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When I’m super tired at night, I will skip taking my makeup off. In my head, I reason that if I’ve had it on all day and I don’t break out, I won’t at night either. But I know I should and I feel so much better when I do. I usually try to take it off as soon as I get home so I won’t skip out on it later, but when I hit the bed as soon as I come home, it’s hard to do.

I’ll admit it, too – there’s probably one day out of the month (maybe less) that I end up half-asleep before I can take my makeup off. I’ve been trying to remove much earlier so I don’t get lazy, too!

I forget to moisturise my skin at nights, when I’m off to bed! Then I have to compensate in the morning, which messes up my skin care regime!

I never clean my face before going to bed, unless I have make up on. I know it’s important, even when you don’t wear make up, but I just can’t be bothered. 😉

Ohh, Carolina! Yes, I’d have to say that’s a beauty don’t. I do it on occasion, but only if I haven’t worn makeup and have been in the house all day – so at least I couldn’t have accumulated much environmental pollutants, lol.

I sometimes use an Indian kajal stick, and once when I left it on the waterline overnight, the following morning I noticed it had settled into the lower lashline quite nicely and looked pretty good. So now on the days I wear this particular kajal, I don’t remove it completely.

That’s funny. Once a year(Halloween) I go to the MAC counter to get my make-up done. At night I wash my face, but there’s always a little bit of eyeliner left around my eyes the next day. And it never looks dirty so much as subtle, and I always get compliments on it…it’s good stuff 🙂

But to answer the question, if I’m at my mom’s house and I leave my cleanser downstairs, there’s a good chance I won’t be washing my face.

As far as hair beauty, every now and then I forget to wear my silk or satin scarf to bed and every time I wake up doing that I regret it.

When it comes to eyeliner, I rationalize not getting every bit off with the idea that I’d probably do more damage to my skin by trying to rub it all off than waiting for it to fade naturally by morning.

I never wash my face with face cleanser. Just rinse it off with warm water in the shower. Whenever I do wash my face with something, it just breaks out. Which is quite odd I don’t know if anyone else has that problem..

Hey Lauren! Are you using the same cleanser? That could be why, or perhaps you’re using one that is too strong. It could also be that there is a lot of residual dirt and oil hiding beneath your skin that the cleanser gets out, which leads to the break outs, rather than more gradually. It’s kind of like Accutane, where it gets worse before it gets better.

I wear sun cream in summer but i forget the rest of the year. I know the sun is still there but it doesn’t feel like it in the UK, barely does in summer!
I’ve made it my resolution this year to use moisturiser with spf 🙂

i take naps in the afternoon with my makeup on. don’t know if it’s okay since it’s just a nap. and sometimes when i wash my face and there’s bit of eyeliner left at the sides of my eye, i just leave it for the next morning to wash off. i don’t like using eye makeup removers because they always leave residue under my lower lashes, it’s like their hiding place. then i have to use extra soap for my eyes till my eyes sting. that’s why it’s important i get eyeliner that washes off easily like fluidline.

You know, I’m going to say it’s fine, if you’re napping. I think taking it off before bed is basically – there’s no reason to be wearing makeup for the eight or so hours you sleep, and it’s good to rinse off the day’s dirt and grime to let the skin breathe.

I’m the same with that, but when I take my makeup off at night I use Pampers baby wipes with Sephora Soothing Eye makeup remover and it doesn’t really sting my eyes and does a pretty good job getting everything off.

I need to get a good moisturizer with sunscreen. Can anyone recommend a good one? I love the smell of Origins Perfect World with white tea, but it doesn’t have sunscreen!

Just as one I used for a long time – Olay Complete is a great moisturizer with SPF15 and dries quickly – plus it’s cheap. I’m currently using and loving Estee Lauder’s DayWearPlus, though.

I’ve definently broken the rule of washing my face every night after I’ve been wearing makeup. I’ve gotten better and usually try to at least get some makeup wipes or something, but I’ve woken up so many times with raccoon eyes because I didn’t take off my liner and mascara.

YES, makeup remover wipes can be a lifesaver for the lazy. If I do *heavy* makeup, I never miss removal, but lighter makeup… yes, remover wipes can be a blessing.

I don’t wear sunscreen but in my defense,I still haven’t found one that doesn’t make me break out or make my dermatitis flare up and on occasion I have fallen asleep before removing my makeup..But neither of those are nearly as bad as some of the stuff I did back in the 80’s..LOL

I’m guilty of a huugeee beauty don’t!!
I don’t apply sunscreen.. I really should considering the sun is pretty strong
in Australia but I figured, since I don’t go out in the sun often, it’s not necessary for me to apply it.

Oh nooo! You definitely need it, at least if you go outside 🙂 I sit by a window when I’m working, so I generally wear sunscreen 24/7, but at the very least, for days outside you should wear it!

i have too much. *runs and hides*

i don’t do the sunscreen on the face, or body! ee.
i don’t moisturize, ever, at all. i think, just because i don’t have dry skin, i feel like i’m able to skip it. but, thats soo wrong.
as far as lips, i hardly ever moisturize. instead, i lick my lips constantly! soooooo not good, especially in the winter time. ouch!
i bite my nails. although, i’ve gotten a ton better. i try to at least let them grow out, and when one nail breaks, i bite the rest. ick.
um … i think thats all.

lol, Cassondra! It does seem like you do a few beauty “don’ts”, but I think the only one that is harmful to you is the lack of sunscreen. I occasionally bite my nails, too!

Where do i begin? sometimes i don’t wash my face at night, i frequently forget to put on sunscreen, i hardly ever moisturize my skin (body), and i don’t care about chipped polish enough to take it off.

however, i never ever forget to use conditioner, there is never a gap between my lashline and eyeliner, my foundation matches my skin tone, and i always keep my eyebrows neat.

in my opinion, it all evens itself out. =)

I don’t bother with lip liners or lip brushes. I have no idea how big of a ‘don’t’ that is, but there you have it. I am so dead tired by the end of the week that I’ve made a habit of passing out–without taking my make-up off–almost every Friday. I wake up at like, 4a.m., realize I have it on still, and lazily remove it then. Heh. I feel really guilty about it when it happens. My poor skin, unable to breathe. Tsk, tsk.

Eh, I don’t think that’s really a don’t, it’s more of a preference! I rarely do it myself ;P

Hey, at least you do it even when you’re half asleep. That’s pretty good!

I deployed to Baghdad and totally STOPPED biting my nails. Nail biting is a dirty habit already… now Imagine doing it in a dirty nasty foreign country with mud and dust everywhere… ick >_< My nails look great now.

I hate washing my face when I get off work unless I go take a shower, so I keep those makeup removing cloths in my drawer.

Hey Tracey! Oh, yes, I can definitely see that as a reason to stop!

I’m glad you keep the making removing cloths around, they’re great for when you don’t want to but know you should!

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