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I like fluidlines and pencils. I will either do upper and lower or just upper with nothing on the bottom. Most e/s colours seem to look weird against my eyes without liner.

I use gel eyeliner and I usually just apply it to my upper lid for daytime looks. For a night out, I line both lids. Whilst lining my lower lid, I apply eyeliner only halfway rather than the all the way into the inner corner. It just looks strange if I apply eyeliner to my entire lower lid, I guess that’s because of my eye shape.

I love fluidlines, but I’ve been using technikohls mostly lately. Either way, my eyes are too deep set and too round for me to get winged liner to look right. I love liner, but I think it’s probably the hardest thing for me to do, particularly my lower lid and water lines. I can never do the looks I want to the way I see them in my mind.

i usually use blacktrack fluidline on the upperlid, and a black pencil on my waterline. Sometimes i’ll use some shadow to line the lower lashline with white eyeliner on my waterline to brighten my eyes. It really depends on what I’m wearing and the eyeshadow colors I’m wearing that day.

I used to use a pencil only, but recently converted to Fluidline and LOVE it! I use it both on the top and bottom lid…

I like liquid in form of pens, because i’m still a beginner, and only upper when i use liquid.

When i choose to use a pencil, i do upper and lower.

I like fluidlines and technikohls. Generally, I will line both the top and bottom. But on the bottom I line lightly and smudge it, with it being lighter near the inner corner of my eye and darker near the outer corner.

Today I have on liquid liner, though, for a fun retro pinup-ish winged eye look.

Lucky! I could never wear carbon as my liner to work because here was always so much oil in the air and I worked such long shifts (10hours plus!).

Kohl pencils. With all these rave reviews however I’m thinking next payday I might try Fluidline… (depending on how much NN hurts my wallet of course!)

I use both pencils and fluid, I prefer fluid though. I like the ones in the pot (fluidline, or benefit’s creaseless eyeshadow) the best. For a retro, or smokey eye I use across the top only; for everyday I usually do bottom outside corner, or bottom outside corner and slightly into the top on the outside. It makes your eyes look bigger, and also helps the eyeshadow look more natural if you put a medium or darkish shade on 🙂

I like gel liners. They are fairly precise and have good staying power. The only thing is, I use a brush that’s probably not for gel liners, because I can’t get the hang of the angled ones!

I use pencils sometimes too, usually self-sharpening ones, because regular ones, I seem to have to tug too much. The only problem is, they seem to smudge a bit on my lower lash line, no matter what brand I use.

Normally I do my upper and lower lash lines, even for a casual day out. I just make the lines thinner. For big evenings and event makeup, I make the lines darker and thicker.

Have never liner my fluidline–too scared to do so! LOL.

Hey AmyLou! I love gel liners, too! I prefer self-sharpening ones, as well, because I’m such a dunce when it comes to sharpening myself!

Hey Cristine,

Basically my style is normal one but tailed and a little below,just outer corners.Its blacktrack fluidline its very easy to apply and very edgy too.I like sometimes cat style and i am always wearing liners never without it,u will c me..


i like using gel liners or pencil liners coz they’re easier to handle..i find fluidlines abit difficult to use..any tips? i like to juz draw my upper lid that’s slightly tailed at the back to lift my eyes..

I use pencil to line along the root of my upper lashes to give a full lash look. For extra staying, I line again with powder. For natural daytime look, I line my lower lashline with soft gold pencil or sometimes grey.

I’ve used pretty much everything–pencil, gel, liquid, pen–and liquid’s the only one I’ve never really gotten the hang of. The pens are great, I use CoverGirl Line Exact. I have one fluidline, and 3 of the loreal hip gel eyeliners, and I like them all a lot. I think they’re pretty similar quality. I’ve never been great at lining with eyeshadow, although sometimes I do it with a mixing medium. I like pencil but I haven’t found my HG.

I just bought the Sonia Kashuk angled eyeliner brush at Target, and it’s soooo good. Highly recommend.

LOL I actually meant liquid’s the only one I can’t get the hang of! Which is so sad because the liquidlasts are great great!

Right now I’m using my Heatherettes more often than anything. I have some fluidline I used to use, but I’m terrible at making the line even so I use it now for eyeshadow purposes. I also have a eyeliner with the built in brush, but I can never get my left eye to match my right. with the Kohl formulas, it’s easier to make it even. Also I do upper eyes only. Trying to do the lower eyes makes me cry(literally, it’s horrible) so I don’t do it.

I like using brown eyeliner. I use brownborder technakohl, dipdown fluidline and espresso e/s. And i love the look of a black eyeliner on my upper waterline. But i haven’t find a prefect eyeliner for the waterline. Any suggestion?=) And one more question. How do you link up your upper and lower liner together? Thanks in advance!

Brown can be really great for subtle and yet defined eyes! Fluidline is pretty good on the waterline, it’s the best I’ve found, personally!

I have three basic eyeliner “options”:

1) Basic – pencil/gel liner applied on the waterline and upper lid tightlined with gel liner.

2) Medium – pencil/gel liner applied on the waterline and a light layer of liquid or gel liner on the upper lid, ending at the outside corner of the eye. No tightlining.

3) Dramatic – pencil/gel liner applied (thick) on the waterline, upper lid tightlined with gel liner, and then upper lid is lined with liquid/gel above, ending in an upward flick. Lower lash line lined with a pencil, just below waterline.

I like using different colors, but only on the upper lid and lower lashline. I only use black on the waterline and for tightlining. I find this defines the eyes very well and contrasts with any other color/s I use.

Products I use often are:

Pencil – MAC Kohl, Prestige Waterproof Liner, Revlon Colorstay

Gel/creme – MAC Fluidline, Stila Smudgepot, Clinique Brush-on

I use Laura Mercier’s flat eyeliner brush. You can use any flat brush with firm bristles. If the bristles are soft, you won’t be able to apply the liner properly.

I lift the upper lid and press the liner (cream or gel) into the roots of the eyelashes. You can apply as many layers until you get the thickness you need – it should be a smooth line, going along from the inner corner to the outer corner.

Some people use a pencil – and I have tried this but couldn’t control the amount applied. I had to apply it several times to get the look I wanted. As long as it’s a long wearing formula it should be okay. It does give a more natural look though.

Hey Tonee!

What formulas have you found to be the best wearing for tightlining? I’ve tried a few times with fluidline, and it’s been OK.

Creme or cake liners work best (either Clinique or Laura Mercier) because it’s soft enough to adhere to the roots of the lashes quickly. Fluidlines and other gels work fine too but have to be pressed into the lashline firmly. A lot depends on the brush IMO – you need a really good brush to tightline properly.

I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure it out, myself. I hate liner on my upper lid, though.

For everyday looks, I like to use gel liner (MAC and Bobbi Brown) to create a fine thin line on my upper lid. At 39 nothing ages me faster than a thick, cracking line of eyeliner – LOL!

If I want more drama, I will line the upper and lower waterlines with dark kohl liner. Then I’ll use eyeshadow underneath my lower lashes to coordinate with the shadows I use on my lid (similar to how you typically do your eyes in your tutorials)

Liquid eyeliner is very tricky for me to manage without making a big ol’ mess, so I don’t use it often.

Another favorite of mine: Spray my eyeliner brush with MAC Fix+ Spray (or use water-based mixing medium) to lightly dampen, then dip into a dark eyeshadow and line my lids. Lasts all day and I have more options for colors!

I don’t use liner on my upper lashes everyday, but when i do, I use Stila’s Smudge Pot in black. It’s a gel formula and very eay to apply. I also use my darker shadows (Beauty Marked, Carbon, Deep Truth or Humid) to line my upper lashes sometimes.
I line my water line with black or white pencil (the ones from Liz Wattier).

I love pencils, I have a large addiction to liner pencils 🙂 I like to line my upper lid and smudge it, not really in a “smoky” way- just enough to soften the line. I haven’t gotten the hang of liquid yet, but I’m learning! 😀

I just like to line the upper lash line, I use MAC powerpoints and MAC eye kohls. I am trying to collect all of the different colors.

I wear winged liquid liner everyday. I have always had such a hard time with pencils, they are never crisp & black enough! I wear it pretty thick, but classy-not Amy Winehouse style! I sometimes try to do different stuff but it just is “me”. All along the top and halfway on outer lash line.

my weapon of choice are the pencils. i have almost all the MAC powerpoints and about 4 technakohls. i love lining my lower lash line then using a complimenting e/s over it to make it intense. i don’t ever line my upper lid unless i’m doing a winged-tip, and with that i use a liquid liner from body shop which has a short and firm brush which i like.

Everyone who uses pencils (esp. powerpoints)–what do you use to sharpen them? I tried sharpening an eyeliner today and it turned into a total mess. I have a pretty normal drugstore sharpener. Are they at all brand-specific?

Pop them in the freezer for about ten minutes and sharpen thereafter. It’s much easier when the kohl is frozen.

I have to be in the mood for liquid liner. my hands are not that steady. khol is pretty cool…I love it in black. I usually wear black on the upper lash line and when i wear color liners i put them on my lower lash line

I have 3 different eyeliners I use. Bourjois, Splash in Abyss and MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. I line both my upper and lower eyelids ending in a slight wing tip.

i mostly use fluidline eye liners or if i’m in a rush i use pencils. but i love the fluidlines. they are so good!

I LOVE EYELINER . . I mean I am perfectly ok without makeup, but the bare minimum is eyeliner. I have tried every brand and type, and I love MAC!!! There are a few other good brands, but I am pretty sure MAC is the best.

And as for fluidline eyeliner. . .I can personally account for how awesome it is.

I am from an island in the caribbean. . .and I wore MAC liquidlast eyeliner out one night and I swear to god it did NOT move.

Let me explain . .Caribbean island + foam party on the beach + swimming in the ocean + swimming a in a pool after the ocean to wash of the sand = NO MAKEUP BUDGING . . . .

If you ever have anything special to go to . .invest in some MAC liquidlast eyeliner. It is amazingly hard to get off.

PS. I love your website Temptalia . . .you have many a fan in the Caribbean.

Haha! Eyeliner can really open up otherwise naked eyes, though 🙂 Liquidlast is never gonna budge, lol, that stuff is amazingly powerful.

What are your favorite fluidlines?

Aww!! Good to know I have some fans in the Caribbean 🙂

For everyday normal look, I use a black eyeliner pencil to line my top lash line (just on the outer 2/3 or so. Makes my eyes look bigger. When I’m going out or something I use fluidline in blacktrack.. I am amazed with that stuff! I never line my bottom bc it makes my eyes look smaller. I just use mascara on the bottom, occasionally some shadow.

Upper lash lien & water line with fluidline, usually. In a cats eye. I try to go without, but I can’t. I’m addicted.

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