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Coppers & greens suit me best in eyeshadows & pale pinks, plum and peach are best for my lips and cheeks.
I tend to try anything with my eyeshadow colours, it’s fun to try crazy combos ( i’m still a bit scared of blue! ) but I rarely switch from the colours i know suit me in lipstick and blush.

Sorry, should have said this on my original post!
Skin – pale olive ( tan very quickly in summer, lose the tan very quickly in Autumn!)
Eyes – brown

Oh, very nice Chica! Glad these colors work out for you ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you play with blue some more!

Well since I have dark skin w/ brown eyes…not all colors look well on me…sadly, lol.

But I’ve recently discovered that Pigmented Teals/Blues smoked out on the eyes look really pretty. Also Pigmented Greens smoked out and Fuschia/Pinks look really pretty on my eyes.

As for cheeks, peaches and pinks look really pretty like MAC desert rose blush and NARS torrid blush.

As for lips, I love mauve colors on my lips because they are like MLBB so I cant go wrong with them, lol.

Golds, Bronzes, Peachy Pinks and Browns look great which is why I bought most of Neo-SciFi. I used to wear purple which also looks good.

I’m NC35-40.

I am Asian, so I have dark hair and dark eyes, and happen to have light skin so many colors work on me =X But personally, my favorite for the eyes will always be taupe. But I occasionally opt for fun colors when I feel like it ๐Ÿ™‚

i’m NC20, brown hair, blue eyes and i like myself best in pinks, peaches, gold, copper and corals. i can sometimes get away with bright red l/s but not often. i don’t like blues, at all.

Pink tends to be the best for me, which is great since it’s my favorite color.

Blue usually looks bad, but I’ve found some ways to make it look good.

I have fair skin, dark brown hair (though it is currently auburn), dark brown eyes… so, browns/neutrals look good on me, as do greens and purples I suppose. I’ve recently gotten into blues which I’m still wary of but I think I’m making it work =P
I tend to stay away from the pinks & oranges because they make me look like I have pink eye… and I think I’ve found that silver eyeshadow looks better on me than gold. Alas.
As for cheeks & lips I constantly play around with them.

I have that pink eye problem with blues. I like them so much, but they make my eyes look disgusting and not white at all ๐Ÿ™ At least the dark smoky ones do. I wonder how we could get around that problem… ๐Ÿ™‚

Ohh, happy to hear about the blue shadow experimentation ๐Ÿ˜€

Interesting that silver is your choice over gold!

it’s honestly a trial . . if I get compliments I wear it again. I find that grey looks good on me so that’s what color my work out clothes are, lol.

I find that blues, pinks, green and purples look best on me. I have fair skin, green/hazel eyes and dark brown hair. I do wear all colours of eyeshadow/liner thought. I just find that cooler tones do look better overall

I’m a chocolate toned black woman so I find that the warm neutrals suit me best, but I have no fear so I rock any and every color across the spectrum. I guess I could say that ANY color suits me, if I apply it the right way.

I think that most people can wear most colors, just maybe a lighter tone, darker shade, cooler, warmer, etc. But I think bronze, browns, warm reddish purples, and dark greens look nice with my skintone–I’m NC45. However, I do wear all different colors. As for cheeks, Raizin blush is my staple…orangey or rosey brown colors. Lips? I like nude lips the best, but I think in a way dark red is more flattering.

I agree. You usually just need to find the right shade, tone or temperature. But that can be hard with certain colors. Like, I’ve been trying to find the right red lipstick for me forever and still haven’t gotten the right one. ๐Ÿ™

i’m kinda dark so i thought that colors would never look good on me but then i learned that you just have to find the right tone. purples and teals that are more on the green-ish side look good with my brown eyes. and pinks and reds with blue undertones also look really good. my fafi blush looks so bright in the pan but when i put it on, it looks so natural!

I’m pale with green eyes and reddish brown hair. I tend to stay with browns and neutral shadows for everyday looks. I also like dark greens and earthy tones since they bring out my eyes. Lately I’ve been using a lot of purples and I love them! My new fav thing is a plum colored liner.

Neutral shadows are so universal ๐Ÿ˜€ Gotta love ’em!

Ohh, plum liner is a great way to jazz up the eyes.

I’m having some probems with this! Do warm or cold colors suit me better?

MAs tend to say “you need warm colors”, but when they try them on me, for instance very warm brown eyeshadow, they agree with me that it doesn’t look all that good. The only time my husband said “that color looks good on you” I was wearing cool blueish purples, and I find that I like cool shades better. Lately I have however found a brown that is good, GloMinerals Coffee trio, and I totally love the warm pink of Cliniques Strawberry fudge duo.

For the skin I detest anything remotely brownish! I am pink by nature and never tan, and like to look natural ๐Ÿ™‚ On the lips I think warm tones are best, since some cool lipsticks tend to get blueish after application for some reason. Not all, though. My pink Dior l/s is just nice. And of course shiny light glosses are good!

So I guess I am still in the process of finding my colors ๐Ÿ™‚

Sorry about the long post, I guess I got a bit carried away… This was a hard question!

Hey love! It’s a process, y’know? And sometimes it’s less about cool/warm as it is about how warm, how cool, or what they’re paired with!

I’m very pale, and never tan, any color bronzer never looks good on me. I wear NC15, and that is almost too dark for me. I always get compliments on shades of green and shades of blue eyeshadows. But I normally wear any color eyeshadow. I normally stick to pink shades for lip sticks and glosses, but recently I have ventured out into nude lips.

I’m the same – NC15 requires careful blending to not be orange! And bronzer is never, ever going to happen. I tend to stick to neutral browns for eyes and pink/peach for lips on an everyday basis, but I’ve been known to wear almost any color of shadow. I’ve also experimented with Russian Red, but it’s still a work in progress…

As a girl on the lighter side of NW15, I can say that the Neo Sci Fi bronzers can actually work when applied lightly! For the NC15s I’d suggest the refined golden, possibly used with the 187 brush, or else a very light hand along with a powder brush.

Hey Jackie! I do know NC15s who do bronzer, but I think it can be trickier for those with paler skin.

I have red hair, light skin (NW20)and green eyes… so I love to wear greens, golds, and browns/bronzes on my eyes. However, I’ve been branching out – I really love plums on my eyes, as they make the green really pop. I’m loving Twinks eyeshadow, and of course Trax (because it’s got the plum purple AND the bronze in it). And, I’ve done a few blue looks recently that worked well and pleasantly surprised me as I was sure blue was horrible on me. ‘Course, I am just reveling in the Neo Sci Fi collection with the kicked-up-a-notch neutrals ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

I have dark brown eyes and dark brown hair with fair skin, so different variations of brown and taupe colored eye shadows suit me best. Greens, pinks, and blues go nicely as well.

blond hair, hazel eyes, light skin (nc20)

I love neutral colors, light rose and black-dark grey (ebony chanel, print and typographic mac) eyeshadow, peach and light rose on lips! As for cheeks, I love light rose such as Angel MAC or peach-apricot blushes ๐Ÿ˜‰

ANY gold/bronze looks great anywhere on my face. I go all out, because I have to stay ‘neutral’ in uniform, so when I am in civilian clothes I love iridescent pigments, hot pink, violet, turquoise – basically the ‘bright’ version of any color. My lipglosses are all shades of pink, from pale to fuchsia to a neutral pink (think Viva Glam V lipglass).
I live life in vivid colors, it’s too short to do anything otherwise ๐Ÿ˜€ I even wear hot pink blush (sweetness).

I’m all about gold/bronze, too, Candance!!

I love that you go crazy in your civilian clothes ๐Ÿ˜€ Gotta have fun when you’re off duty!

I should also mention that I’m green eyed and strawberry blonde hair (amplified with pale blonde highlights), and I hold a tan very easily.

I use to wear browns or neutral colors until a MAC trainer did my eyes in mac contrast and nylon. I didn’t want to wash my face! I would have never thought to wear blue eyeshadow.My skintone is nc 42 and so i try and use colors that brighten up my face such as lipglosses on the pinkish/plum side like electro lush and warm pink cream blush in summer pink by bobbi brown and any mac eyeshadow!

I have lots of bright colors on & around my face & it’s hard to work with color! Does anyone else out there have this kind of problem?

I’m blonde, very pale, not entirely warm or cool (NC/NW 15 to 20)with bright, blue-based raspberry-pink cheeks (loved by everyone but me). The amount of foundation & powder needed to cover them up is ridicuous, so I don’t. Then, my eyes are each colored 1/2 bright green & 1/2 bright aqua… and they clash with the cheeks!

So – I can only use cool/blue-based pinks, mauves, or cool,
neutral beige on my lips. (Finding MAC did give me the first red lipstick I ever looked great in, “MAC Red”!) Only violets or violet-browns & violet-grays look good on my eyes, with cream or beige on the lids. Or, I can use straight neutral colors on everything. Boring.

Honestly, any other colors make me look awful. I wish I were more neutrally-colored! Any tips/advice?

Isn’t that always the way? Something you dislike, but everyone coos over, lol!

I’d love to see your eyes, they sound so pretty, lol!

You may want to check into a cream (Clinique has one, but I’m blanking on the name) that combats redness or even a concealer that counteracts redness rather than layering powder over it!

Iยดm never sure whether Iยดm warm or cool toned, since colors from both sides seem to suit me as long as they are not over the top, or I quickly look garish.
I love taupes, greys, white golds and dark violets (plums).

Ok, I used to only wear browns/neutrals. Trust me, I have EVERY shade of brown, taupe and sand known to man. But, since I have found this blog (thanks Christine!) I have ventured outside of my comfort zone. For example, today I am wearing Kitchmas and Pinked Mauve pigments on my eyes! That never would have happened before!
I have Olive/Med skin and dark brown hair and eyes…

LOL! I am SO happy to hear that you’ve started to experiment! Ohh, Kitschmas and Pinked Mauve! How did you like that combo?

I have black hair/green eyes/rosy fair skin, so I have to avoid a lot of browns because they don’t look right on me (I look freaky with a tan). I also seem to be able to pull off warm and cool colors – is that weird? Coppers, blacker browns (Magnetic Fields), rose golds, creamy ivories are great neutral eye colors for me. I really love grays (Mothbrown!) and cool plums (Illegal Cargo!) too. For lips I can pull off anything from Flash-n-Dash (warm sheer red) to Rougette (dark berry red) to Party Mate (cool mid pink). Since my hair is so dark, it really suits me to lean a bit bolder on color for one feature, otherwise I can easily wash out!

Do you still do browns on your eyes? Is it just a “no brown blush” or bronzer kind of deal?

Lucky that lips you can get the whole spectrum!

purples, greens, blues. i think darker skinned women are scared to wear color and go straight to the browns b/c its safe. color is very pretty on us. we should try it more.

Well I am dark skinned with dark brown eyes (NW45). I think that I look great in neutrals. My staples include MAC Matte Blush in Raizin, Lusterglass in Beaux and Love Nectar

I’m NC45 and I love myself in golds(wearing them today). For the most part though, there aren’t a lot of colors I dislike on me. There is one hot pink lipgloss from heatherette I don’t use and I have to say that’s the only color I bought that I’m just not comfortable in.

i bought hollywood nights and im still playing with it. sometimes i can mix it with something and it looks great and other times i feel as though i look like i just slid down a poll with ones in my thong…yeah, lipstick that makes u look stripper-esque…not a good thing.

im nc40 with dark brown eyes and black hair and i tend to wear the bright colors on my eyes. i rock neutrals too. i bought all of the neo sci-fi e/s and lipglasses. so usually since it’s summer i do bright eyeshadow, bronzer on my face, and a plum, peach, or orange lipgloss. i think the darker your skin tone the more wearable bold colors are. i avoid pastels though they make dark skin look ashy.

I see you pretty much do the whole range of colors, though – maybe not the pastels, but still the colors themselves!

Hey i’m dark brown skin(nc50),dark brown eyes and Brown hair.Please suggest some colours for me before i go buying all the blues and perhaps colours that make me look like a clown!!Thnx

Oh, Michelle!! Your dark skin will look so good in colors, honestly! Try warm browns and golds for neutral tones, but also blues and purples!

I love dark blues/grays. I desperately need a dupe for
Cumulus e/s and Thunder e/s !!!! Any help ???? The pans are empty !!!!!! ;0) I’ve been tryin out more greens too, and am in love with them as well. I usually keep a neutral lip
and cheek. LOVE LOVE LOVE Scifi-delity !!!!!!!!!!But all in all, I try to experiment with new colors,so I don’t get stuck in a “just one look” rut. And NEVER let anyone tell you that because of your eye color you can’t wear certain
looks…..try them out first !!!!! You may be surprised !!!!!!

Hey Mona! Gosh, I don’t really know. Which Thunder eyeshadow do you have? lol! If it’s a lighter purple, Shale might work.

my skin is warm-toned NC15. generally I love to use golden, green, purple. but I found blue is also nice if I controlled the amount and the range.
so basing on my experiences, thats important to try it.

I’ll wear anything as long as it’s not boring – anything except black. I’ve tried, but my eyes, hair and skin are so light it just makes me look sick or gothic. I feel like pinks and purples make my blue eyes pop more, but I pay more attention to the colors than I do to how they work with my face. Because, let’s face it, hot pink eye shadow doesn’t make anyone’s natural features “pop”, but I love to wear it anyway!

I’m very, very pale. NC15 is a little too dark on me so I thin it out with moisturizer. I have auburn hair, and my eyes are hazely, but look greener, or browner depending on what colos I wear on my eyes. I like to use olivey greens or purple to make them look greener, but blue makes them look really brown. Most of the time I make a crazy statement with my make up in bright, bold colors, so I just bought all the Neo Sci Fi eyeshadows to try out some warmer, neutral, summery looks. I don’t get them until next week though, very anxious! Because my skin is so light I can get away with a lot of lip colors, but I’m just starting to experiment with it. I usually use MAC’s Myth lipstick with C-Thru for a neutral lip, especially paired with a dramatic eye, makes the eyes really pop. I just bought Lady Danger, for a fun, bold color, and Viva Glam VI for more color. Usually the most I do with my cheeks is some Cream Colour Base in Hush, it gives me a little color, and makes my skin look shimmery. ^_^

Question: can you sign up for this website to become a member? The only thing I saw was subscribing to read overviews of posts.

Hi Kalie! I think Neo Sci Fi will look gorg on you – they’re very wearable, universally flattering colors, IMO! And it’s always fun to mix up your bright looks with something more understated.

You can sign up for our forums ๐Ÿ™‚ http://www.temptalia.com/forums

I’m mixed (half black and half white) and have relatively fair skin in the winter and I tan in the summer. My skin tone is tan with yellow undertones. I think I look best in golds, teals/blues, greens,blacks, and definitely purple. ๐Ÿ˜€ I don’t, however, look so great in pinks, yellows and silver/white.

I have really light skin but medium brown hair and eyes.
I usually wear purples and browns, and sometimes silver, if I feel like doing something that stands out more.

I’m NC15/NC20 with dark brown hair and eyes. Because my eyes are dark, I find that browns, golds, greens, and charcoal greys really look the best on me. Especially for the summer, a touch of a bold blue eyeliner (MAC Smoothblue Technakohl or MAC Blue Peep Fluidline) really makes by brown eyes *POP*.
Lipsticks – As long as I steer clear of anything that makes me look dead (too pale) or too clownish (too pinkish red), then I can wear just about any lip color.

Well, I’m pretty fair with dark brown hair and blue/green/grey eyes. I tend to lean on the cooler side (don’t get MAC’s foundation scale BTW) and I love greens, purples, teals, greys, black and pinks! I must add that I have to go pretty dark with my crease color and liner for it to show up on me LOL

I’m in search of a berry colored red, any tips?

Nope, I haven’t but I’m def looking at it!
How does it compare to Fresh Maroccan? Or that Sci Fi Delity (if I remember correct?)?


I had a friend order NY Apple for me during the FF sale!;) So I should probably have it in a couple of weeks. That’s the downside on living in Norway LOL

I also got Dollymix blush and Select Tint in NC20.
I’m now looking for a brush to apply the Select Tint with, any recomandations? LOL, I’m using you here:p

Thanks for your guidance! It has helped me a lot<3

Awesome, Caroline ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL, well, at least you saved some $$!

Hmm, I like the concealer brush (I think it’s the 192), but any flat brush works for me. I’ll usually take a fluffier brush to buff it all in – like the 182, so I just use the 192 to apply dabs of product onto areas of my face.

Hey well I think i’m kind of weird as I have dark brown hair with red tinges grey eyes and manage to be plae yet tanned but I usually suit browns and light pinks definantly not blue but um yea oh and green.and with lip sticks I suit most light colours darker coloured lipsticjs tend to look taky with my skin.

hi, well I am a casper pale, goldish blonde with green eyes ( one of which a quarter is hazel brown ). Since my hair and eyes fall into autumn colors I find that golds, bronzes and chocolate browns work best on me. Soft lilac purples work well on green eyes too, they make them pop.
When it comes to blush I wear Mac Coygirl sheertone blush, its the perfect pink for a pale girl like me. I also wear a soft peach mineralized blush from a Czech brand called Dermacol, lovely !!!
I wear mainly nude lipstick or gloss but still am on the lookout.
Id never do blues, maybe I havent found one that suits me, but I tend to look either drunk or bruised.

i used to have blonde hair and slighty pale skin which suited blue’s and green’s ( makes you stand out more ) but now i’ve gone brunette i cant find anything that seems to work well.. i dont wear colour on my eyes.. which are blue.. anyone have ANY idea’s for me? ++ what make of foundation helps th best with covering up a few spots?


FAIR OLIVE SKIN (tan pretty easily)

EYES: ANYTHING. I love colors and crazy combinations as well as gradient effects and duo/tri colored looks. I especially love purplish pinks (like MAC pink pearl/ Pureluxe Smug) , purples, fuchia, olive/deep green, & blues)

LIPSTICK: Nude lipstick (Moisture extreme l/s in sugar plum ice, going to try NYX circe and perfect round l/s), pale pink (same l/s in true pink), peach (same l/s in peach colada), even bright pinks (NYX Louisiana, going to try Fig)
lipgloss: same colors as above w/ shimmer, pearl, & iridescence. As well as sheer bright pinks and corals

Blush: Peachy colors, rose-y pinks, warm skin tone

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