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I go cheap on mascara and kohl liner. I own a few expensive mascara’s and I recently just purchased Sephora’s Lash Stash but I tend to use my Colossal mascara over my even my MAC Zoom Lash!

I love drugstore mascaras. I have 3 currently in rotation, Maybelline Full n Soft, Maybelline Voluminous? (bright pink tube) and Almay lengthening. I also have that big fat yellow tube and some other volumizing mascara on backup. I Also love the Cover Girl lash blast.

I’m a volume girl, in case you couldn’t tell, but for a night out I like to use a lengthening mascara first and then a volumizing. It gives me the fake lash look without the bother.

I would rather spend more on good coverage foundation and color payoff in shadows.

xo c

I tend to go cheap on blush and pressed powder. Most of my money goes on high-pigment eyeshadows, good-quality mascaras, and foundation.

Eyemakeup remover (I used to use Bifacil, but Neutrogena’s is much less expensive and just as good), face gel, body gels and lotions(usually catch BBW coupons and sales). Other than that, I’m pretty much a high end girl.

I go cheap on shampoo and conditioner. In addition, I don’t spend much on anything for the bath or shower. Occasionally, there is the odd “I must have the new body lotion” for my favorite perfume, but once every 5 years or so!

Mascara. Maybelline’s great lash has been my mascara for years! I’ve strayed a few times but was unhappy. I’ve tried some MAC mascara and Dior.

All my mascara is from the drugstore: US and Japan! Plus powders…have some MAC ones, but….
Pencil eyeliners, Prestige waterproof is the best!

Mascara, because when I go high end I’m always super disappointed.

Shampoo, conditioner, hair products in general…I just don’t see the point of spending $30 on hairspray or conditioner.

Also…pressed powder, because I keep it with me at all times and I tend to drop it/throw my purse around in my car/whatever and I break a lot of compacts and powder, so in order to save money, I usually go cheap on travel powder compacts.

kohl/pencil liners…definitely. Mascara too…my favs are from the drugstore. Makeup remover wipes…brush cleaner (I used baby shampoo).

I stick to drugstore mascara because I have been incredibly disappointed with the benefit badgal mascara and the couple of mac mascaras I’ve tried. I’ll stick to my colossal or lashblast waterproof.

I also tend to stick to cheap lip stuff, I don’t wear lipstick so a $5 gloss is great. I like bath and body works for lip stuff actually.

I used to do drugstore foundation but none of it is pale enough or medium to full coverage without looking cakey.

I didn’t ever before but now I love Maybelline define-a-lash, mascara I definitely go for the cheap option on!
I buy a lot of MAC lipsticks but I also have a lot of cheapy ones, all of my lipglosses are cheapy too.
Really, the only things I spend a fair amount on are eyeshadows, because of the pigmentation and kohl because UD 24/7s are the only things that stay on my waterline.

Mascaras. I use a few different kinds layered over one another, and the only high end one I haven’t hated is MAC Zoom Lash.

Also I read in Allure magazine about CG Invisible Concealer… I had not used CG products (except mascara) since high school and would never have even thought of purchasing this. They raved about it in the magazines ‘Best of Beauty’, and now I can too! Seriously, better then any mineral/high end/department store/or professional concealer! It blends invisible and layers for coverage of those super bad spots.

I skimp on nothing. The closest to skimping would be BBW stuff, but I work there…so I kinda save on lotions/bath stuff, lipgloss, and so forth. As far as spending…I spend on everything else. I do use Fekkai haircare, I only use high-end makeup, and I do use pricier skincare but it is the only thing that has ever really kept my combination skin in line.

I am the opposite when it comes to cheap mascaras-Avon is the only cheaper place that makes a mascara that I like. I have amazing results with high-end mascara though and I am willing to spend on it.

The only thing i would say i go cheap on is like shower gels, and my face cleanser. Which is cetaphil and i just love that product, after using many more expensive things im loving cetaphil! everything else i spend more money on, im a firm believer on you get what you pay for!

I’m surprised so many skimp on mascara! It, along with foundation, are the only things I MUST MUST MUST get higher end.

I skimp on shampoo and conditioner. And I would also skimp on face stuff, but GWP and lush keep me covered haha!

Mascara. I think I’ve only bought one mascara from a department store, and that was Lancome Flextencils (which wasn’t that much different from Maybelline Sky High Curves in Waterproof. Plus, I had to throw out Flextencils much sooner ’cause it dried up extremely fast).

I’m okay with skimping on everything else, but I’m particularly paranoid about cheap blushes even though I’ve never had a bad experience with drugstore blushes.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque $3 at the grocery store or beauty supply. I’ve been using it since I was 12 years old. It’s the best for blackheads and blemishes and doesn’t overly dry out my skin. I’ve recommended it to dozens of people and it gets written up in the beauty mags all the time.
I also like L’Oreal self tanners when I choose to go away from my parchment white skin in the summer time.
Body Scrubs I make myself with massage oils mixed with kosher salt. Face scrubs I make by mixing a little sugar in too my cleanser.
I love making masks out of kitchen stuff like honey, avocado, egg whites, yogurt, etc.

oh I use Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque too!!! I also use cetaphil. Been using this stuff since I was like 11 (Seriously everyone should use this stuff!), and olay cleansings cloths. Work well removing eye-make-up and they are nice and gentle.

Definitely mascara — L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black for a drama and Maybelline Define-A-Lash Lengthening for a more natural look

Also, nail polish and top coat — Sally Hansen

Face wash — Cetaphil

Body lotion — Dove and Burt’s Bees

I’d have to say my Cetaphil daily face wash. I use it as a cleanser and makeup remover and you can buy a huge bottle at walmart for $9 bucks and drugstore mascara. I love the lash stylist by maybelline

I go cheap on Mascara, Loose face powder and nail polish. I found nail polish at walgreens for 2 dollars called sinful colors and they are beautiful. Lots of colors too.

Mascara definitely. I love CG Volume Exact and Lash Blast. I have used so many high end ones, and while they are great, I get the same results as the right cheaper ones. Also cleanser. I have extremely dry skin, and it has been TOUGH to find a good one. I now use Johnson’s Head to Toe baby wash and it is two dollars and lasts FOREVER! Body wash and lotion are drugstore, as well as ECO tools brushes. I believe in spending money on skincare, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, and shampoo/conditioner (I have very thin, fine hair.) I love when you find the stuff you can buy cheaper, so you can spend money on the stuff that really matters to you! I will take a cheaper dupe any day!

Mascara, L’oreal voluminous or Maybelline Lash Styliste. I also buy carmex,blistex and chapstick because it works the best (also rosebalm is pretty inexpensive and I bought 3 last year to have on hand,strawberry is the best flavor)

I go cheap on…

Mascara – drugstore performs just as well as high-end, and at the rate you burn through it and its short shelf-life, it makes sense to spend less on mascaras. My HG is L’Oreal Voluminous.

Body lotion – again, the stuff goes fast! I value more how the skin on my face looks vs. the skin on my legs so I’m more likely to go cheap on body moisturizer. Currently I’m using Lubriderm’s Shea & Cocoa Butter lotion. It’s softly scented so it’s not overpowering but also doesn’t smell like chemicals or rubber or whatever unscented lotions smell like. It also absorbs very quickly!

Eye Make-up Remover – I’ve used Lancome and Neutrogena (among many others) and for a fraction of the price, the drugstore stuff works wonders! It truly is just as good. I’d rather spend those extra dollars on a product where price really does mean better.

Lip balm – Simply put, I’m happy with my cheap lip balms and Vaseline.

Mascara- I love Max Factor 2000 calorie first, with a second coat of Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black. This combo is awesome. I’ve tried Diorshow, Lash Injection, etc. and I think drugstore mascaras work better.

Liquid Eyeliner- Loreal Intense Carbon Black (I think that’s the name.) Best liquid liner I’ve tried.

Body Lotion- I use Nivea or BBW!

Body Wash- BBW or Caress (I tried Philosophy and a few others and while they smell nice, they don’t do much else for me)

Facial Moisturizer- I use Olay Regenerist. Works very well and is much cheaper than some of the stuff I’ve seen.

Lip Balm- I have the new one from Nivea and it works so good. I also love Blistex Silk & Shine.

Eye Makeup Remover- Neutrogena and Rimmel work just as well as the my Bi-Facil and MAC removers.

queen helen’s body lotion is the best stuff ever!

but makeup wise i use:

CG’s lash blast. it delivers just as well as diorshow….plus it’s almost 20bucks cheaper.

CG’s eyeliner bc it won’t stick to my contacts. plus most eyeliners are the same anyhow.

some avon lipglosses are really great!

i usually go cheap on……..

body lotions
body sunscreen
mascara (sometimes)
nailpolishes (sometimes)
body exfoliator
party makeup (eg: glitter eyeliner etc.)
lip balms
body oils and bubble bath

hmmm…there are probably a lot more, i just can’t think of them at the moment!

Mascara – I’ve never seen a difference between drugstore and high end, except the price

Facial cleanser – I love Cetaphil, just tried St. Ives’ new olive oil cleanser that’s lovely, and they’re all so gentle on my skin compared to dept. store brands

Shampoo and conditioner – Although I’ve used some high end ones I loooove (one was an olive oil and sunflower one that was heavenly), I’ve used some drug store brands that I thought were very nice, especially ones by Dove and Herbal Essences

Lotions – usually from BBW

Never foundation, never eyeshadow, because I do truly find a quality difference between drug store and dept. store brands

Lip balm : Uriage does not the best job
Body moisturizer : Glycerin prevents my skin from cracking in winter
Mascara : I go for something reasonably priced

I don’t judge since I do stock on High-end LE and Low-end makeup.

1.Mascara. Since I have to toss them 3 months after using or quicker why bother buying something that cost a lot? Besides I don’t put on makeup everyday, so that’ s a waste. Every now and then, drugstore brands come up with intersting bristles.

High-end and low-end mascaras don’t have great differences. Some may say that high-end mascaras do more, but if you ever find a awesome drugstore mascara, it would compete with the high-ends. I’ve tried high-end mascara samples not living up to their price tag and expectation.

Since I’m sensitive skin, I use Clinique, but I will try uising Neutrogena to see if it works just as good as CL.

2.Body Lotion: Vasline seems to do just fine. Why would I pay a lot more?

Also, occasionally, there are GWPs. I’ve scored three lipsticks from different high-end brands, so I’m happy with that as lipsticks are not my thing.

Overall, I think a good eyelash curler really makes the difference! (and will be good for 5 years at least)

Mascara: I just love my Bourjois one, this is the only one that last long, dries up slowly in the tube, but fast enough not to stain my glasses, and does not clutter on the lashes

Make up removers: when I realised that the local department store brand was as good as the L’Oreal I used before, and cheaper

I don’t go cheap on foundation or eye shadows though: my pale skin craves for neat, translucent foundation, and my lids for rich pigment eye shadows (Dior, most of the time, and also Bourjois, easily available at my place (Europe).

some eyeshadow(milani and jane=<333)
and sometimes glosses liptreatments(lipbalm, chapstick)
and liquid liner!

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