Temptalia Asks You - What beauty tips do you wish you had known ten years ago?

What beauty tips do you wish you had known ten years ago? And for our younger folk (myself included!), how about just five years ago?

Probably sunscreen and using a cleanser everyday! You’d think the cleanser would be a duh thing, but when you don’t wear makeup, I found it never occurred to me that I needed to cleanse my face any more than I did already by showering.

P.S. – What did you do this weekend? (Or will do?)

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Just wondering what you use that is Paraben free?! I’ve been trying to get away from products containing Parabens but alot of products dont list it as an ingredient but the product still contains some.

just wondering what your skin care routine is

I am using Natural Collagen Platinum gel for face and neck, every day in the morning and evening time only one drop for face and one drop for neck. This Cosmeceutical product is free of Parabens because it’s replaced with Caprylyl Glycol, that is one of the most effective humectants available today. It is a liquid preservative formulation which consists of phenoxyethanol and an emollient base. Protects against antimicrobical growth from bacteria and yeast while giving the finished product exceptional feel.

That would be… TO always ALWAYS REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP before going to bed. When I was in my late teens/early twenties,
after a night of clubbing and way way too much alcohol, the first thing i wanna do when I get home is to just hop onto my bed and always waking up to horror of horrors, breakouts all over my face!

This weekend’s been great. As its my birthday this coming Tuesday, my girlfriends threw a dinner party in advance and we ate (lovely Japanese food), drank sake and went to this extremely chocolate dessert place and finally, we ended the nite by going boogie-ing at one of our fave clubs!! It was so so much fun ….just like the good ole days when we were younger! We all went home really happy as we hadn’t done this in awhile 😉

Oh yeah, that’s suchhhh a good one. Thank god I only wore eye stuff over face products when I wasn’t washing it off every night, LOL.

Ohhh, happy early birthday hun!!

not 10 not 5 but 7 years ago i wish i knew tea tree oil!!! it was the time when i first got acne attack and i was young didnt have an idea how can i fight it and of course i felt totally ugly and unhappy. then i discovered all those gels and creams and it got better a lot but tea tree is my best weapon against pimples they truly are gone the next day after i apply a little bit of it.

and my weekend is the greatest ever i must boast of that its my first weekend with my wonderful dream boyfriend!!!!!!!!

Hi Camilla,
I have a very stubborn acne problem and i just read your comment.I’m curious what brand of tea tree oil do you use?If you can help me it would be great!!
Thanks a lot from Brazil!!
Andrea Gonzalez

The oil I’m using is from Oriflame Tea Tree series I’m not sure if it’s available outside of Europe but gotta be on eBay… It’s a small bottle, not expensive but works absolutely great, just apply a little drop on the pimple and the next day you will have a small, almost non-visible dot, like there was never a skin prob! The whole Tea Tree collection is very good for acne so I really recommend it, but the oil does miracles!!!

i need tea tree oil like an air!! lol
and thanks, the boy is the one i wrote about before, in my contest entry, i finally got him!!!
now im gonna turn into a really beauty maniac to always look good for him!!

I guess it would be using the sunblock and moisturizing my eyes and face. It’s reported that 80% of the sun damage (that reveals as dark spots and wrinkles on our faces when we are in our 40s or even younger) our skin received will be before we are 18, when our skin is at its youngest stage. If I know that, I would have started using sunblock ages ago because now, the most I can do is prevent the last 20% of damage.

Wearing blush! When I was in high school my mother always told me to wear blush and I never did, now I think, gosh I must have walked around like a ghost all those years.

And I have to agree with Camilla, tea trea oil! It does wonders for your skin.

And taking vitamins and drinking a lot of water. NEver did that back in high school or college

definitely sunblock!

also, i wish i had known how to blowdry/flatiron my hair sooner. i walked around most of middle school and high school with chia-pet-curly-hair. i also would’ve known not to chop it to chin length, because that only made the curls frizzier!

Definitely the wonder of make-up brushes and how to apply eye shadow. Even when I was younger, I did okay with blending, but I had no idea what a crease colour was or any of that. 😛 I usually only used two eye shadow colours (*GASP*), day after day. I also wish I had known about Cetaphil earlier. It’s the best cleanser ever. Not sure when it came out exactly, but I only started using it about four years ago.

Haha! Hey, at least you WORE eyeshadow, right? I think I started with one color, though thankfully for a very brief, BRIEF time.

I remember as a teen slatering baby oil all over my body and my gf’s and I would lay for hours in the sun…trying to get the “perfect” tan. WTF were we thinking? I grocery shop near a tanning salon and I see these young girls going in all tan and stupid looking…I want to slap them!!

Baked vegan cupcakes yesterday…today house cleaning and a soccer game! WOW the excitement of my life never stops LOL 🙂

I used to frown, out of worry, not having a good eye prescription, and not wearing sunglasses when I was out in the sun. Fast forward today, I have not exactly a frown line but a slightly dented forehead thats quite visible under a bright light. It definitely calls for botox but I hate needles on my face. So in short, don’t sweat small stuff, wear sunglasses and check your eyes regularly.
I got myself a diamond ring this morning, and celebrated the purchase by lunching in a sushi restaurant. awesome weekend.

I’d tell my 16 year old self to go to a dermatologist and to threaten Dad with a wooden spoon if he tried to put rubbing alchohol on my face again (he honestly had good intentions).

This weekend I’m updating my resume!

let’s see, there’s so many to choose from so where to start, ah yes, I would tell the 14 year old me that skinny, almost tweezed to nothing eyebrows look good on NO ONE! and a ditto to the no blush and dark lip liner and light lipstick comments, what the heck was i thinking walking around with a full face of make-up but no blush and horribly dark lip liner and overly light lipstick. and believe it or not there’s more… my extremely metrosexual dad and I would sunbathe covered in olive oil, that was during highschool, thank goodness we both have better sense now, some 10 years later.

Luckily I never had a big enough yard to sunbathe frequently, but I’m sure I overdid it numerous times on trips to the waterpark or the beach out of state… Yeah, I really do think “don’t pluck those brows to oblivion, some of them won’t come back and you’ll have to fill them in for the rest of your life” is the one thing I’d yell at my 13-year-old self from the future. However, I read a lot of teenage beauty magazines, so I have surprisingly few qualms about my makeup technique growing up.

Ah, well, I think a lot of us end up forgetting on some of our vacations 🙁 Especially at such a young age, nobody tells you this stuff!

There should be an anti-aging guide when you turn 10!

i wish i knew about eye shadow base ten years ago!

This weekend was my bff’s bday so we had a surprise cake party at my house then we went bar hopping. Funnnnnnn! Got lotsa compliments on my eyes.
Tan/hot blue/black in crease and outer v

5 years ago I wish I had known how much more “Made Up” a face looks with shaped brows, and BLENDING! I remember thinking I looked great but without my blending skills I’m sure I looked a mess.

Wearing black eyeliner all the time is VERY boring! I wasn’t at all interested in even trying out greens and browns because I loved black eyeliner so much – but now I am older and wiser and very much in love with more than a few colors 🙂


I agree about always removing your makeup before bed. I NEVER EVER used to do this. I actually just started religiously always doing this a few years ago – and I’m 27 right now! I never had bad skin *knock on wood* thank God, but I know that I could have definately taken better care of myself. I still haven’t found my HG skin care, but at least I’m workin on it! 🙂

OH and I agree with the brushes comment too! I used to use whatever applicator came with it OR my fingers ALWAYS. BLECH. I can’t physically bring myself to even do that now lol

Oh wow, there are SO MANY things. Probably the biggest two are to invest in skincare and a good sunscreen (my fave: http://www.3luxe.com/best_ofs/Sunscreen/La_Roche-Posay_Anthelios_SX_SPF_15 – it is kind of pricey but worth it, and a little goes a long way), since so much damage is avoidable. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and all that.

Also, investing in a decent set of brushes (I like Mac, but there are lots of good brands) is such a good idea – it makes blending and everything practically foolproof. And wearing blush more – like some of other commenters, my mother always told me that I needed blush and I never listened, but when I look at old pictures I realize that I should have! I resembled Casper the friendly ghost’s sister.

Last but not least, I wish I had been better about staying hydrated, because it makes a huge difference in my skin – and it is just good for over health.

Thanks for the links 🙂 Good to know what’s worth it and what’s not!

I agree, I wish zand still WISH I was better about water.

I thought butylparaben was full of cancercausing estrogen, but not that it was bad for other things…

I wish I had known about protecting my teenageface from the sun. An akward teen I always wore lots of clothes and never tanned, but face still got lots of damaging rays…
And not to use expired creme – full of bacteria. Doesn’t cause wrinkles I guess, but still no good. Once at 17, I was so lazy(ignorant) I put handcreme on my face cause I had no moisturizer – how about that!

If I ever have daughters I will teach them about sunfactorcreme from an early age, so they will have a chance for better skin.

Yup, it seems so unfair that the majority of the damage occurs before we are really old enough to understand!

Like Tinky, if I ever have children I will be sure to stress the importance of sunscreen, both for looks and that whole skin cancer thing! Now that I think of it, I can be sure to teach my nieces all these beauty tips now – they are still in elementary school. This whole post and comments will be helpful, so thanks everyone!

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