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I organize mines by drawers. Frankly I’ve had to get several and I’m kinda over it right now, I don’t know how to store my babies! Right now I have them in plastic drawers. They’re separated as follows:

-Lipgloss, Balms
-MAC Lashes
-NYX Lashes
-RedCherry & Bliss Lashes
-E/S shadow bases
-Primers, Moisturizers
-Blush, Loose/pressed powders

I seriouly can’t believe I’ve accumulated this much o_O, I’ll check back on here, hopefully I can gain some knowledge on how to organize my make-up stash 🙂

I just have 3 places to store my make-up. A basket for my stuff, a drawer with stuff I hardly use and my beauty case with my everyday stuff, which I can carry around when I have a sleepover at my boyfriends house.

I have a an area in my closet for thngs that I don’t use every day. I keep them in those little bins with drawers and I have them labeled (lip gloss, foundations, eyeliners, etc.) i have an acrylic lipstick holder from the Container Store that holds my lipsticks. Also, have an acrylic organizer from the container store where I store my every day use products. I keep that in a drawer in my bathroom. I am liking my system pretty well. It allows me to see things easily and realize how much stuff I do have.

I went to an office store and bought this plastic drawer storage unit on casters. It stands about 3 1/2 feet tall and has about 6 drawers. I also bought these plastic bins that fit inside the drawers. My single eyeshadows are in the top drawer (I use MAC and Bare Escentuals, so my BE are in these narrow pencil-type bins on their sides so I can see colors easily), palettes and eye pencils/mascara (in a plastic bin) in 2nd, glosses/lipsticks (in bin) and blush in 3rd, all face makeup in 4th, applicators in 5th, and extra makeup cases in 6th. I really like my little system and it’s worked well for me. It stands right next to my bathroom sink for easy access, and I’ve had to move it into another bathroom while my husband showers because he likes steamy showers, and that’s not gonna work for me trying to put makeup on. The casters make it really easy.

I have a similar storage system as well. The 3-1/2 foot plastic drawer storage on wheels. I used a silverware tray in the top thin drawers to organize a lot of my eye & lip pencils/liners. I use other thin organize trays to line up my eyeshadows. All my palettes are piled up in the bottom big drawer. The middle drawers hold powders, blushes, foundations & the like in trays as well. On top of the bin I have smaller desktop drawers stacked to hold all my glosses & lipsticks. This is the one thing I would like to change & reorganize as its becoming more difficult to fit them all as my collection grows. I’m content w/ my stash storage for now but it’s a work in progress that I am sure will need some tweaking as I purge & add-on to my collection over time.

I store my makeup in little plastic boxes with lids on and all my plastic boxes are in a bigger drawer. I’m going to be changin i very soon, don’t like the way it is at the moment =]

1 vanity for the high end things aka all my dior eyeshadows, new lipsticks and foundation

another vanity for the other products

and a vanity for the nail polishes

voilà 🙂

My makeup collection is verrrry minimal… its literally all on top of a chest of drawers. But when my collection is extended (probably will with all the MAC upcoming collections & other brands too) I will prob start sorting it properly then. Cause I’m a sucker for a beautiful looking neat and tidy make up collection 😉

I use drawer systems but I’m ready to change to something else so I’ve been trying to come up with something different.

I dont have that much yet so it still fits mostly in a train case, and the stuff I rarely use (lashes) I have in a box in the closet.

Gosh, it’s kinda all over but it seems organized:
MAC eyeshadows and blushes are in palettes in my cabinet drawers Pigments in plastic boxes from IKEA also in cabinet drawers
Lip and eye pencils, mascara, and brushes are in magnetic cups that hang on a steel panel right next to my mirror (also from IKEA, it’s a desk organizer system and so handy)
Foundations, p/p, f/l, random e/s, MSFs, mineralized blushes, dazzleglasses, shadesticks, etc. are in a Sephora traincase I store in my linen closet
Lipsticks & glosses are in a shotgun shell storage box also in the linen closet

Right now I organize things in a variety of make up bags: Brushes in one bag; lip/eye liners, mascara and brow gel in another; shadows and pigmetns in another; and lip sticks, glosses, and blushes in another. As I plan on expanding my make up collection I do plan on getting a better system going.

I have a three tier, 14 inch long shelf with all my pigments lined up two by two. Then I have a 6 drawer plastic thing that holds liners, mascara, and things like that. I have a basket with eyeshadows in it, a vanity drawer with palettes in it, and a Hello Kitty brush holder with.. brushes!!

My fiance bought me a book shelf to put in my bathroom because my collection kept growing *lol*. One shelf has my perfumes, another my single eyeshadows.

I’m still in shoeboxes lol. I’ve gotten it down to 1 shoebox for eyeshadows eyeliners and face products. One gladware container filled with rocks for lip products and another glad container with rocks to hold my brushes.

My dad made me these awesome wood shelves about 1 1/2 feet tall with six shelves each. I use them to hold all my little pots of mineral eyeshadow, and on the top shelf I have lipstick and lipglosses. On the lowest shelf I have blushes, but I only have a couple, once I get more I will have to get a bigger place to put them. I have such a small collection that the storage system I have going right now is working… when it grows though, I’m not sure where I’ll put some of the stuff!

Oh, forgot to mention that all my brushes are in jars from Michael’s with glass ‘rocks’ of different colours to have them stand up. Thanks for that idea, Christine!

What do you do to keep the dust out when you use the rocks in a pencil jar? I have all my eyeliners in a pencil cup (no rocks) and even though I use them *every* day, it gets so dusty I’m always having to clean them and the cup. It’s really annoying!

Mine just don’t seem to get dusty… maybe it’s where it is – I have my vanity in a walk in closet and the jar is quite full of brushes so every time I take one out or put it back it moves the rocks, maybe since they’re not sitting still for a long time it doesn’t collect (?) I dunno, sorry this isn’t more helpful ;S

Hey Everyone!

I keep all my make up in an Ikea Malm 4 drawer dresser….a drawer for eyes, face, lips and storage. Unfortunately I’m seriously running out of room and now that I’m starting make up school (MUD in NYC :)) in August I’ve been working on building my kit and now I’m trying to keep the two collections separate and my room aint big enough lmfao I’m so turn as to what to do….I think I might get another dresser from Ikea but stilll I have no room lol…some people say they have no room bc of too many clothes but I have no room bc of make up – it’s hysterical

I have what I like to call an organized mess. I have two small cosmetic cases on my dresser. One has pigment samples, a few eyeshadow palettes and some lip products. The other has a plethora of things that I can’t begin to remember at this moment lol! I also have several makeup bags filled with products and those are stuffed into a Sephora shopping tote. Recently I purchased a large plastic toolbox (which sent my husband into a fit of laughter) thinking maybe I could move most of my collection there. Well it didn’t turn out quite like I thought. I will probably need another 2, 3 or 10 of those to fit everything 😀

I keep most of my make-up in those Sterilite countertop drawers. I have one for all my blushes, bronzers, ect., one for eye make-up and brushes and one for mineral make-up. I keep all my lipsticks and glosses in storage trays. I also have two small storage boxes with all my mineral skin finishes and beauty powders.

I’m using a make-up cabinet I got for Christmas from my sister-in-law this past year. It’s great!! It fits everything perfectly…although…Christine you might need about 20 of these 🙂 My collection isn’t quite as large as yours…maybe it will be one day 🙂 I’ve included the link to my photobucket page showing pictures of it!! I absolutely love it 🙂

This is the link to purchase the cabinet:


Here’s the link to my photobucket slideshow:


your cabinet is really cute! i love that it’s white; i bet it makes finding things easier! 🙂

i need a train case!!! My boyfriend has nick named me CJ…Chemical Junkie because of all the beauty products that fill up my vanity in my bathroom which spans one wall to the other… poor guy. we;ll need his and hers bathrooms when we live together.

I have a small collection but I keep my stuff at the bottom shelf of my bookcase. It has a…shrine like look to it, but hey we spend a lot of money on those products, they should have a nice place to live! Since I enjoyed looking at the pictures posted here, I took some of my own! http://tinyurl.com/krqsb2

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