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Same! I go through lippies pretty quick so I don’t worry too much about using sterile wand or anything.

lipstick – lip brush. It really does make ur l/s last longer. I just got Rebel and it looks too good on me.

for glosses i use the applicator, lipsticks straight from the tube if it’s a neutral colour and with a lipbrush in the case of bold colours. for lipcolours in a pot i also use lipbrushes since that’s more hygienic.

lipgloss: wth the applicator it comes wth.
lipstick: straight frm tube.
Lip pots: (stains/color): wth lip brush.
Lip balms in pot: fingers.
Tinted lipbalms: brush

As i n only i use my stuff…no one to share…i don’t mind using the way i use. i don’t feel ‘gross’..:)

Lipstick: If it’s too pigmented or the colour is too bright, I use a lipbrush. Otherwise I apply it straight from the tube.

Lipgloss: I use the wand applicator, or if the product comes in a squeeze tube I apply it straight from the tube or use a lipbrush

Pots: I use a lipbrush since I don’t want to contaminate the product with my fingers

Lipstick straight from the tube.
Lipgloss with its own applicator.
Lippalettes/pots with lipbrush.

I apply from the tube, use lip brush (when I remember to do it) for pot glosses, or fingers. Disposable applicators are a great idea!

a disposable wand? *faints* Do me a favor. Instead where of throwing away your wands, find a baggie and save them for one month. Then look at all that trash you have, multiply that by 12 and ask yourself if it is really worth it. I am not an anti-plastic nazi by any stretch, but I do believe in eliminating waste whenever and wherever I can. Don’t let me down Temptalia! 🙂 Join the movement.

I completely agree with you.

Christine, I love your site, and I never comment, but just had to when I read that you actually use a disposable wand EVERY DAY to apply your lippies?? Goodness. Makeup artists on their clients? Of course. Friend wants to try your gloss? Okay. But using a disposable wand on yourself – why??

I don’t wear lipglosses everyday to be honest. I wear lipgloss once or twice a week these days, but I use disposable lip wands to minimize any bacteria getting into my glosses so that they can last longer. Of course, I only use them on lipglosses that I don’t use regularly. If I know it’s a gloss I’ll wear often, I don’t bother.

I’m a beauty junkie, so I definitely own more lipglosses than any woman needs to, but I’d rather prolong their life by not getting bacteria in them. All of the bacteria build up is a major reason why you really should throw away old glosses and lipsticks. With lipsticks, you can sanitize by dipping in alcohol, but you can’t do that with lipglosses. I’d rather not waste all of the products I’ve bought and just throw them away in two years because I used them once or twice but the wand touched my lips.

I actually prefer to keep my lipglosses bacteria free so that they can last longer — which is why I use disposable lip wands. I do use both sides, to reduce the amount I use, even though only one side has a sponge/wand. I’d rather my lipglosses last longer in the long run, to be honest, since I pay good money for them!

Straight from the tube of lipstick
With the applicator wand for lipgloss, I will wipe the wand off with tissue if applying over lipstick.
Lipbrush if its a pot but try not to buy those because I don’t want to have to clean the brush, too lazy!!

Straight from the tube (unless its a very dark or bright colour) & with the applicator it comes with (unless its gloss over lipstick, then I use a brush). On clients I use a brush always.

I use all lip products as they are. I use the wand, doe foot/brush applicator that a gloss comes with & apply lipstick directly from the tube. Only thing I have to use my finger for is a pot & i hate when i’m some place like the car & then have nowhere to clean off my finger after applying. Errr….

Wand applicator if it’s in the gloss
Straight from the nozzle if it’s a slanted tube
Lip brush if it’s from a rounded-tip tube

I normally don’t wear lipstick; but, when and if I do, I use it straight from the tube.

I am super lazy so –
Gloss – the applicator
Lip stick – straight to my lips
Pots – my finger

I am on the hunt for a really nice lip brush, with a metal handle that has a cover on it, so I can carry it in my purse. I would like to apply my pot style lippies with a brush BUT I know exactly what I want in a brush and have been unable to find it…until I do, my finger works just fine.

By the way I gotta give props to Pavlina, for calling you on your waste…on Earth Day of all days 🙂 I can see using a disposable brush if your putting a very light gloss on top of a dark lipstick…but that shouldn’t be a daily thing…soooooooooo you might wanna think about it 🙂

the retractable lipbrush from MAC is great – it does not use a spring mechanism (push up and down) and the bristles are great for lipsticks, gloss, whatever you want. also its a little broad and tapers on the tip so you can get a precise line if you want on your cupid’s bow. A little pricey but i thinks its worth it. I love mine; its my 1st brush from MAC!

I don’t consider it waste — I consider it saving my lipglosses for longer usage. Otherwise I would be throwing away dozen of lipglosses before they were even half used, which seems even more wasteful to me. *shrug* Using disposable lip wands let me get the product out without adding bacteria back into the lipgloss wand.

I apply my lip products most of the time with a lip brush. If I’m short on time, I will just use the lipstick tube. I use the l/g applicator, and blend it all out with my 231 (I know it’s supposed to be an e/s brush, but it’s great for the lips).

If it’s in a pot, i’ll use my finger. A lip balm in stick form will be applied straight from the tube, and I like to rub glossy, creamy/mushy or bold lipsticks on the back of my hand and use my finger to dab the color onto my lips. If it’s a firmer lipstick like a matte, I’ll apply it straight from the tube as I do with glosses.

Where do you buy disposable lip wands? I’d be interested in buying some and cleaning them after each use so they could be reusable.

Hey Yaya,

I use wooden sticks — kind of like super big toothpicks. I find that these are easier to use. I’ll usually use both ends, and then I’ll toss it. (Because it’s wood, moisture can sit inside and bacteria might grow, so it just sounds way too gross to me to risk reusing it.)

Actually I think wood and untreated wood products actually have pretty good anti-bacterial properties – much more so than plastic, which is completely inert and can actually promote bacteria growth by retaining a thin film of moisture unless thoroughly washed and dried afterward. Wood on the other hand has a natural moisture balance and actually kills bacteria on its surface by dehydrating them pretty quickly to retain this balance.
I think that’s how it works anyway!

I mostly buy angle tipped tubes (like Dior Kiss or Juicy Tubes) so I squeeze out onto my hand before applying and then use a clean tissue to wipe the tip but I’d do the same and use a disposable thingy for wand lip glosses myself.

I have to agree with the above posters who were surprized to see that you use a disposable wand for your own lip product. I love you site, but I am disappointed to see that this is something you do on a daily basis.

I applaud your posts on “green” beauty companies, though, and hope you continue to support them in future posts.

Please break the disposable wand habit.

If it’s a dark lipstick, I use my fingers. Otherwise I apply it straight from the tube. From the pot: fingers. Gloss: the applicator.

I always try to apply a primer or lip balm before lipstick, and then top it all off with a dab of gloss!

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