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The frist drawer in my dresser keeps everything hidden. I have trays for all my lipsticks, lipglasses, blushes, pigments, paint pots, fluidlines, and pencils. Its so much easier to find something now.

I bought a dressing table 2/3 months ago because my little box just wasn’t holding my make up anymore! I love it, it has 3 draws so I have plenty of space to fit more make up 😉

I am quite pathetic, because I don’t want to spend $$$ on a traincase.
Firstly, I need my storage to be portable, because I don’t have a proper dressing table in my room. So I do my make up anywhere in my room, on the floor, on my bed etc.

I have my make up stuff in 2 large plastic toolboxes which I got at the DIY stores, they are cheap and strong and holds my stuff.
I keep my eyeshadow palettes and other eye and foundation stuff in the first box, which is like a traincase (except it is a toolbox), and all my cheeks and face powders, lipsticks etc go into another box. All my brushes are stored in another box.

And my make up back up stuff, boxes, etc are kept in another place in my cupboard.

As for my skincare and hair stuff, I recently cleared one whole drawer so that I can fit them all inside, so I don’t have to leave them lying around on shelves which can be unsightly.

When I have my own flat, and can do up my own room, I will definitely invest in a large dressing up area. I have too much clothes and too much make up!!

I use a Mac traincase and then for daily foundation and powder and hair products, I have a cabinet in the bathroom to store that stuff in.

What is organization??!! LOL Seriously, my brushes are all kept separate but most everything else is just all muddled up together! (I know, shame on me!!)

I don’t own that much makeup so I keep my main makeup that I have to use everyday in a medium sized purple DIY plastic box kind of thing, and keep the rest eg – duplicates of blush, emergency foundation, extra brushes, mascara wands in another medium sized purple plastic box.

I use a clothing dresser for mine lol….4 drawers….one for lips, face, eyes and the last for storage. Within each I have trays that keep everything organized. On top of the dresser I keep my Bath and Body Works Body Splashes and my eye shadow quads…all 40 of them….:)

Yeah I need to do that! Right now I have one of those Office Supply rolling drawer things, and I’ve outgrown it! On to ACTUAL dressers!!!

I keep my makeup on the top shelf and side shelves of my desk, which is where I can get the most consistent lighting. I’ve got five of those rubbermaid mini drawer sets, which works quite well now that I’ve transferred my eyeshadows to palette form. Brushes are kept upright in various brush holders.

I keep my makeup in a storage thing with drawers next to wear i do my makeup and hair every morning. Inside the drawers i have trays where everything is organized!

A few years ago, I bought the biggest size train case Sephora had but even then it didn’t hold everything. I had to resort to those plastic 3- and 5-drawer storage things from Target. I have my lipgloss in a 5-drawer unit, my perfume, lotion, bath & body stuff in an enormous 3-drawer unit, most of my eye shadows & pigments in the traincase and my eyeliners in 3 pencil holder cups on my counter. I really wish I could organize better & keep most of it together but I guess I’d need a bigger house for that!

I am lucky cause I get a whole bedroom in my house for my makeup! Actually, I call it my “dressing room”. I have a large 3 drawer plastic organizer for my bigger stuff, then a smaller 3 drawer organizer for my pigment samples…and another one to hold my MAC 15 shadow palettes… and then I have 3 brush organizers on top…craziness…

i have a table top drawer with three sections.

the top one has miscellaneous stuff and tools like tweezers, eyelash curler, spare jars, product packaging that i keep.
the second one has all my eye make up.
the third one has bigger products like blushes, powders etc.

and i have a separate jar to hold my brushes and lip gloses etc.

all my skin care stuff is then put in a cabinet since they’re so big. 😀

I used to keep my MAC in a train case and my other brands in a medium sized set of 3 plastic drawers. My MAC stash is now kept in a small drawer set on top of the medium sized one. The stuff I use regularly is kept in the drawers and then the miscellaneous stuff is kept in a tupper ware tub on top of the small drawers. I also have a pull out TV tray and a bar stool that I’ve set up as my make up station. I keep my make up mirror on the tray as well as the plastic cylinder with my brushes.

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