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i agree with tokyostargirl……I mean, of course I don’t think that things like fake lashes and red lips are appropriate for, say, a funeral but that should go without saying. as far as “work appropriate” makeup, i think if your job doesn’t have any kind of rules, that you should wear what you like. today i’m all into purple with dark liner, and while it may be more than most women in my office wear, I like it and it looks good so there 🙂

I agree mostly with what everyone else says! I think the ‘rules of thumb’ regarding makeup are mostly all about respect, like someone mentioned you don’t really want to vamp it up at a funeral, out of respect. For the same reason, I wouldnt really rock a bright orange and pink look to work, even though we have a casual office. But i feel like these ‘rules’ much like the rules regarding clothing, are somewhat outdated. Just like (IMO) it’s now pretty acceptable to wear white year round (if done right), the ‘occasion-appropriate’ guidelines for makeup are relaxing a little too. I think the point is to look your best so that you feel your best, and not call too much attention to yourself if it is not that kind of event. But color is always allowed!

I agree, if it’s done well, you can wear any color/look anywhere. I agree also with the funeral thing, more modest, just like you wouldn’t wear flip flops or a low cut shirt.

I agree with everyone as well, you always have to look at situation appropriateness as well, such as I work at a vet clinic so lipstick and lipgloss are a no go since I would have so much dog and cat hair stuck in it in about 5 minutes! But I often rock bright, intense eye looks!

As a nurse it’s not really appropriate, in my limited experience, or practical to wear more than a neutral eye/mascara and some lip balm. Maybe a tinted moisturizer or light foundation. Anything that’s not waterproof isn’t going to make it through a 12 hour shift. I think patients expect us to look practical, not like we spent a lot of time on our toilette. I want people to have a good impression of me, not think that I did a great look that day.

Other than that, anything goes! If I worked in an office I’d play it by ear but I’d be trying lots of different looks and having fun with my makeup. As it is I go nuts for my evening looks. *grin*

I’m very conservative with makeup, in the work setting, and I find that many people don’t seem to have a clear concept on what is appropriate in the workplace, and that goes for their attire, as well. I cannot forget one day when I was in line at the cafeteria, and I kept seeing something fluttering out of the corner of my eye. I was kinda grossed out, because I thought it was a fly and nobody wants flies around their food. when I finally turned my head a was stunned to find out that it was another employee in a different department, and her lashes so far from her face, she might have been able to graze my face had she turned to face me. Not only was it work inappropriate, she looked stupid as hell. That only would have looked appropriate if she was clubbing or worked as a makeup artist, or had some other sort of alternative career.

When you were doing your “work safe” looks, Christine, I thought they were great, and perfect examples of looks we should go for. I’m not opposed to a flash of unexpected color (I’m definitely guilty of sneaking in colored mascara or liner) but people need to be clear on the line of what is too much, especially during the day.

I think extremely dramatic makeup just makes you look overdressed sometimes, but otherwise if you’ve got the time and energy, all power to ya!

I think these kind of rules are usually good guidelines to make life easier. Even if we don’t agree, putting on a certain piece of clothing or a certain shade of lipstick sends a message, and, like in the case of the fake lashes for the funeral, it can send the wrong one (in the example, “you’re dead, let’s disco!”). Of course, rules can ALWAYS be broken (thank God!), but it’s better to break them carefully and knowingly because you want to dare and/or make a statement – even if just a fashion one, heh – then to do it out of ignorance about the message you are sending. So yeah, hurray to rules and to bending them! 😉

In a community like this where we all share a love of makeup, we can appreciate things that the average person may not. Where we see a work of cosmetic genius, they may see ‘disrepsectful’ or ‘unprofessional’ or ‘questionable morals’ (and I really hate that last one, but it’s still an unfortunate, but very real stereotype against women).

It’s just as important to be mindful of others in some situations, as it is to show off your love of makeup. In terms of funerals, the focus is on recalling the memory of one who has passed – not how fabulous your eyeshadow is. Or even at a wedding, is it really necessary for your gloss to shift the attention away from the bridal party? And with the exception of a few, over the top makeup will likely detract from your professionalism (which isnt’ fair in my opinion, but that seems to be how things work).

A balance in all things..

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