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Full-time law student hm? Good for you, girl! What kind of law are you going into?

I work full-time at a large financial company handling investor relations on the secondary market for residential loan products. Its really slow right now, so I have lots of internet time… I want to go back to school, but I’m trying to decide what for.

Good for you! Smart girl 🙂

Well, I’m almost 24… you’d think I’d at least have an idea by now! But that’s hardly the case… I definitely know what I DON’T want to do so I guess that’s a good thing 🙂 There are a few things I am interested in, one being criminology, so I’m looking it to that at the moment.

I work part-time as a copywriter. The rest of my time, I spend on completing my degree (financial management), the internet, PS2 and my collection of adopted strays. Oh, and I mess around with cosmetics as well 😉

The official figure is four cats and two dogs 😉 But I feed all the strays who roam around the neighborhood and eventually adopt the ones that decide to stay.

LOL! My dog (well, he’s “mine” but resides at my parents and loves them more than me) is part Norfolk terrier and part-Lord-knows-what, too 🙂 My sister’s is a mutt, too.

Well i also work in a financial institution full time 40hrs a week, and go to school 2 days a week from 6-9 majoring in marketing.. I also just recently got engaged 2 months ago so wedding planning has been taking up a lot of my spare time but iam not complaining 🙂 its soooo much fun!

I am a studious student in a Psychology/Sociology degree! When I’m not frantically typing essays (like I am now lol) I love playing Warcraft. I also tried having a part time job, but couldn’t do that and school without burning out.

I’m an accountant (or accountess, as my BFF calls it!)for one of the nation’s biggest moving companies by day, aspiring horror movie reviewer by night (Fangoria just won’t return my emails!!!).

I am currently fresh out of college and working full time. Plan on getting that p.h.d in industrial psychology in the near future 🙂

I’m taking my Diploma in Advertising and Marketing Comm. Currently on internship till the 31st of December, so now I work on weekdays 8:30am to 5:30pm in the Marketing Department of one of the Universities in Malaysia. Other than that, I do freelance designing. After internship, I have another semester left till I graduate. Most probably going to work first then continue to take BBA in 2009.

🙂 Anything using the Adobe Creative Suite and also some video editing skills that I leeched off my boy. Haha

i am full time student studyin science info =| i was supposed to study arts though, im an artistic soul so whenever i got time i am painting, drawing and doing some decoupage or other decorating stuff for home. i also do some editorial work for two sites its comfortable cause i can work at home but takes me a lot of time … if i got some time left im reading a lot (i absolutely love books!), writing or singing. i used to be practicin parkour but cant do it anymore after breakin a few bones too much ;)i still like doing some long ass walks when the weather is nice, i live just a few steps from huge forest so its pure pleasure to go there in a sunny day 🙂

I’m a nursing student. Taking exams, doing clinicals and studying (usually only a few days before exams, haha) is what takes up my time. I also work part-time. I’m a broker for a List Brokerage company. I buy/sell/trade lists for companies to use for their advertisements.

During my down time, I like to browse beauty blogs. Your reviews are awesome and makes me not so clueless when approaching a counter filled with endless products! Also, I’m an xbox 360 fanatic. Halo 3 & Gears of War are my favorite (I dig shooter games). I’m a nursing student that loves makeup AND video games (LOL).

i go to college and also want to go into law school…how are you in law school christine if you are only 20? sorry, just curious not trying to be rude?

I manage a pizza store full time, for a New Zealand company called Hell. It’s ok for now, but I really want to get qualifications in make up artistry so I can finally do something I want with my life!

I work full time for a non-profit organization doing website & graphic design, computer troubleshooting and a bunch of other things. I’m also an artist (trying to make it my livelihood) and I like to record music.

A big ol’ fat notn’ is what I do 🙂 LOL

After spending three years working 60 hour weeks (I worked in politics), going to school full time (BS in business management) and being a single mom I QUIT! Yep thats right I decided that my mental health, and son, is more important than work or school. So I quit my job and dropped out of school a semester before graduation. I am slowly returning to school BUT I will never go back to work for someone else. Its self employment or nothing at all. Luckily my SO does well so I no longer need to work. I now spend my days taking sewing classes and helping fundraise for my sons school, its private school so fundraising is actually a pretty involved job. Growing up I always knew I wanted to work in politics, I did and found that after several years I grew to hate it. Currently I am trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up :)LOL 🙂 since the first plan wasn’t right for me.

Oh yea and I enjoy playing around with make-up 🙂

Im a politics student! just finished my first semester here in London so still trying to get my head around it all. I dont work either but i know i really should 😐

I’ve always known i want to go into politics but now u’ve scared me! I hope i dont fall outta love with it! :s

If you make better choices than I did I am sure you will have many wonderful years making a difference in the world and being the changes in the world you want to see. Don’t try and find the most difficult causes or parties thinking thats where you can make the biggest difference…you likely will just end up feeling like your fighting a never ending battle and after a while the battle scars start to wear you down. Also develop a thick skin if you end up working in a good old boys club, expect to be treated like a “silly girl” and roll with it until you get a chance to prove yourself and then really knock their socks off with your ability to do the job. I wish you nothing but luck, I can still close my eyes and feel the first time I was responsible for a bill passing and its up there in amazing moments along side the birth of my son.

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