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Well, I carry lip balm with me ALL the time. And I scrub with chilli and sugar scrub whenever they start to feel a little rough.
I have slightly full lips, so if they start looking bad, people would notice!

That Nuxe lipbalm sounds nice, I will try it someday 🙂


Well, I don’t do much, I only use lipbalms, like Chapstick or Dermophil Indien.

I’m a lip balm whore, lol…

I always carry Lypsyl in my bag…I have it all over the house (by my bed, in my car, on my desk, etc.)…It lasts a long time, tingles nicely, and doesn’t leave a white ring, plus it’s super moisturizing, has cute bee-themed packaging, and it’s cheap 🙂 My other favorite is Blistex lip ointment (great base under lippies)

I swear by Vaseline (pertoleum jelly). I use it every night and sometimes during the day if needed. Much better than any lipsalve/lipbalm I’ve ever tried.

i can not live without lip balm.
i used to buy lip balms by the brand Mentholatum. but after i finished that one i decided to try new stuff… i started off with Origins Cover Your Mouth – and it’s good for the summer season but when my lips are really chapped during the winter, it leaves a coloured residue so that it collects under the dried skin (yuck! sorry for the description!). so now i have a Watermelon balm from The Body Shop – it smells SO good and actually tastes quite nice too… i try not to eat it! :]

i LOVE Jack Black lip balm! it’s not sticky like Vaseline. the original smells nice and minty. plus, it has SPF 25!

I’m really diligent about taking care of my lips bc I need to keep my Jolie lips in top shape lol My fav lip products are Mary Kay satin lips, I use Carmex from the pot under lipstick, and I apply La Roche Posay Ceralip every night. And I use Burt’s Bees in the tube throughout the day when I’m home, or gloss when I’m out.

I always make sure to be careful with my lips, I have permanent scars in the soft tissue behind them because they’ve cracked before, especially my upper lip. I’ve never used sugar scrub on my lips [it works wonders for soft shoulders!] but I think I will now.

Lots of lip balm, Tendertones and scrubbing whatever way possible. My lips peel so often I try everythings possible.

I use Treat Cacao Lip Scrub every other night or so, put on Vaseline Lip Therapy every night (it’s usually still on my lips when I wake up, so it keeps them moisturized all night), and during the day I basically have lip balm on constantly.

I use sugar & vaseline scrub usually twice a week, and I always have chapstick or something on my lips.

But even when I forget to do those things they hard ever get chapped.

I use sugar & vaseline scrub usually twice a week, and I always have chapstick or something on my lips.

But even when I forget to do those things they hardly ever get chapped.

I apply lip balm throughout the day. Sometimes beeswax, but usually something petroleum-based. I love Rosebud lip balm, plain vaseline or Kiehl’s lip balm with spf 15. That’s usually all I need, but if they need it sometimes I’ll run my Clarisonic over them while washing my face.

Use a toothbrush dedicate to lip exfoliation (lol) and put a tiny amount of my face exfoliator on it. Put some Rosebud salve on my lips at night.. Also, I’ve stopped wearing lipglass and instead wear NYX lip! So MUCH MORE moisturizing!

Everyday I use Burt’s Bees. It is always with me! I love it! I don’t really need to exfoliate much, but if I do, I use CO Bigelow’s lip exfoliator.

WATER!!! Lots of water throughout the day ensures that my lips very rarely get chapped. Also I put on Aveda Lip Saver at night after I’ve exfoliated them with either a washcloth or toothbrush. During the day I wear the little skinny Burts Bees lip balm under my gloss. Chapped lips are yucky.

I use Jane Iredale’s sugar and butter combo, it exfoliates with one end and plumps and hydrates with the other. Its a must in the winter. Also lip drink from her line is amazing too, it has an SPF to protect them from sun damage. If they get too dry, I put a hydrating mask on them once a month or so.

my lips are awful. i once went to an amusement park and accidentally left my chapstick at home, it was like torture. i can’t go more than several hours. i even went to the dermatologist once because my lips were just AWFUL dry, tight and there was a ring around my lips. he gave me a prescription ointment and after a few days of use they improved significantly. he couldn’t find a cause, but said to just use the ointment if i have a flare up. so basically, i’m not qualified to answer the question, but i’m very glad you asked it, because i’m always looking to try new stuff for the lips!

I’m pretty lucky.

But with the change in location [I moved from the west coast to the east coast/south] my lips have been flaky lately. I try to lightly exfoliate each day and keep lip balm, usually Carmex.

I exfoliate my lips with a toothbrush and use LOTS of lipbalm. I never heard of scrubbing with sugar; why would you do that?

I make sure I put my lipbalm on every morning and night and usually use my Clarins moisture replenishing lipbalm. It’s pricy but I really love it.

I use nipple ointment on my lips instead of lip balm. When I was breast feeding my daughter I used a lanolin ointment on my nipples to keep them soft. One day I was feeding my daughter and needed some lip balm. I didn’t have any beside me so I used the nipple ointment instead. I’ve used it everyday since. It’s really thick and takes some getting used to but my lips are so soft!

I am not so lucky. I tried MAC’s lip conditioner and it worked well, but I didn’t re-purchase yet. I use carmex, and tendertones at night (either one, not both). My lips still get chapped. I am thinking of trying NARS sabrina. Anyone recommend it? I try to exfoliate them with a towel and warm water. I think I will try my toothbrush.

Pure Shea Butter from Now Foods. I’ve got enough to last for several years.

Scrap a bit off the top, warm in your fingers, and pat on lips and anywhere else that is dry before bedtime.

Supersoft lips, even heading into winter.

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