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Im happy about one of them lol! My other brow has a major scar from when my hairdresser teared out my eyebrowpiercing with her comb.. im not really happy about that.. Its coming though, its almost grown like the other one.

I like them, get them threaded – love the results most of the time (there have been occasions where they turned out a bit too thin for my liking but nothing a little make-up cant fix ;))

They are so sparse and wimpy. Typical Scandinavian eyebrows, really. I dont tweeze them at all, theres no need to. I really want fuller brows, Im tired of applying brow powder every single morning before I go out…sigh. But its never gonna happen 🙁

I hate their non-symetry. Seriously hate it, but theyre not that bad, shape -wise, it could be worse.

And Im not happy with the color too, theyre fair, like my hair etc, so its strange to draw them to make them stand out, sometimes too much. Im still searching for the perfect e/s that would do that correctly.

Gahhhhh, frustating.

I like mine in general. I have dark drown hair, and I like the shape I pluck them. The only thing is that the hair is coarse and the hairs can go haywire! Love my brow gel.

My brows are pretty ugly & scarce when not filled in! But when I shape and fill them in, I’m comfortable with the way they look. I just have to have them perfect & even–which takes some time to do!

Anne –

My brows are naturally an albino blonde that doesnt match my hair color at all. I get them tinted a chocolate brown every 6-8 weeks at a salon. The process is super fast, relatively inexpensive, and makes such a difference to my face. And, unlike makeup, the tint wont smudge or budge when its super hot in the summer, or when you do sports. You might want to look into it if youre unhappy with your color – I love mine so much that I recommend it to everyone!!


I think my brows look okay. They fit my face and I like the shape but I hate the maintenance that goes into it. My hairs grow very fast so I have pluck about 3x a week.

Im not entirely happy with them. The older you get, the more difficult they get. They start to grow longer, curvier, where ever and point up or mostly down! These days I only use gel on them, no filling or extra colour.

Its very hard to maintain my eyebrows. I have no idea how to manage them myself. I guess the only thing I can do is get them arched professionally but I wish I can do that myself. All I can do is use a brow pencil and keep them looking less wild by brushing them.

I think its a love/hate thing… They have their good days, where they look fierce and awesome… and then there are the uni-brow days, where I just want to shave them off! (im half greek – so I guess its a given) 😛

But generally, Im quite happy with them. Hehe.

Im ok with mine for the most part. I hate when I get someone that waxes them wayyyy too thin. I used to have the thickest brows, but they will never grow back fully due to years of waxing. But like I said, Im satisfied with them.

i hate mine!!! they are way too thin!!! filling and shaping every morning is a hassle. someone told me to use castor oil but my skin is too oily… idk what to do!

I like my eyebrows, theyre naturally high arched and the arch is very defined, but since my left eyebrow has a scar that runs along the whole eyebrow I cant say Im completely satisfied with them. Theres no way hair will grow back because Ive had it for more than 25 years (Im 27) but on the other hand Im pretty much used to it and have learned to work with it in ways no one even notices I have a scar.

Love my brows – hehe the one thing I always get compliments on from estheticians. Im really lucky my brows are full, strong color, dont need much maintenance… so brow-wise I couldnt ask for much more.

I really dont like mine. The hair is so long, I trim it down and fill it in. If I didnt, nothing would hold them into place. They are also REALLY thick and big. Constantly tweezing and threading to keep them looking somewhat okay.

Im happy I have full, thick brows. I dont like to get them done, as I hate full arches on me. They look unnatural with my face shape. I hate plucking stray hairs, but cleaning up does not mean making brows razor sharp. Im into a more natural look. Im glad a full brow is in now, as it means a wide range of looks is acceptable. I really hate when cosmetic counter ladies tell me they know someone who can get them done for me. I take one look at their thin, fake-looking brows and think uh-huh.

My brows are my pride and glory! : )
I love them and treasure them! I do daily maintenance and honestly I dont mind at all. I think its very relaxing. They used to be super thin and terrible but I finally grew them out to a nice thickness and shape. I get compliments on them too! One boyfriend really LOVED them!

Im obsessive about my brows. They are quite pale, so I dye them a darker blonde every couple of months and I get them waxed every five months just to shape them up a bit, but I try not to go too thin since they are a little sparse. And I shape them and fill them in every morning. Im happy with them, but it has taken me awhile to get there.

I have dark thick brows, so I dont have to fill them in. However I really hate my brow shape. I wish I had what most people do, which is the arch that doesnt form till more than half way towards the outer part of the eye. Mine just are always uneven and remind me of my grandmas, very 1940s ew lol

Im pretty bad at maintaining them but I like my eyebrows. They tend to get pretty bushy and I have really thick eyebrows and the hairs get down to my lid. Like little baby hairs. And that makes me not want to pluck them cause I get scared of poking my eyeball.

But I love my eyebrows. I use the brow-express kit from Anastasia and the medium arch stencil to shape them and it really helps me and I love the way they look afterwards. From a bushy mess to some nicely arched brows. Although trimming is hard for me sometimes.

I used to hate my eyebrows cuz they were always so bushy unless I got it groomed professionally but I didnt have the time. A few weeks ago, I fell in love with this girls eye brow and vowed to get my brows to look like that so I bought a shaver, tweezers and small scissors. In the end, I did my brows myself and Ive never been happier. Firstly because its exactly how i want it to be (pros cant see exactly what shape you want) and also cuz I know it wont be bushy anymore cuz I can maintain it myself without having to spend time outside getting it done. =)

I like mine, I have a nice, natural arch that only takes a bit of threading to take care of the strays. I had trouble with color for a long while, Im a natural redhead and my brows are light reddish blond. Brown shades looked too ashy and harsh but most red shades were too red and looked unnatural. I now use MACs discontinued eyebrow shader in auburn and that matches pretty well.

I have full brows and I get so many compliments! I get them shaped at an Anastasia counter at Nordstrom. Then I keep them up for about 2 months myself until my next appointment.

Ive finally reached a point where I am satisfied with them. I think brows are the toughest things to maintain. Its well worth it though because they can either make or break your look.

love mine! im really happy with them, never have to do anything to them and they look just right naturally! i feel really lucky, no waxing or plucking for me! OUCH! lol

I have a love/hate thing with mine.

love-the color. Plus, i dont dye my hair, so they obviously match reasonably well. I really want to have them waxed or threaded. NEver tried threading, but heard its great. Used to get them waxed, just once in a while to have an outsiders input on the shape and symmetry. When I groom them myself for too long, it ends up lopsided, because of bathroom lighting being worse over one eye, it being harder to see, grab, etc. on one eye….

Hate-about half the hair is too pale/sparse, so i HAVE to fill in the back half of the brows, and keep them thin so it looks intentional. Plus, the sparseness makes it hard to groom them symmetrically. I still haven’t figured out what arch shape I want for them(in my teens, i knew NOTHING about makeup, and plucked from the top, not the bottom—and though I’ve been plucking from the bottom for a few years now, i still haven’t found the perfect “natural” arch.) SO they’re a work in progress, but mainly becuase i have such a hard time finding the symmetry.

Sometimes my right brow doesn’t act…not sure why. The hair lay where they want. Most of the time it does what I want it to do. Frustrating otherwise.

Theres a lot of work going into my eyebrows. I pluck all the time and have to trim them for length. I also have to fill them in with a pencil, brow powder or eye shadow. But mine are shaped nicely and frame my eyes well.

Im pretty satisfied with them. Their dark, thick and well shaped naturally. Its just that I HATE taking care of them. I usually let them grow for months until I go get them done, but when I get them done, each (different) place seems to mess up with my right brow, making it too low. =/ Also, its a pain since my eyebrows are rather long so they also need a trim + plucking.

I love my eyebrows yet I hate them at the same time. My eyebrow hair grows like crazy. I would need to pluck them out 2 times a week! Yet I do like how I have them shaped. I just HATE the maintenance!

my brows are awesome. they have a naturally good shape, theyre dark, they bring attention to my dark eyes. theyre long. theyre the sheeeet 🙂

I was graced with caveman eyebrows lol. When I was 15, my sister took me to get my first wax. I became obssessed and began overwaxing and overplucking them, to the point that I hardly had any left… I have since then gradually growing them back. I am in love with them now — not too thin but not overgrown. I still have to fill them in a bit but Im satisfied. 🙂

Im pretty satisfied with my brows. Theyre not perfect but whos are? 🙂 I wish that they were thicker, as my brows are dark and naturally on the sparse side. I feel much better after I have filled them in, I use a brow wax/powder combo. Cant complain about their shape, it suits my face well. The only thing that bothers me is that they are not symmetrical, but I know that your brows are sisters and not twins 🙂 But it still BUGS ME, lol.

Love/hate kind of thing. I loved them last year but my hairdresser accidentally cut one in half when she was cutting my fringe. I then plucked the other one to match them (one normal and one half brow looked RIDICULOUS). Now one is slowly growing back (starting to like it again) but the other always grows back with stubbles so I keep plucking till theyll come back soft and fuzzy again. Its kind of frustrating but Im used to it by now. (I hate comments about them though, Im like: IM GROWING THEM BACK!)
They used to be too thick and too long (unibrow alert) so Im happy I started plucking them, although I think I would have done it differently now (keep them thick, lose the length).

Im not too keen on them. I pluck them myself and I think I might have overdone it a bit and not too happy about their shape either, but cant really not pluck them because I would look awful if I didnt. Also theyre not symmetrical, but then my whole face isnt so, there you go. :S

Im loving my brows right now, I had a phase in high school where i went tweezer happy and they were almost nonexistent.. Ive let them grow out a lot since then and I feel like they frame my face much better. I try to maintain them but I feel like I should get them waxed or threaded more often

My eyebrows are naturally out of control and huge, so the maintenance on them is crazy, but Im okay with them. I like how they are bolder than most and I think they look good on my face.

I hate my eyebrows.

And, people are always telling me to try this or that. So I know that other people think they are bad also.

My problem is that my hair is very fair, and my brow hairs are thick and sparse. So it looks like I have little bald spots from over tweezing, but I dont over tweeze!

I love my brows. It took a LONG while to get them the way I wanted it & it’s been this way for several years. I don’t like the maintenance either!! & I hate when I go to the salon to get my brows threaded & my threader isn’t there, so they ask the waxer to do my brows. UGH!!!

I like my eyebrows. Ive never tweezed them before and they naturally have a nice arch. Also, theyre not too thick or too thin. Just perfect.

I fill in my brows everyday w/ MAC brun shadow… Im getting them tattooed on soon because it is going to cut my maintenance in half! If someone is interested in seeing how it would look on them try out permanent make-up! Theyll stay on for 6 months + always look perfect!

Basically they were the bane of my existence when I was younger – so full and such coarse, dark hair compared to my complexion. I hate the upkeep of them. I literally have to pluck every day or it becomes terribly obvious.

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that they frame my face perfectly and I couldn’t imagine them any other way.

My eyebrows arent very kind to me. Unruly for the inside 2/3rds, and sparse on the outside. I thread them when I can, but have yet to find the perfect shape. The quest for the perfect brow continues…

I hate my natural brows – Extreamly thick LOL. Now that they are shaped, I thread them once every week or two.Im still trying to get them angled a bit but its taking time. I love how dark they are though 🙂

I really dont like my brows 60% of the time. Theyre thicker than thick and I think my facial features are just too small for them! Not to mention, my dads side of the family has this dominant gene of really thick brows with a little patch of hair missing from the left eye brow (when I was little, kids would ask if someone had cut off a piece of my eyebrow..) Ive been getting them waxed once every two weeks since I was 13 and that helps a bunch, Id be miserable without wax, for sure. When theyre waxed, I love them. Hoorah for wax! (:

I hate my eyebrows… or at least one of it! I went to a professional to get my eyebrows done a few years ago and she made them uneven… It hasnt been the same once, not even if I let my eyebrows grow out for months (which is so annoying)! I went to get them threaded about two weeks ago and theyre in better shape now, but Im not fully happy with them yet.

I can honestly say that i love my brows! =) very proud of them lol
of course one always seems to look a little different(just a little =P) from the other, but i add eyeshadow yes eyeshadow instead of a brow pencil to make them look the same shape and they look fabulousss =D

eh its a mix… i have to tweeze like daily to avoid the uni from growing back, but about 2 years ago i overplucked and they wont get thick anymore.. so if i stop plucking, it would be like a pencil-thin unibrow, yuck

Honestly I hate my brows. I can never get the arch right. I have been to sooooooo many places for waxes and it doesn’t look right then. Plus the maintenance is annoying. I am currently letting them grow out so I can find my shape again lol

my other eyebrow is always better than the other one no matter what i do. I have been blessed with a good thick shape so i only need to take the stray hairs out. But, i use mac brow set in beguile to tame unruly hairs. 🙂

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