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With my fair skin I’d look like Marilyn Manson. I’ll skip , thank you …But I still want the YSL black gloss. It’s pretty to look at in the bottle x)

I’ll definitely wear it dark and vampy…I’ve also very fair skin, but I still think it will work with my dark hair. And I don’t mind looking a bit goth, I mean, it’s just makeup in the end and why not experiment and have some fun? I’m really looking forward to get Bing ๐Ÿ™‚

i wanna loose the extra pounds cuz i was going through my vogue magazine the other day and the trend is so gothic this fall season with that makeup it’lll look so fierce.. I saw a pair of gucci skinny pants with these gold kinda chains on the side it sounds horrific but trust me it looked amazin it had these leather buckles at the bottom..

nc42 skin ..and I’ve been wearing it already..by itself(one coat of mascara..nuance on cheeks). I’ve been getting this all week (you must know your beautiful???)..I’m like huh!??!.lol so yeah you tan/dark girls better get on the trend. Just pick the right color (kirsch- great choice).

I’ll skip. I hate lipstick and its ilk, so I’m definitely the wrong person for this trend. Maaaaybe a berry lipstain, but that’s about as far as I’ll go.

Iยดll wear it as a stain or very lightly and sheerly applied, with pink cheeks (Pleasantry Mineralize blush) and nothing on eyes but black mascara. I have this look on today with a mix of 5N and Back to Del Rio lipsticks (Iยดm really fair, so those two are quite dark on me) and I think it looks great. I still have to wait for CoC, but Iยดm in training for it, LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ll wear it dabbed on with my fingertips, so its dark but sheer and with no gloss so it’s still matte. Warm flushed cheeks, black mascara and tightlined eyes.

I don’t like dark lipstick so I’ll skip this fall trend and I’ll fall back on Clinique Red-y to wear ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have full, naturally red lips.. so I always try to get AWAY from that look and tone down the colour of my lips…. but I think since it’s “in” this season, I may embrace it again. I’d put on an opaque skin coloured lipstick, then wear a deep berry or red gloss over it. Then bare or neutral eye with liner and mascara.

I can’t wait! After seeing Bing and Kirsch in person, I don’t think that they’re for me. They’re a little too brown for my skin (oh, I tried that in high school. But I’m really loving “O” lipstick, and Liquer lipglass. Alta Moda, Nar’s Daredevil, and Bazaarish lipglass: I can’t wait for fall. I’m going with a sheer plum and taupe eye, Orpheus or Dipdown liners, and black curling mascara.

I will be using my Viva Glam VI and other darker lipsticks I already have and never use! ๐Ÿ™‚
I really thought long and hard about Kirsch but my MA fried was like “Erin… will you ever use it? I don’t want you to buy it if you’re not going to.” I really highly doubt I would. Maybe I’ll grab a darker gloss, just to adopt some of the look.

I’ve got cravings for a nice dark plum/mauve gloss. That way it won’t be all out dark and vampy, but still pretty dark (I’ve got quite pigmented red lips too).

Soft pink cheeks and equally soft gray smoky eyes should look well with a gloss like that, I think ๐Ÿ™‚

i think i’d use it a gloss but i got some dupes from Walgreens since its just a trend. I got the Sally Hansen Lacquer shine in poppy and lily which are on sale for 2/5.99 so it was a cheap way of buying the cherry and dark cherry kind of look without having to burst my pocket and then not use them… ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m skipping it. I love the new colours that MAC has put out with Cult of Cherry, but they just wouldn’t work with my pale skin. I prefer a dramatic eye and neutral lips, anyway.

NOT AT ALL. I tend to go with what looks good on me. It’s rare that I’ll adopt a trend and try to adjust it to make it flattering for myself, and this is one of those times where I just won’t bother.

I have to experiement a lot, these dark lips remind me so much of my goth days in high school and the early 90’s.

I bought a few of the deep purples and browns and I have to get used to seeing them on myself. I’ve been nudes for way too long I guess.

My boyfriend however, LOVES the dark lips. He’d probably like it if I wore black lipstick.

The dark, vampy lip doesn’t look good on me so I’ll be skipping it completely. I’ll save those colors for my toes lol.

I will try the dark lipsticks at the store, but I will probably end up with the darker glosses, because they are sheerer. I would wear them with black eyeliner and a light sweep of red blush (e.g. Merrily).

I’m fair but I love the dark lips, all kinds *except* opaque and glossy…that’s too costumey for me. But I love Underworld, it’s one of my favorite colors, Nars Viridiana, PS Kiss, and OPI Suzi Says Da (yeah, it’s a lipstick, seems kind of like Bing but more dry) and for a lighter look I like Strange & Exotic or Retrofluid which on me is a sheer but deep plum-brown. I will totally be wearing these throughout the cold weather months, with a silver-fawn-taupe eye, and bundled up with gray sweaters, yummy!

I love, love love this trend. I really don’t care for nude lips. I’m very light skinned(NC15 is too dark on me by October), with black hair and I need color on my lips. I’ve got full lips with a lot of natural color so I gravitate toward any lips that are red or obnoxiously bright. I’ll wear a Jampacked or Cult of Cherry sheered out for when I’m wearing no other makeup. The mattenes I’ll wear every day, sometimes with a light eye, sometimes with a smoky or bright eye. If I want it less vampy, I’ll use Sublime Culture lipliner, and if I’m going all out I’ll use Velvetella. I’m excited to try Chockful because I’ve never liked brown lipsticks but when I tried it on, I liked what I saw.

I generally don’t do lipsticks unless they’re paler or neutral. Not because I’m against-I <3 my Cyber-but I just prefer to play my eyes up since my lips already have enough attention on them, what with being as full as they are. However, I’ve really been into doing the wine stain lip, taking berry gloss or lipstick and just focusing on the center of my lips, making it look like (as one MAC MA put it) “biting into a bloody apple”.

One current trend I’m really happy to see is this season’s fixation on Chartruese. I knew there was a reason I picked up NARS’ Rated R duo earlier this year…

I’m not quite sure. I bought Bing and Jampacked so I’ve got those to experiment with. It’s crazy early to be discussing it, but I know I’m dressing up as a Robert Palmer girl for Halloween, so I know I’ll be wearing a vampy red at least once.

I’ll try a dark, berry-coloured lip, but I wouldn’t wear black. I like trying different lip trends, but the people around me don’t, which really makes me seem like the odd one out. Last year was my last year of university, and I got the strangest looks for wearing red lipstick to school!

I think Jampacked is about as dark as I’m comfortable going. I’m just too scared of the dark lip. I think Bing is gorgeous and I have a major lust for it, but I’m a scaredy cat.

I didn’t think I was going to wear it at all. Until I went to MAC last week to check out the Cult of Cherry stuff and had a makeover done. The MA used Kirsh with Liquer on top and I loved it. Wandered around with it on to make sure I could get used to it. Well, I got compliments on my lips so needless to say, I bought it. I’ll probably wait till it cools off before I wear it.

It was love at first sight for Bing for me. I think I’ll wear it every way I can think of- alone, as a stain, with a lighter lipgloss over it. I just got it yesterday and already, I’m thinking of buying a backup. Not a fan of nude lips- even VGV, makes me look like a zombie. So I’m very happy with the dark lippies. Yay for CoC! ๐Ÿ™‚

I have lots of red and dark lipsticks at home but I tend to wear them more when not at work because my workplace tends to be a somewhat more conservative environment. However, I have all kinds: bluish reds, brownish reds, plums, even a recently purchased bright orange that my friend convinced me to purchase cuz apparently I can pull it off. However, I have to admit that even for a bolder person like me, it took some courage for me to purchase and wear the orange one… Ever since purchasing it, I have worn it 3 times. Of course, it does not help when the boyfriend hates it and tells me that when I wear it, I remind him of his grandma, cuz, apparently, it’s the shade of lipstick that she used to wear! LOL! I try not to be offended and, just to make him pay for his comment, I might even wear it on purpose when he is around!!>>>

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