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One of the dolls, T-Shirt, a little bag, 1 Eye-Quad, 1 Beautypowder. 1 oder 2 Lipsticks, 1 oder 2 or 3 Lipglasses ;-), 1 Scarf! And: 1 Nail Polish! Waht colours? – Ihave to see it in person! πŸ˜‰

My 1st order is coming in today (yaay $5 2-day shipping!! and i only ordered yesterday! sweet):

Sassed Up Beauty Powder
Utterly Frivolous lipstick
Perky paint pot
one of the dolls

and on the 1st i have a makeover at my local MAC store’s Fafi event (2 product minimum), so i’m going to probably get:

Strawbaby Lipstick
Flash-n-dash lipstick
cult fave lipglass
hipness blush
possibly 1 more paint pot

Interested in Quad 1 but I think I could make something similar (any suggestion for that Howzat dark colour?) so I’ll save my uni budget on that.

Though I have ordered Strawbaby ls, Perky pp, and Ermine doll. Thats it. I’ll prob go see the rest in store tomorrow and check out the other paintpots.

I’ll have to see it in person, but from the descriptions planning to get Fun n Sexy, Utterly Frivolous, Flash n Dash lipsticks, Totally It lipglass, Hipness and Fashion Frenzy powder blushes. Have to save some money for Heatherette and Beauty Powder Blushes. Plus, Chanel summer will start coming out in March/April as well.

I just purchased

L/S: Fun ‘n’ Sexy, Flash-n-Dash, Strawbaby, and High Top
Lipglass: Totally It
I/P: Verve-Acious and Sassed-Up

I haven’t used paintpots before…am I totally missing out?

I can’t wait for Heatherette now!

I only got:

Rollickin’ Paint pot and Boom Nail polish! The packaging is crap though- stickers? How cheap is that? A girl’s fell off her lipstick already… so definitely just bought these items for the colours and not the packaging!

So far I’m thinking of:

Eye shadow quad 1
Paint Pots in Nice Vice, Cash Flow and Girl Friendly
Blush in Hipness and Fashion Frenzy
Lipstick in High Top and Strawbaby
Iridescent powder in Sassed Up


I am thinking about:
High Top l/s
Not so innocent l/s
Paint Pots in Cash Flow and maybe Girl Friendly

But I have a lot of time to think, the Fafi release is taking its own sweet time over here…

I just have to add:
IΒ΄m really bad at waiting, so – ebay to the rescue!
I just ordered ALL the lipsticks (it was such a good deal!) and the two paintpots I wanted! IΒ΄m hopeless;)

Hmm… πŸ˜€ I ALMOST want everything. I want….

1) Utterly Frivolous l/s
2) Strawbaby l/s
3) Totally It l/g
4) Sassed Up powder
5) Verve-acious powder (This is a maybe, don’t know whether it’ll show on me)
6) Rollickin’ paintpot
7) Cashflow paintpot
8) Nicevice paintpot
9) Fafi Quah #2
10) Hipness blush

D: I hope when I go to the launching I won’t just buy EVERYTHING.

im thinking of
cash flow n tollickin’ painpot
and 1-2 lipsticks or lipgloss
(need to try which one looks nice on me)
and definitely a scarf..love it

but i really cant wait for more info of Heatherette..
i kinda more into that collection

Went to the unveiling on Sunday night & got:

Fafi Eyes 1
Fafi Eyes 2
Utterly Frivolous l/s
Strawbaby l/s
Flash n Dash l/s
Fun n Sexy l/s
Cult Fave l/g
Sugar Trance l/g
Squeeze It l/g
Cash Flow p/p
Nice Vice p/p
Perky p/p
Rollickin’ p/p
Girls Will Be Girls n/l
Boom! n/l
Hipness p/b
Sassed Up ipp
210 brush
Ermine doll

And I ordered Totally It l/g online yesterday since they had already sold out of it at the event. And I am considering going back for the small bag (to store all my Fafi items) & the scarf (for collector’s purposes). Yep, I pretty much killed my bank account with this collection.

omg you got the scarf?!? it looks like the fucking shit!!!! :]]]] i might get it… do u wear it?? like a bandana?? omg it’s so hot when guys do that :]

I just got Cash Flow and Belightful pressed powder from the site. In-store, I may get a few lip products (Strawbaby, Utterly Frivolous) and maybe more paints depending on the colors. We’ll see!

I want fafi eyes 1 Not So Innocent & Strawbaby lipstick. Sugar trance lipglass. And Sassed-Up pressed powder.

I could have had the sooner but me & my mom put in our order about 3 hours before Fafi was up on the website. So since I dont work I got the find a way to get some money to buy this and still save for Heatherette.

I finally got my Fafi invite (when I walked in and presented it all the MA’s in the store cheered. I’ve never seen the like!) So proudly lining my bathroom are…

Lipsticks: Fun N Sexy, High Top, Utterly Frivolous
Lipglosses: Sugar Trance and Cult Fave
Eyeshadows: Both quads (I’m an eyeshadow funky monkey)
Paint Pots: Perky, Rollickin, Nice Vice and Cash Flow
Blush: Hipness

No irridecent poweder for me. They are very pretty, but my beauty powders give me sparkle already when I need it. If my valentines day present involves a MAC trip, I think I’ll get the other two lipglosses.

Complaint about the decorations: The lipstick art (showing the Fafi doll) aren’t even stickers really. They’re more of a plastic sheath that’s pasted on. The irksome thing is that one of the sheaths has already slid off and I’ve owned the thing for less than 24 hours. Blah!

Hey Tekoa! Sounds like you hauled pretty well πŸ™‚ Haha, should I cross my fingers that you get a MAC trip on the 14th?!

How awful – I didn’t even realize it was a sheath!

Not sure yet. I may poke through the lipglosses and lipsticks. Strawbaby looks really cute! I am not really blown away by this and so I think I’m waiting out for Heatherette… Not impressed with the packaging (but then again, I never was) and heatherettes looks cuter. The colours look great, I just don’t have a lot of money right now so I have to hold off πŸ™‚

hmm… i’m kind of new to MAC, so i’d love to snap up everything, but i’m not sold on the colors in this collection. i like the e/s quads but i’ll have to wait until i go into MAC to see them in person (the pinky one, quad 1, looks really cute). i love all the lipglasses though, so girly! squeeze it looks very promising, but i’ll probably pick up all of them knowing me! πŸ™‚

Yeay! I got some too:)
Not So Innocent – Lipstick
Girl Friendly – Paint Pot
Layin’ Low – Paint Pot
Fascinating – Yey Pencil

I think I wanna go back for some more lip products, they are soo good and maybe more paint pots.

Being very (extremely) restrained πŸ˜€ just the hipness blush, since the Iridescent powders have bad reps on MUA.

I think I like the package more than anything in this collection, the color is just so so for me… so I’d ordered

-All 3 dolls
-Small makeup bag
-Utterly Frivolous l/s(love the doll on the package)
-Cash Flow(i think this is the most get color wise)
-Fashion Frenzy(since I don’t have a bright pink blush yet)

all in all I want the dolls more than anything :)))))

So far this is only from the swatches I’ve seen so will probably change when I see it in person and there won’t be quite so much..
Fafi Eyes 2
Fashion Frenzy and Hipness
Not So Innocent, Utterly Frivolous, Flash-n-Dash, Strawbaby
Sugar Trance, Totally It, Cult Fave
Cash Flow, Rollickin’, Perky
Sassed-Up and Verve-acious.
I love iridescent pressed powders!!!! I already have Belightful and I’m so excited for new ones πŸ˜€

Update us with what you do end up getting πŸ™‚ I’m glad to hear that someone loves the iridescent pressed powders! They haven’t been getting a lot of love.

I will love them extra, to make up for it πŸ˜‰ Belightful was one of the first few things I bought from MAC and I am on to my second one!

What colors are permanent? I’m trying my best not to over do it. The lipglasses are more exciting to me than the lipsticks, they’re all lustres or glazes and I prefer more color. I’m not really sure about the blushes and I’m probably going to get the pink/black quad and maybe one paint pot but definitely no repeats. I’m not into bright bright colors that much.

Hey Liliana! Nothing in the launch is permanent, everything is limited edition. In the first quad, Vanilla and Pink Venus are part of the permanent line, but that’s about it!

Layin’ Low
Girl friendly

one of the dolls.

hi christina …can you swatch ..”fresco rose”…and put your swatch you made w/ “girl friendly” next to it??? thanks.

getting the trios and l/g from heatherette…blushes from that beautypowder line thats coming out.

Sounds like a good list, Lala!

I don’t think I have Fresco Rose anymore, and I don’t have Girlfriendly either (I might get it, but I don’t have it yet).

I’m also interest in one or two dolls although they really look good as a set of three. Iridescent powders are awesome, I wish there was a launch of just iridescent colors! Probably one powder and I don’t think I’ll be needing a scarf in Texas, but it is cute. I like the packaging a lot but I’m thinking so will a lot of little kids too. Oh well.

Cool! I think you’d be in the minority, as I know a lot of people don’t love the iridescent powders, as they find them too chunky and glittery. I’m glad you like them!

i’m sorry actually no swatch πŸ™‚

i have but two paint pots: rubenesque and bare study..so since I dont have painterly …i’m getting “layin’ low”..which one you think is better? thanks

Well I’ve never tried any of MAC’s products before so this is new for me. I’m moving to the city at the end of the month though, & I’m going shopping, straight to the MAC counter! The Fashion Frenzy blush is calling my name, along with some of the fluid line products!!

i’m not interested in the quads because from the swatches i only like one color from each palette. i don’t know if i’ll get the powders coz heatherette has the same color i’m looking for, pink with gold sparkles and i like heatherette’s packaging more. but you never know, i might change me mind when i actually see the collection tomorrow. i would most definitely get l/s, that fun and sexy looks great and i’m trying to break the habit of buying the same plum l/s and get more adventurous with bright bold colors.

Ha! I’m very much in the same boat, Victoria. I love Shockwave, but the rest is eh!

I like beauty powders more than iridescent powders, personally, and I know MAC is coming out with a new micronized beauty powder launch in March, too, so I’m excited about that.

I love the lipstick colors and I’m liking 5 of their shades (I’ll probably get some of these through B2M containers lol). I’m also getting the paint pots–Nice Vice, Cash Flow and Rollickin’ and a few others if I see more swatches of them. And I’d love to have 1 iridiscent pressed powder, Girls Will Be Girls lacquer, 1 of the fafi dolls and a scarf! The shirt looks cute too! I’m not liking the e/s quads so much and even then I feel like I have too much eyeshadows already. Oh, the hot pink lipglass looks great too!

I went to MAC today for the pre-sale. I got three paint pots (Nice Vice, Rollickin’, and Perky. Hopefully they look good, I’ve never tried paint pots before. I’m going to a MAC event on Valentines Day. I’m trying to control myself but I really like Quad 1 and 2, one lip stick and 1 lip glass, one blush (maybe), and one bag. Woo whoo my Mom is going to kill me. hahaha

the dolls are a definite
I’m thinking I might get fashion frenzy,
totally, perky
but I don’t want to make my list too long

I’ve got:
*Not So Innocent l/s (because it reminds me of Lancome’s LUCI lippie which isn’t here in Singapore… )
*Cult Fave l/g (i absolutely adhore pink!)
*Cash Flow p/p
*Perky p/p
*Girl Friendly p/p

However I’m still thinking of getting:
*Fun & Sexy l/s (it looks like rocking chic from Barbie which i had but rocking chic’s texture is frost and glaze seems like a nice alternative to using lippies to get the nice sheen without the gooeyness)
*Sugar Trance l/g
*Totally It l/g
*Rollickin’ p/p (i love p/p because they last like crazy! but i’ve got loads of similar colours so i’m procrestinating…)

Any advice? I always love to hear what u say!

Hey Cosine!

Nice haul! How are you liking everything?

Fun & Sexy – well, if you’re thinking about it… get it. I say this because of the LE factor; it will sell out, IMO!

I like Rollickin’ because it’s such a pretty slightly shimmery teal. Like Aquadisiac in paint pot form with a great texture.

Sugar Trance is just okay, I’d pass. Totally It is passable if you have other hot pink glosses!

The paint pots look gorgeous so i’ll definately be after a couple of those! Can’t wait ’til it hits the UK, we miss out on loads of MAC, i would have been really upset if we couldn’t have had Fafi either.

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