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i am not that big on blush…
i have bought a natural one and a peach one many years ago from Dior,it was my investment,it has a real quality brush….
made of real hair i think.
thats that.
i always use this two,since they r very natural on my light skin. i read somewhere,that if U find Your perfect blush,U can stick to it for a lifetime…
Thats not entirely sure,bc trends come and go…
But it has worked for me.
Since then i bought a pinker blush from YSL,i use it if i want a fresher look.

It’s intuition for me; it depends on what type of look I want, and what I want to emphasize in the look. No rules, just intuition.

I have ten different shades of blushes, just because I am looking for the perfect one. I’m still looking, LOL

I really like the natural blush look.

I will know what blush to use in a look depends on the color of the lipstick I’m going to use. A pink toned lipstick would mean I would use a pink blush, a peach lipstick will make me use a peach toned blush πŸ™‚

well what about a nude lipstick? or a bright magenta lipstick? or a red lipstick? or a purple lipstick????

For a nude lip, I generally go with a sheer brownish tone blush and sometimes even tone it down more with powder. With other colors, I look for the undertones…
I don’t really wear bright colors on the lips, so, it would be hard for me…but if I was wearing bright lips or really smoky eyes, I would be REALLY sheer on the cheeks, because I like only one focal point on my face: dark smoky eyes== nude lips, neutral eye==red lips, etc…

It’s often a guess, but it does tend to go by the overall look I’m trying to achieve. If it’s something light and playful, I’ll choose a light/bright pink. If it’s a more serious look, then I’ll choose a warmer, darker color.

It will depends on what colors and what type of eye makeup I have that day. I do my eye makeup first,then blusher & finally lipstick.

Depends on my outfit. If I am wearing warm colors I will use a blush like peachykeen. For cool colors I will use a blush like true romantic. For more natural looks I will use blushbaby or gingerly. I never match it to my lip color cuz I only wear lip balm or clear lip gloss.

I just own three, a bobbi brown one and two MAC beauty powder blushes, a lighter and a darker one. Right know I prefere the light one (shy beauty), because I don’t look ugly, when I sweat.

Usually I use a bronzer first then over that I apply my blush (it has 3 strips two tones of pink plus a highlighter) that I apply over the bronzer. That makes it look very natural plus it seems neutral….the bronzer is my warm, the pink is my cool!

I have a couple that suit my skin tone very well, and then just switch them up depending on my look for the day.

I choose my blush based on the over all look that I’m going for based on occasion and time of day. If I’m going for a summery look, I may go with a bronzer. For an evening out, a plum blush. For a subtle look for daily wear, a peach blush.

I generally will stay in the same color family. I’m an artist, and I have taken Color Theory, so I guess I have no excuse to not use proper colors! XD

But really if the eyes and lips are in the pink range, I go for a pink blush. If it’s teals, then I’d pick the complement color, peach. I guess it’s more of a gut feeling choice, but there’s also the whole color wheel theory that you have to throw into the equation. Right?

I generally only stick to pinks and peaches with my blushes, although I do have some reds and some bronzy/dusty rose looking ones (Eversun, anyone?). I stopped using taupey ones and purpley ones in the last few years because they just look dirty or dated on me.

i wish i had a formula or something. i just recently started using blush and i can’t say that i know what i’m doing yet. in the past i have used a bronzer.

i dont particular care for the one i do own, Glee by BareMinerals. I’ve got this peachy colored one by MaryKay that i’ve been trying to use and sometimes it looks good but other times it off……

i really need to figure something out bc i’m getting married this fall and want to nail down my look so i can practice, practice, practice.

Oh, too bad about the Glee! I actually like it for natural/neutral looks. But I always go super easy with it, and never use so much that you can actually “see” the blush – going easy makes it gives me a subltle flushed, happy look. Too much of it just makes me look too made up and a bit dirty.

Right now I tend to use a Mac MSF as a blush. I have Light Flush from the N collection, and it gives a natural pinkey highlighted cheek – love it! Maybe the MSFs could be a good start?

I’m sure you’ll find something nice to wear on your wedding πŸ™‚

I try to match with the tone of the rest of the makeup (warm or cool), and keep the blush as natural as possible. I prefer focus on the eys, and only use blush to “unflatten” my face after foundation. Oh, and for shiny highlighted cheeks now in the summer time πŸ™‚

I mostly go on the feeling, no real science here πŸ™‚

Actually, IΒ΄m experimenting with using the blush as a contrast to the eyes or the lips. If my eyes are coral or orange and my cheeks are aswell, it tend to get too much, so I tried to contrast the warm eyes with a cold blush, True Romantic BBP, and it made my look so crisp. The same if I wear a purple/mauve outfit with a purple/mauve eye, I pick it up with a coral-coloured blush.I donΒ΄t believe in the ultimate blush, just as eyeshadows and nailvarnish, thereΒ΄s one for every occasion and itΒ΄s fun to see how different shades changes the way you look.

I tend to go with a color that matches the overall undertone of my eyes/lips…sometimes I push the lip a bit out of the undertone for some contrast (ex: bronzy eyes and cheeks + a slightly pinker/cool gloss).

If I really can’t decide, then I start with a neutral and see if I need an extra pop of color (at which point it’s a gut feeling what that “pop” will be)

I all else fails and I’m still really unsure, I’ll take a warm toned blush and a cool-toned blush and literally hold one up to each cheek (in their containers) and see which undertone looks “right”–then I use that one. Works for me!

I’ve been using NARS’ Orgasm with everything lately. Really just getting into blush. I tend to only wear it when going out though, I feel silly getting too made up to work at a vet clinic! (Plus don’t want flaking or rub-off when in surgery!) I love MAC’s Pink Swoon and Dollymix as well though!

I’m glad you’ve gotten into it, though πŸ™‚ Oh man, I can’t imagine wearing much makeup at a vet clinic! So much hands-on activity!

I only own four blushes and I tend to follow these “rules”:
If I’m doing a pink or purple eye, I use MAC’s Blossoming Cream Blush (I love it because it has a slight shimmer to it)
If I’m doing a green or gold eye, I use Spaced Out blush (Neo Sci Fi)
If I’m doing a blue eye, I use MAC’s LadyBlush Cream Blush, which is similar to Blossoming but without the shimmer (something about shimmery blush with blue eyes looks a little too much for me)
If I’m doing a neutral eye (or I can’t decide on a blush) I use Milani’s Luminous blush. This is the only drug store cosmetic I own, but it is an EXACT dupe for NARS Orgasm blush….and it’s under ten bucks!

I don’t know lol. I have two blushes, one is a powder, the other one is benetint, and then I have a bronzer and I just pick whatever one looks good that day πŸ™‚

How do I know what blush to use in a look? Hmmm…I didn’t use to know but I’m starting to learn πŸ˜‰ I never really bothered to use blush before and I’m now starting my mac blush collection. Two weeks ago I purchased three with that crazy discount opportunity; Eversun LE, Secret Blush LE, and Harmony. So far I’ve used Eversun with Greens and Brown eyeshadows. Secret Blush with blues, and Teal eyeshadows. And Harmony when in doubt LOL. Whaddaya think?

Learning is the best πŸ™‚ There’s so much to learn and do, it’s awesome.

Eversun would be great with greens and browns! Sounds like you’re getting the hang of it!

I have a bunch of blushes…and no clue how to properly choose which one to wear. I actually put it on before eyes or lips. So I guess I just randomly choose. Probably shouldn’t do that, but I dunno how to match that anyway. Thanks for the ideas everyone!

I don’t put a lot of thought into it, I just go with how I am feeling that day. If I want to go with a subtle look I do Well Dressed by MAC or Shy Beauty BPB. If I want a little more color I pick Peachykeen by MAC or True Romantic or Secret Blush, and of course X-rocks. I am a blush addict, so I try to get as much use out of all the 10 I own. I almost never wear the same blush two days in a row. Tenderling is a nice low key blush also. I almost bought Springsheen today, but I couldn’t decide if it was different enough from peachykeen. Anybody have any ideas for me?

I have a lot of blushes. Mac blushes are Mocha, Pink Swoon, Gingerly, Style, Peachykeen, Sunbasque, Dollymix, X-Rocks, MSF Warmed, Nars Exhibit A, tarte Sunkissed, tarte Tickled peach, Nars Blow Up, Nars Malibu, Nars Palm Beach, and Delux Beauty Stick Flush. Usually i just reach for bronzer though. I layer my discontinued Nars stain in Blow up and then go over it with mac bronzer. If i add blush it’s just been with a really light hand.

I usually use Benetint or a BB pot rouge as a base and the BOTD (blush of the day, lol) over it; what that is depends on eye and lip colors, usually either warm or cool toned. I have a lot of blushes, my favorite warm ones are Eversun BPB, Hipness, Spaced Out and Light Flush MSF, my fave cool toned blushes are Fashion Frenzy, True Romantic, Dirty Plum and Afterdusk (HG).

90% of the time it is based around the e/s colours I use. And if I can’t decide on a certain shade of a colour, I will swatch them on my fingertips and hold them up to my face one at a time and I’ll choose whichever looks best. πŸ™‚

depends on my mood… whether I want a peachy look or pinkish look… and whichever i have more time for. cream blushers or powder blushers.
depends on my eye make up. if it is dark then i go pale, if i dun have much eye make up then i use a strong colour, or i just dust on more blusher to intensify the color.
or if i buy a new blusher recently then i keep using it! hehe.

if i intend to look more summer-ish, i use my braunorange blusher, which gives me a warm glow while looking extremely natural.
if i intend to look more girly/sweeter, i use my pink blusher with highlighter.
if i’m playing up my eyes with a smokey shadow, i leave my cheeks as they are.
apparently i only have two blushers as of yet. i just don’t really need them, since my face has its own natural flush. πŸ˜€

I generally use peach/coral blushes because they’re the ones that look natural on my tanned olive skin; anything else (pinks, mauves, reds, etc) just looks fake and unflattering. wrt to the looks though, I just tone it down or amp it up.

I’m lemming for a peachy-pink blush though because of all the bronzed skin+pink cheeks I’ve been seeing in the summer make-up campaigns.


Usually, I’d go for pinkier blush when my foundation is looking abit fair. If I have a bronzed look going on I’d usually go for orangey or bronze blush. for a normal look I’d usually have on a bronze blush along the cheekbones with some pink blush on the apples.

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