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Love them! I usually use a coloured base, paintpots or something similar. The only exception is when I’m doing a light neutral look, or I’m in a hurry and just need a quick wash of powder.

I love them but I sometimes eel I don’t know how to use them effectively. But I have a growing collection of paint pots regardless.

A colored base makes such a huge difference in a colored or smokey eye. You can still get a good effect from a neutral base but the colored base takes it to a whole other level.
Ex. the Tempting Quad from Cult of Cherry–sharp + chartru or base light paint is so much more vivid than when it’s work over a neutral.
I also like colored paints & paint pots worn alone on my days off esp. Rubenesque & Greenstroke.

how do you wear a paint or paint pot alone? Just put it all over your lid and blend into the crease? Where does the color stop? Or do you go all the way to the brow bone?

I love them!! They can make the best out of poorly pigmented shadows, they make the colors pop, the effect of Green-Brown or Old Gold pigment over a black base is amazing and they multiply your amount of shadows! I would like to see more colors for the paintpots (there is no blue at all, right? or a plane white)

There is Delft which is permanant and Rollickin, ElectroSky and Otherworldly which were LE. No white ones though.

Hi Maren.
I have a awesome blue Shadestick called Sea Me and a really cool Paint Pot from Alexande McQueen called Electro Sky.
If you look on eBay, you might find them there.
Or check out MakeUpAlley.com/swap
For white I use Frostlite Fluid Line, but I would recommend you wait and hope for a MAC Paint Pot launch soon instead.

Best of Luck

I’m new to the whole colour bases thing, and I feel that so far I find that it’s so effective to use them whenever you feel that your eye shadows needs a boost.

I have never used them, but I’m intrigued now, so might pick one or two up next time I’m near a Mac counter.

I’m new to them and I have 4 Paint Pots, but I’m not really sure how to use them… I hear you can layer them with really different colors (ie. brown doesn’t have to be layered with brown) but I don’t really know how… I love them so far with their own color families though.

Hi Aimee

What are the 4 paint pots you have?
I tested all mine on my hand with different colors on top and made of list of what colors looked good with what paint pot base.

I always use some kind of shadow stick to help bring out the colors of my eyeshadows, and help it stick better. The only problem is that they crease after a while.

I love the way they not only keep my eyeshadow on all day, they also can alter the look of the shadow depending what base/shadow combination is used.

Everytime I use a base especially NYX Jumbo pencils, my shadows stay on longer and the colors have more depth.

Colored bases are fantastic, and I would love to buy a paletts oder containers with a small amount, because I will never use a colored full size paint pot completly and I hate to waist money, because the formular has gone bad and I have to throw it away.

I absolutely adore colored bases. Sometimes I wish MAC would make their paint pots smaller and slightly cheaper because I’m always worried that they will dry up on me before I have a chance to finish them.


Do you have recommendations on how to store cream bases so they won’t dry up? Or maybe you can do a poll question on this.


When I wear them by themselves I just blend all over the lid to the crease. As far as drying out, I’m horrible about leaving them open and with my Bare Study I just stirred it up with a spatula and am still using it without any problems.

I love colored bases, I have a ton of pigments and a single Paint Pot (Rollickin) which is getting quite lonely. I have a long list of more Paint Pots, Pigments and Shadesticks that I wanna buy.

I am actually confused when it comes to bases.I mean how do u know wht colour base to use and for wich type of look.Wether its cream or paint pots?????????
If someone can answere that it would be great!!!

I love my paint pots and I don’t know how I ever managed before them!!!
I also love NYX Jumbo e/s pencils as bases but they need UDPP underneath or else they crease like hell!!

I love using Paint Pots as a base! Paint pots were one of the products that really got me into using Mac. They’ve made such a difference to my eyeshadow – my eyeshadow goes on so smoothly, stays on all day without fading/creasing and the colour looks so vibrant! I really like using a coloured base to sometimes intensify eyeshadow colours or also to bring out other tones in my eyeshadows (e.g. using gold Cash Flow paint pot under a shimmery green eyeshadow gives it another dimension and gives it a gorgeous gold tone).

I haven’t used pigments as a base before. If you apply them wet and then apply eyeshadow over them, does anyone know if the colours stay on without fading/creasing as well as with paint pot style bases?

The ting I love the most about MAC is their paint pots. No other brand has anything the like.
Painterly is constantly sold out in Denmark, I hear that from all of my girlfriends that I introduce them to LOL.
I wish MAC would make som more colors, like lavender, pinks, a white, a darker version of Painterly, pastels, yellow ect.
Do you ever wonder how you where able to be happily satisfied with your make-up BEFORE paint pots…??? I do.

I love using eyeshadow bases with color. My shadow still creases with paint pots so I have resorted to using fluidline as a base which works very well on my oily lids, I just wish they would make them in a better variety of colors.

I tend to use just a neutral based color (Bare Canvas paint), but I will use a color base for those special looks. They do add intensity to e/s colors.

They’re ok. I have the neutral colored bases or very light ones. I just couldn’t stand having all these bases in all these colors knowing I won’t use them. If it’s a color family I wear alot then I would purchase a color base to make those colors stand out but otherwise I stick to colorless/neutral bases.

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