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Hey all! Happy New Year! Here in Aus its just turned 2008 and I am dying with the heat! Its 32 degrees c at night! Mind you it was 41 degrees today, one of the hottest New Years Eves for a century. I spent it sitting at home with mum watching the fireworks on TV while my sister went out and partied at the beach (you can tell who the boring one is right). Have a happy and safe new year and all the best with everything you set your mind to!

Happy new year, Natalie! lol, dying with heat while we in the US are dying with cold 😀 Okay, not dying here in California.

Aw, I always stay at home myself. Only recently did my parents permit me to not spend it at home with them! Now I spend it with my boyfriend 🙂

Honestly I think I think I would rather be shivering with the cold than sweating with the heat. It would have been nice to have a white Christmas this year, I am sick of the hot weather where I am. What pisses me off the most is that I live in Melbourne which is the state in the very bottom right of the mainland and the weather is too unpredictable. It’ll be summer and will be 41 degrees one day then the next it’ll be 20 degrees and pouring with rain. Then again I guess its better than what’s happening in Queensland at the moment, they are having a cyclone!

Its not that I have to stay home, just that all my friends either had to do stuff with their families and what I was going to do got canceled because it was too hot. My uncle was lazy and couldnt be bothered cleaning his house. My mum and I were going to get up on the roof to watch the fireworks but my dad was too lazy to get the ladder out of the garage. Oh well!

Hey Natalie! The grass is always greener, isn’t it? I mentioned your comment to my boyfriend, and he was asking me if you were coming from the area with unpredictable weather! Guess so… 🙂

Hope your new year’s went okay, despite the heat and canceled plans!

Happy New Year! I’m still at my mom’s house on Christmas break, but since my boyfriend is about three hours away, we’re going to meet at my apartment back at college and just hang out. We’ll probably have a nice dinner and watch some movies. I’m notorious for falling asleep before midnight, so I’m going to try to stay up this time!

Happy new year, Kristen! I was at my parents’ for the past week, but I, too, met my boyfriend at his mom’s house for the new year!

LOL, I am always half-asleep come midnight myself!

Back to work today after a week vacation, then tonight (after some serious napping) going to a house party at my good friend Alix’s house — the theme is “Enchantment Under the Sea” — just like Back to the Future (get it?!?!?) i have no idea what i’m wearing 🙁

I actually live in New York City a couple blocks away from Times Square, so I really want to go see the ball drop even if I leave right afterwards. I just don’t know if I’m ready to deal with the insanity that comes with Times Square.

we’re going to laguna beach, ca to watch the sunset or sunrise, hope we don’t just spend the time sleeping.

I live in london, so i’ll be off to central and go near the thames to watch the fireworks. gonna be cold though 🙁

Aww, that sounds like it’ll be really lovely to watch, though. I don’t think I would ever stand outside for New Year’s. I get cold at 65F degrees!

surprisingly, it wasnt cold at all, probably due to the amount of people there were. but it was great1 Happy New Year!

I am spending my time at church this evening to bring in the New Year on a spiritual note as I always do. Then I am going home to get some rest and gear up fro a major event I have in the Washington, DC area for fashion and I am one of the many makeup artist providing services. Pray everyone has a safe and prosperous New Year.

I’m new to this site…just joined yesterday. I LOVE IT!! I live in CA too and I’m going to be at home tonight with my husband and 1 year old ringing in 2008. We’re going to have a nice dinner and make some champagne-based drinks for ourselves. Little guy will get a cute little dessert just for himself.

I live in california tooo and it is cold super cold i would say. (my boyfriend called me yesterday at night talking about come over i was like sorry babe im cold im so not getting up .lol ).

but i will be spending my day with my family i still dont have permission to spend new years somewhere other than home. But all my family is coming over so it will be like a mini party lol.

Happy New Years to all hope this 2008 brings u all the best and a lot of money to keep spending on makeup lol

but dont forget BE SAFE..

Oh, Elyssa! A girl after my own heart. It is cold for us in California!

I’m glad a bunch of your family comes over, though, so it becomes a party 🙂

Happy new year!

Lucky us, we live walking distance to a couple fun bars so thats what we are doing tonight. No drinking and driving 🙂 Going to have a nice low key dinner and then back home to get gussied up and then walking to the bars for some drinking and celebrating. Our son is spending the night at my parents, and they always climb up on the roof to celebrate at midnight so he is excited for his first year joining them on the roof.

my boyfriend ditched me to hang out with his friends – i wasnt invited. so i’m seeing a movie with another boy :O

I’m logging onto World of Warcraft with my significant other. After many battle grounds and quests, we will travel to the city of Stormwind to watch the fireworks.

Oh, Tekoa! I didn’t even know Stormwind had fireworks. I don’t know if I should admit this, but sigh, that game is in my life as well… lol. I swear, both MAC and WOW have crack in them 😀

You know what, I think they do have an addictive substance added to them. Oh well, I’m a happy addict. Please don’t send me to rehab!

LOL! Happy to hear it 🙂 I used to play a lot more, back in early ’07, I think, but quit for a few months, and have returned to play more at my leisure/for fun. Can’t handle hardcore raiding, lol.

Happy New Year 🙂 It’s almost midday on Jan 1 here in New Zealand! I went to a gathering at my best friends house, and she lives between the beach and the estuary so we went to a little pier to let off fireworks, then just hung out and went back to the beach to watch the sunrise! Very nice.. tired now though! And it is really cold here… not Summer-y at all. 🙁

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