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Happy new year, fantastic looks you hade made! Well, I used to spend a lot of money on a few products, but when I found mineral eyeshadows that could be ordered from U.S for no money at all, I changed my mind, now I spend little money and get lots of products, same quality. Easy choice!

Until I retire with several million dollars in the bank, price will affect my decision whether to buy a product or not.

Usually I spend a significant amount on mid-range brands (MAC, Clinique, Urban Decay). Occasionally I splurge on NARS, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and Smashbox – but only once I am convinced I will use up the products.

Since I always go for quality more than “The Brand” and there are many drugstore brands out there which offer amazing products, I don’t hesitate to buy items – ranging from foundation to lipstick – from brands like Maybelline, Revlon, Jane, The Body Shop and Bourjois.

One product I never splurge on is mascara – I don’t spend more than US 12 on a tube – EVER! Of course, if Full n’ Soft hits this mark, I might change my mind 😉

Ha! I have to agree, Tonee. Although, I think I’m a bit more price conservative, because I tend to stick with MAC, with rare splurges on other things – by rare, I really do mean once a year or less, lol!

My stance on mascara is just like yours! Thank god Plushlash is pretty cheap 🙂

me too. i stick to mac because of the selections but i do have a nars orgasm blush that i love. and with skincare, i stick to drugstore brands, easier to understand and less pressure at the drugstores.

Hey Victoria! I think drugstores definitely give you more straight forward skincare products… they aren’t always pushing the latest miracle gem that was dug out of some mine in some country like higher end companies do.

I buy mostly MAC, but I do have one Too Faced palette, A Lancome foundation and mascara, and benefit blush palette and eyeliner and eyeshadow. But I definately mostly stick to MAC. I only consider buying from expensive brands if I really like it and it takes me a long time to decide what to buy. But even with MAC I plan my purchases very carefully and rarely impulsively buy something… Maybe when I graduate and start working 🙂 But even then, there really is a limit to what you can spend on makeup I think!

You have a great outlook, Kat! It’s nice to see someone who isn’t caught up in all of the new things of makeup, but who can still enjoy it. I love it when I see people who budget for themselves so well early on!

i’m ridiculously inconsistent when it comes to makeup pricing. it will hurt when i spend 3 dollars for 5 things of makeup (i work at a drugstore, so i utilize those coupons) but when it comes to high end, i tend to forget. the other day i bought nars the multiple in orgasm. it was 36.50(!) but it (almost) didn’t bother me at all! but i do love the product- maybe that is the difference. when you really want something, sometimes price doesnt matter as much

that was long

lol! You know what, though, I am like you. Even though I’m happy to spend $14 on a lipstick from MAC, I can’t bring myself to buy any lip product from the drugstore for over $5. I guess there’s just this illusion of higher quality and whatnot at MAC vs. at the drugstore, which is why we pay the higher prices.

I’m pretty good at not thinking about pricing because I’ve tried drugstore brands and somehow they never work well on my skin or for my coloring (olive-toned). As long as something is under $40 and it will last me a while and it’s good quality, it’s worth it. I’ll buy it. Face creams, cleansers, blush, eyeshadow palettes, and rare colored polishes are usually what I spend the most on. With MAC, I never ask the price b/c I know I’m going to love and use what I buy.

It’s too bad that nothing from the drugstore has worked out for you, BUT it is good that you have found products that do. I agree that I’d rather pay more for something that is perfect for my skin than pay less and not get soething that works!

Oh yes price is an issue. I’m a starving university student you know! I’m all into the affordable quality. 🙂 I usually buy facial scrubs, makeup remover and mascara from drugstores to save money. However, even if MAC doubled the price of their foundation I’d still buy it. Foundation that matches my skin and doesn’t make me break out is worth is weight in gold.

LOL! It’s so sad that I make sure that I have extra leftover from my student loan to afford some luxuries like makeup. I agree that finding a foundation that works is well worth the price!

Most common: higher quality, higher price. Because, it takes time, expensive ingredients, expensive technology to make quality product. Ingredients likes aloe vera, shea butter etc. are not cheap. BUT, I think there is rational price for some products and many companies practically sell their name. And if you have any sense of economy and experience in make-up products you can make a right decision in buying.
There are lots of brands that offer same quality product for cheaper price.

Price is not an issue for me, but I rarely stray from MAC, because I love all of their products, and always find something I like in a collection. I can spend a lot, because I currently live at home.. but will be moving in with my boyfriend later this year. I think he is a little worried that I will either be grumpy from not being able to afford much, or spend all my rent money on a new collection. lol.

I think my boyfriend feared for our finances when we moved in together, too. He now realizes that despite how much I may love makeup, I am quite aware that food and rent come way before it!

Yes it matters, but I found that as I find brand names, that I love, I am willing to spend their said price on products. I refuse to keep myself from a product that I know works well for me just because its “expensive”.

I have to agree – if something works, you’ll be hard pressed to talk me out of it. Unless there is another product that works at a cheaper price, then sure, I’ll likely opt for that one instead.

Very! Even though I’m curious about Smashbox’s primer, there’s no way I’m going to pay $29 for a tube. Heck, even the “trial” size tube for $15.50 seems ridiculous to me.

I used to care a lot about price tags. However, over the last year I’ve realized that 99% of the time, you are paying for the quality of the product. And that in itself, seems worth it to me 🙂

I used to be so cheap when it came to make up. Sticking to the drug store brands. My first big beauty purchase was bare escentuals eyeshadows and foundation kits. But on the search for better make up brushes I ventured to MAC. I’ve always been fascinated by that MAC stores because the people who work there are so bold and daring, but I never bought from them because of the price. After seeing this site and the things that can be done with MAC products I am converted to spend the extra money for the vibrant hues and great quality!

To agree with a few people…
It all depends on the checkbook.

still being in highschool… i don’t have many other things my money goes to. so after I get my pay check I usually go straight to MAC or NARS.

I don’t plunge much more than those brands though..

aside from my Lush skincare products.
I’ve pretty much limited any face or body skincare products with JUST lush. It’s made such a big difference in my complexion.
It was is worth the extra bucks.

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