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I haven’t yet found any celeb-perfume that I like, plus, they are usually slightly costlier, so I avoid them!

thats funny. the celeb perfumes are usually cheaper. here in australia anyway. i found something decent in paris hilton’s first one so i use that for places that doesn’t deserve chanel or ralph lauren lol. sometimes for class, after the gym, cornerstore, etc.
the smell’s rather sweet, definitely for daytime. i dont like paris, but the perfume was decent so i figured whattheheck. it also has zero staying power, but that’s ok cuz i don’t think twice about buying another bottle.

They usually annoy me and smell like garbage for that matter… but I can’t help but like Britney Spears’ perfumes, lol. People always tell me I smell good and ask what I’m wearing, and I’m just like “Umm…. yeah, it’s Britney.” haha.

Normally they make me sick to my stomach. The only one I really like is J.Lo’s Still. I wear it rarely, but when I do I get tons of compliments.

What cracks me up is those commercials for Antonio Banderas’ perfumes. I giggle every time.
I have never ever found a celeb perfume worth my hard- earned money, although I actually have heard the Hillary Duff perfume is nice.

I really don’t care who makes what. If I like the smell of it, I buy it. My new favorite is Gwen’s. I love how it smells.

i don’t hate them and some smell really nice but personally i sometimes find the celebrity image distracting. i don’t know if i’m making sense. maybe because of all the bad press???? i don’t know, call me weird. i just like to smell the fragrance and try not to think whose perfume it is. to make it simple, i would like anything that smells nice and i wouldn’t care which celebrity designed the perfume.

I wear Paris Hilton’s first perfume. It is the only scent I have ever worn where people have stopped to ask me what I am wearing. I get compliments on it nearly every single day. Whether it’s someone I work with or someone at a store I am shopping at. Plus, the boys love it. 😉
I’m on my third bottle.

Never tried them. I hardly buy perfume myself – 99% of what I have were presents. The last perfume I bought myself was in 2003! For some strange reason, I have never received a celeb perfume! Some friends raved about Britney Spears’ perfume (Curiosity?!) but I was never tempted to even sample it.

yeah i laughed when i found out my friend wears britney’s curious. I was really excited to hear about Gwen Stefani’s perfume bcuz she is my FAVE CELEB EVER!! But unfortunately I HATE the smell =( I hope she comes out with more that I will like

If the celeb is classy, I’ll check out the perfume. For example Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwen Stefani. I love SJP’s Covet and Gwen’s L. I will never touch anything by Paris Hilton, Britney, or anyone else in that realm.

I guess maybe i’m a bit snobbish over perfume but i refuse to buy any celeb perfume, and every single one i’ve smelt reminds me of bathroom cleaner!
I stick to perfume houses I know I’ll get a good quality, longer-lasting scent from like Gucci, Chanel or Marc Jacobs.
To be honest- they aren’t even that much more expensive!

I have worn celeb perfumes before…but I must admit that its humiliating as a 34 year old woman to admit that something by Paris or Brit smells good 🙁 UGH! I own two bottles of different JLo perfumes but both were gifts. I would have no problem buying the products but at times if I find the celeb unbarable it will keep me from a scent even if I really like it. As a rule I don’t buy perfume in general because I really like VERY spicy scents and I have yet to find a perfume that I really LOVE. The only celeb scent I have ever bought (I can’t believe I am admitting this) was the men’s scent from the band Kiss 🙂 it was super spicy, my SO said I smelled like an Indian resturant…but I really liked the scent…the only problem was it lasted about 3 minutes on me before being gone. I went though the bottle in about a month and decided not to buy it again since it has zero staying power.

These responses both amuse and shock me. You do all realize that the celebs aren’t the ones MAKING the scents right? They are just endorsing them. So basically, the same chemists that come up with the other purfumes are creating these ones, too. So far as I know, most of them are cheaper (Kimora lee simmons and J. Lo ones are, for sure!)

And also, what’s the difference between buying something from “chanel” or “Paris hilton” one is a clothing designer and one is a “famous person”. Neither of them REALLY have anything to do with making the purfume? (watch that one come back and bite me, for all I know chanel really is in the lab mixing up the stuff with the chemists~)

It’s really odd to me that people let anything but the actual SCENT make their decision for them! I guess marketing is really more powerful than I thought!

I think ultimately, the smells they come up with for celebs focus less on the smell and more on the marketing and what results is a poorly made, well packaged, stinky perfume.

I’m always kind of embarrassed when I’m looking at them in Macy’s, but some of them really DO smell very nice. And I think that’s the most important thing.

I don’t own any celebrity perfumes.. I like the Britney Spears Curious bottle, but hate the scent. JLo’s Still is nice, but not enough for me to buy it and Hilary Duff’s With Love smelled like pure alcohol to me, then as it wore off it was ok.. but the initial smell made me sick to my stomach! I’m sure lots of people buy them, otherwise they wouldn’t be very lucrative enterprises… It just feels like there are way too many scents out there now!
I am forever dedicated to my Gucci II <3

I don’t really know much about them…I guess I’m not really bothered as to whose brand it is. I just care that a perfume smells nice…

At first, I would have rather died than to have smelled like Britney/Paris … but I received Paris’ as a gift once and fell in love with it. Before I knew it I had Britney Spears’ Fantasy and Gwen Stefani’s LAMB (which is by far, my favorite)…

So now, when people ask me what I’m wearing, it’s a little embarrassing, but it always gets a laugh. 🙂

I would buy a celeb perfume if it smelled good, nothing to be ashamed of…i love Gucci envy me 1&2 :)..smells so good! Brits perfume smells good

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