of my friends think I am crazy and that I’m wasting alot of money on makeup but my hubby and my BF are very supportive and they love my passion for makeup!

I have two types of friends. Some think I am nuts for having too much make up and some are high end snobs who think I should stick to just high end brands instead of buying drugstore items. I am happy to be stuck in the middle πŸ™‚

Almost all my friends wear make up and we do talk about it often. They think I like black eyeliner and red lipstick a little too much because they prefer the nude look more than anything else!

It’s soo great to be able to discern between quality and just price, because there are definitely drugstore solutions that work out well (not always, but not everything high end is worth it either!).

At least you’re there to balance out all the nude faces πŸ˜‰

My mom about fainted when I told her I had make-up. I had fought wearing make-up for years partly to annoy her and to defy society’s aspects on beauty. However; now she thinks what I have isn’t modest. “Girls don’t wear blue eyeshadow..it looks tacky”. I can’t win with my mom. I never have.

I’m an addict now. My friends don’t know what to think as they are in shock too. Most of them don’t care about make-up anyway. My husband is my enabler..LOL. I go in for one things and he picks out 3 more for me.

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