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My husband thinks make up is utterly unnecessary, since Iยดm “beautiful without it anyway” (the fool in love!), but he indulges me and my obsession. But often it is better for him not to know exactly how much money really flows into lipgloss et al.lols ๐Ÿ˜‰
By the way, Christine, I found lots of discontinued l/g shades at a CCO today, that I have been coveting for a while, yay!!!!

I got Vibrational, Backlit 3D, Lightswitch 3D, Pas de Deux, Lightning and Dark Flower Lipglosses as well as Emote Blush (which I wouldnยดt have lookes at twice, were it nor for you, and it is great on me!!!)
Pretty good haul I think!

Awesome! I love Backlit and Lightswitch! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m sooo glad you love Emote!! And I’m happy to hear that I was able to persuade you to check it out!

Good haul for sure!

Hiya, long time reader, first comment, but I couldn’t resist!!

My boyfriend wears more makeup than I do!! I only wear it if I go out at night, or to the city in the daytime, but he wears at least eyeliner everywhere!!!

The trials of dating a punk I guess <3

in the camp,tooo ๐Ÿ˜€ love Ville Valo in Smokey eyes.
but my boyfriend would kill me if i would ask him to wear liner ๐Ÿ˜€

my husband does not understand why i wake up 1/2 hr early to do my eyes. he can’t tell the difference in all my brown or blue shadows. he hates the glosses coz he can’t kiss me. but when i pull a look together, he thinks it’s hot : )

The guy I am dating always tells me that I am beautiful w/ or without the makeup, but he indulges my obsession. He even jokingly told one of his friends that the best thing about me is that I apply and blend my makeup very well.

My husband totally does not understand why I “need” so much makeup! I have a shelf devoted to it! He thinks I’m just as beautiful even without it (yes, he’s a keeper because I’m so NOT OK without it!) When I take an entire day to organize my makeup drawers and have it spread out all over the kitchen table, he’ll walk by and just look in total amazement. When I tell him about a great new lipgloss, blush, etc. I have to have, he says they all look the same, why do you need any more??? He also can’t comprehend how a lipgloss can cost $20.00 or more. But we’re even, when he tells me the price of a jazzed up sound card for his gaming PC, I just smile ๐Ÿ™‚


Oh, tell me about it, my boyfriend hates to hear about the cost of makeup. He doesn’t get it! Of course, talk to him about computer stuff, oh, $300 for a video card is nothing!

My boyfriend thinks it’s cute, really. Ironically, the first thing he noticed when he walked into my room is the large amount of books. (I’m a nerd, what can I say?) But now, he sees the insane amount of perfume and yummy-smelling soap and the metric ton of lipgloss, and he just smiles, ’cause it’s so me.

I get more “Ashley, you don’t need more lipgloss” from my MOTHER than from my boyfriend..

My fiance actually is trying to get his mom to wear MAC now becasue he knows how much i love it! haha… he prefers me with no makeup too, which only happens when i just wake up or out of the shower but he’s really good at noticing when iam wearing a new bright eye shadow or eye liner, he always ask “is that mac!?” its cute.

My male companion is totally supportive of my MAC addiction. Probably half of my stuff was bought by him to spoil me. Quote “You can never have too much MAC!” says he. And he thinks I’m beautiful no matter what. (Awww). The guy has even picked up a limited knowledge of colour combinations.
And then there’s my Dad who is utterly mystified and disinterested by all things makeup. Tried to talk to him about a cool new blush and he shushed me.
An interesting comparison here, my male companion LOVES it when I wear red lipstick. My Dad does not. He took me aside one day and said “Ah, your lipstick…is very…bold. You could see it at the other end of the street.” In my mind I was thinking in amusement “Well yes. That IS the point of wearing Russian Red.”

Hah, my boyfriend once thought that I didn’t wear makeup! Anyway, he is aware of my makeup addiction, but he knows not to say anything about it. Sometimes I ask him how certain eye shades look and he honestly tells me what he thinks…other than that, he HATES lip gloss. He has become a cautious kisser!

My pops, on the other hand, calls makeup “war paint” and when he hears of the shopping trips my mom and I go on, I think he inwardly rolls his eyes, but ultimately doesn’t say anything. =)

Ha, little did he know what he was getting into! I think most guys are not a fan of sticky gloss (who would want to have that smeared everywhere?).

My dad does the inward eyeroll too!

The fiance thinks I sure do have a whole lot of makeup, but I know how to wear it, he says. He will sometimes notice a particular color combo and note how “flirty” it is. He’s so cute.

My boyfriend thinks I don’t need it, but strangely he supports my makeup collecting and considers it both “cute” and “girly” so I’m lucky that way ๐Ÿ™‚

My boyfriend of three years gets frustrated with the constant trips to MAC, but he’s a definite sweetpea and has surprised me in the past by detouring to a MAC store on the way to whatever we’re doing to buy me a treat ๐Ÿ˜€

He says he loves me both ways, but he thinks the makeup I wear is awesome and asks why I haven’t worn it lately if I’ve laid off the MAC for a few weeks. He also requests certain color combinations ๐Ÿ™‚

he loves w/ out makeup..but he deals ..he tells me the same story every morning…”you look muc better w/ out it”….but everyone likes how my makeup looks lol…so i go 2-3 days w/ out for him.

My boyfriend would always say I look pretty and beautiful and he doesn’t realize that it’s ALL makeup hhahaha… he doesn’t like the face makeup (except Fix+ because he thinks it smells fresh and nice lol) because he’s scared that itll look caked on or itll cause acne. FYI, it never looks caked on hahha. He tries to make a compromise saying that he’s ok with eye makeup (eye shadow, eye liner, mascara) – but he doesn’t know I have foundation on hahha.

He sees my train case and he just jokes around how its ever so growing every time he comes over. He says I can save my money instead of buying all this ‘junk’. I told him to take it back instantly or else I will never kiss him. He took it back of course lol (for the time being)

Overall, he knows it makes me happy and its an obsession that will not go away anytime soon. And he gave me that whole speech about ‘whatever makes you happy, then I’ll be contented with it’ lol.

Men, can’t live with them – can’t live without them either.

haha… my boyfriend is one of those guy who thinks the girlfriend would look better without makeup but he won’t complain too much because make up does enhance the looks. why should any guys complain if his girlfriend can look hotter or cuter? hahaha

My husband actually loves and appreciates my makeup now! We each have our vices. His vice is music: He owns 3 guitars, an electronic drum kit, and is currently looking for a good bass I support him completely in that….in turn, he supports me completely with my one vice, makeup.

He will compliment me in the funniest ways, now that he’s heard me constantly talk about makeup and techniques:
“Wow, your blending is really good there!”
“I like the color you have on your waterline!”
“Did you try a new shape with your eyeshadow today? I like it!”

haha It cracks me up at times. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, that’s so fab, Linda! I love that he’s supportive of it ๐Ÿ™‚ Sounds like he’s quite the musician!

The fact that he knows what the waterline is… PROPS to him! You have him taught well ๐Ÿ˜‰

The only guys that comment on it is my little brother and he loves all the colors and my moms friend. And he thinks it ‘dumb’ that I do it and take time on it, and he doesnt like that I take pictures of it. And he doesnt understand its hurtful.

My fiance is very okay with the fact that I am most definitely make-up addicted. His mom is actually a MAC makeup artist, so it works out well that I’m working on becoming a make-up artist =)
He prefers we lacking in the make-up department, but he definitely appreciates it when I go for a smokey-eye look. =D

i want my boyfriends mom to be a MAC artist,too :-DDDD
MAC for all the christmases coming…
how great is that?

Last night, I decided to re-organize & clean my makeup and traincase out. I had it all laid out across the counters and floors & my boyfriend comes in and goes “WOW!! Did you buy a MAC store and not tell me about it?!” ๐Ÿ™‚ Haha. He thinks I spend way too much money on makeup (which, admittedly, I do), but he’s become understanding of my *mild* obsession. In fact, he takes a bit of the blame for “fueling my obsession” because ever since he bought me the MAC traincase for Christmas a few years back, my love for having an ecclectic variety of colors/textures/products has definitely grown. OK, and to be honest, even though he claims to understand why I love it & must have all the LE items, I still find myself sneaking MAC/Sephora bags in my purse into the house so he doesn’t question how much or how often I spend money on makeup, lol. If he truly knew how much & how often, I’m quite sure he’d have a little kanipshit ๐Ÿ™‚

LOL! It’s crazy how makeup looks so much more when it’s all spread out.

Oh, man, that reminds me of my Starbucks habit. My mom and I would always get Starbucks and make sure to throw away the evidence before we returned home.

My boyfriend prefers me without, but knows that it means an awful lot to me to be complimented on whatever look I have gone for that day. Because he doesn’t really stay at my house, and we spend all our time at his place, he hasn’t quite seen the full extent of my collection but he knows I spend an awful lot of money on it because I can never shut up about upcoming things that I want to get! I think he thinks it is a bit superficial but he also knows it is something that makes me very happy, so it is borderline ok with him. And I have one non-makeup day a week just for him ๐Ÿ™‚

My Dad, doesn’t even know what make-up is, and could so care less.
My SO, is super supportive and loves me having something that I enjoy. He doesn’t so much dig not being able to kiss me when I am all lippied up. As I have said before he is so sweet that he will even help me with my top liquid liner (Im nearly blind in one eye so I cant do it myself).
My son thinks I am the most beautiful princess in the world and loves how I look no matter what. He does hate when I wear lip stuff cause I try and kiss him…leaving mommy prints on his face which all boys hate.

Yeah, my dad is JUST like that. My SO isn’t quite supportive of how much I spend, but he deals. That’s SO fabulous of him to help you line your eyes, aww!!

Luckily, my husband likes it when I wear makeup, and I’ve tried encouraging him to tell me what he likes. So far I’ve figured out that he really likes Retrofluid l/s and of course smokey eyes and a decent amount of dark liner.

It’s become a joke around our house that I always have colors swatched on my left hand.

on a makeup-obsessed afternoon i did not just have swatches on my left hand,but on my whole left arm ๐Ÿ˜€

Haha this is such a cute question!

My boyfriend is as obsessed with MAC as I am. He prefers it if I go au naturel but he always compliments my makeup and asks me about collections and stuff. We were even planning how to make it to my local MAC store so we can get there in time to pick up what I want from Fafi! He also randomly buys me make up that he thinks would suit me (often resulting in me having doubles or colors I never wear lol) Its sweet of him because he really tries to be interested in what I like. My dad doesn’t notice when I change my hair color let alone wear makeup! My brother was married to a makeup artist- she was the one who got me into makeup. But they have since divorced so I don’t think seeing me slap it on is a nice memory…

same about the boyfriend here: i talk to him about makeup when i get a chance,i just love to talk about Your site and everything beauty…
now he asks me every evening: what was new on Temptalia today?
he calls me Temptalia-girl ๐Ÿ˜€ or just simply a makeup-fanatic.
and if i make a new look he takes the pics of me,helps me doing them.
and he always compliments on how good i look with makeup.
the main part of finding our man for life is the fact,that he accepts our hobby. it is always beautiful to live with a Temptalia-girl ๐Ÿ˜€
same with the dad,too. he has his own little soap,the same label since 50 years and he always says to me he likes me more without makeup. and he can’t take fashionable clothing,either…

I sooo admire everyone who has someone that supports them in buying/wearing makeup! ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t really have *any* support like that! ๐Ÿ™

My dad and brothers are always hounding me that I spend way too much money on it, and that my collection is huge enough without having to buy more. LOL. They like me ‘au naturale’. *rolls eyes*

My ex used to love me wearing it on a night out, but most of the time, he liked me natural too. His favorite would be the ‘Smokey Eye/Nude Lip’ look. He said it was super hot. lol. On occasion whenever he’d see my collection, he’d just shake his head and mutter something about, “Chicks….”

Why is it that guys find the need to buy 5 power sanders or 50 socket wrenches, but when we wanna buy a few things to accentuate our beauty, they complain? I mean, at least we ‘use’ our makeup! Their tools will sit there collecting dust for the next 10 years before they’ll use them! LOL


I don’t think I have anyone that supports me BUYING, but I am happy to have someone who’s at least semi-supportive about wearing it.

Guys seem to love the smoky eye look ๐Ÿ˜‰

LOL! Great question, Sara! Guys just need to see it as a hobby, not some attempt at vanity, then it’d make sense.

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