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I use to get my eyebrows waxed professionally, but no I have resorted to threading. I do use professional waxing for my underarm area, and I tried bikini waxing once and have vowed never to do that again. It was the most painful experience ever for me.

I waxed my armpits and legs once. And I will never ever do it again. It was almost 11 years ago and I did it for my wedding. I had also scheduled the bikini waxing but after the pain I felt on my arm pits and legs I said forget it your not getting to my bikini line. I reasoned that my future husband loved my hairy self so there was no need for that kind of torture :p I’d love to have my eyebrows professionally waxed but don’t know of a good place 🙁

I’ve been waxing since I was 15. I wax my legs every month myself. For bikini area, my mom is the expert and she does it for me and my sisters. For my eyebrows and any facial hair, i get them threaded. It works much better than waxing and the hair grows back much slower.

I recently got my eyebrows waxed.

To be honest, it was an enjoyable experience. The lady I went to was very proffessional and warned me about all the side effects (watering eyes, reddness, sneezing?!) but it didn’t hurt a bit! I’m so glad I got them done because i’ve always been self-conscious of my massive dark eyebrows, but now they are purrrfect!!!

next on the list is upper lip, underarms, and legs. but there is NO WAY i am going to get a bikini/brazillian wax OUCHHHH!!! lol!

i don’t know any other way!
i’ve been waxing since i was 11 (wow it’s been 16 years!) and it includes legs, underarm, upper lip and now bikini. (i have a friend who wax her arms!) yes it’s painful but i learnt from the beginning that if you shave it, they multiply (and also get thicker)! (thanx mom!)
and half an hour once a month it’s not that big a deal… but i understand that it’s also a cultural thing: in my country we wax, we don’t shave.

Ive been waxing since I was twelve. I started legs and armpits. I stop the arpmits and I just shave cause I cant bare waiting for it to be the right length, especially in the summer…Now I even do my bikini. First time is painful, now i can almost sleep through it.

I used to wax my legs. I did it maybe for a year, then another summer came and I found it easier to shave. the lady was a real proffesional though and it was a real pleasure – it was all over in 10minutes.
I also did my bikini line once and that probably will also be the last…god, the pain!

I swear by hair-removing creams and shaving 🙂

i tried it at home with my Mom when i was around 13 😀
it was an ugly experience 🙂
everything was full of wax stripes,my legs got sticky,it was hard to remove. plus it was very painful,and it was hard to work with,hairs stayed here and there 🙂
so never again,i am a shave-girl since then :-DDDDD

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 🙂
its just a myth :-))))))))))))))))))))))
to get us girl suffer from wax 🙂
my hair growth never got any stronger 🙂

I have never waxed anything on my body. A long time ago when I was about 13, my Mom bought some do it yourself wax stuff and she wanted to use it on me. I was a bit apprehensive so she said she’d try it first to show me it was no big deal. She used it on her legs and she was almost screaming with the pain! She also tried it on her upper lip even though the instructions specifically stated not to use it there…thus resulting in a small but noticeable and painful upper lip wax burn! Between her pain and our hysterical laughter, we promised to never attempt it by ourselves ever again.

I’d like to try it now that I’m an adult, but I think I’ll stick to professional waxing.

I used to wax everything (yes, brazillian and all) for about 6 years. Now I’m in the process of getting all of that hair permanently laser removed. Really, waxing isn’t that bad – if you go to a professional waxing person. My lady in Beverly Hills is awesome and that’s the only thing she does all day: wax! Don’t go somewhere that does a lot of different things – it’s not worth it. The laser hurts WAY MORE than the waxing ever did, but I can already see some drastic results, and I know in the end I’ll be much happier with it.

My skin is so sensitive that I break out terribly if I was… even my eyebrows! Plus, the last time I got them waxed, they came out INCREDIBLY crooked. I am eyebrow obsessed, so that was so not acceptable. It was even worse because my hair was black at the time, so I was penciling them in black… having a crooked “stencil” really didn’t help : D

I intend to get laser removal when I can afford it; I have a hormome imbalance (my doctor suspects PCOS) that causes my hair to grow in SUPER FAST and often really dark. So not only do my eyebrows need to be tweezed constantly, but my upper lip gets dark hairs, as well as the occasional neck/chest. Okay, stop puking!

And just a fun tip for anyone who tweezes AND drinks coffee–the Dunkin Donuts drive thru line in the morning is PERFECT! I know I could walk in and get my coffee faster, but sitting in line gives me an excuse to flip down the rear view mirror and tweeze! PERFECT lighting and a magnified mirror!

Hi Laney,

That sounds terrible! That’s what I’m scared of – I worked so hard to get my brows grown out, I couldn’t bear it if they went all wonky.

I used to get waxed ALL the time. I had my eyebrows and upper lip done every three weeks. But I ran out of time to go so I try to keep up with it on my own. But when it’s bikini waxin’ time, I definitely go to the professionals. I’ve never found it too bad an experience. I was worried the first time I went for the bikini because I didn’t want to be embarassed. But it wasn’t even remotely a big deal.

I used to get my brows/face ( yes, my whole face! I’m hairy, sue me!) done professionally, but I grew uncomfy w/it after a while, and I bought all the supplies/equipment to do it myself, and ended up being the neighborhood waxing lady, LOL.

Eventually, I moved on to having my brows threaded, and I still wax my lip w/ Sally Hansen wax strips, but I de-fuzz the rest of my face w/an epilator.

What epilator do you use for your face?

Couldn’t do a Brazilian with the Bliss epilator – at least, I couldn’t stomach the pain for the more sensitive bits, lol.

Oh I forgot to add that I’m still working up the nerve to get a Brazilian, but I may not have to, if I can get my hands on that depilator kit you reviewed a while ago, and like it.

I get waxed my whole body proffessionaly.Yes it is little painful but do i have any other gud option??Shaving does’nt suits me i get a heavy growtho of hair after it and i get hair after just 10 days,so not at all gud option,and here we say many ladies have black bikini line cause of hair removal creams.So i dont want to try that either. 🙁


I started getting my brows and upper lip waxed in high school, then got laser on the upper lip when I worked in a dermatologist’s office. It was so worth it, and it not so much painful as it feels like someone’s snapping you with a rubber band. I was more surprised than hurting. Now I pluck to keep the brows in line and wax them at home occasionally. I’ve had horrible messy experiences doing it myself, though, and once I almost lost a chunk of eyelashes. If you’re not a poor student I’d stick with having a pro do it.

I shave and use Nair, since I can’t bring myself to wax my legs or underarms. However, I love Brazilians. Yes, it hurts. But it’s soooo nice. If you get bumps or redness after waxing I recommend using an over the counter hydrocortisone cream. It works better than most “after wax” lotions.

Hi Asta,

Thanks for the hydrocoristone cream tip! (That’s a beauty staple here at Temptalia HQ, actually!) I tried an at-home Brazilian, no, no, never. I will happily pay $50-75 to get it done professionally, LOL.

I hate home waxing!It’s a mess and takes a lot longer. I’ll pass on home waxing, BUT I love threading.

I get my eyebrows waxed professionally every few months. Between appointments, the tweezer keeps things nice and pretty.

I’m a DIY queen so I wax my upper lip and brows myself using a Sally Hansen set. It works well and it’s easy. I also like the Veet waxing strips for a quick fix.

i get my eyebrows waxed or threaded when needed….waxed my upper lip and chin before too….they better not come near my bikini though, because it hurts everywhere else, i can only imagine the torture down there! yikes!

i tried to do an at home lip wax….worst thing ever! it didn’t rip off the hair, just hurt like hell…so i was stinging and still had the hair there…no home waxing for me!

I do my own eyebrows, but I used to get bikini waxes. Now that I’ve had a baby, there’s no WAY you’ll see me in a teeny bikini, so I don’t see the point in getting them done anymore. But that’s one type of waxing I thought best to leave for a professional!

I’ve been waxing my legs, bikini line and underarms for well over 15 years now! I’m brunnete so shaving doesn’t work as I get a “shadow” (the hairs under the skin) like men do after shaving. And I really hate that! Hair removal creams didn’t work, so there was only one way: waxing.
In the first couple of years, I only did waxing in the summer, and although it was annoying to wait for the hairs to grow enough for another session, I really couldn’t stand the shaving. For the last couple of years I started waxing every month and very quickly (6 months) the hairs started disapearing and losing strength, so that I barely had any hairs from month to month. More recently I started doing definitive hair removal on my lip and underarms, and it’s working like a charm!
As for the bikini line, a very regular waxing is the key for it not to hurt, but I still don’t think I can brave a Brazilian…

What? The definitive? Not at all. I go for a pulsed light system, where you only feel the heat for a millisecond. I always jump more at the flash of light it gives and sound it makes, than at any pain! 🙂

I get my brows, underarms, bikini, legs and nose waxed.
Nose is actually the least painful. I have the kind of nose where you really can see the hair if it’s there.

I didn’t really experience too much pain with the bikini wax. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it felt like my skin was being ripped off for a second. But it goes away.

I’ve been waxing my brows and upper lip at a professional place for about a year or so. Unfortunately my brows come out all wonky and uneven afterwards (blah!) so I think I might have to go to an actual spa to get them done.

But a couple of weeks ago my mom talked me into a full facial wax just because it was cheaper that way and oh my GOD that was the worst pain I have ever experienced! She waxed around my hairline (omg it felt like she was ripping hair off my head) and every little spot on my face and neck!! I have no visible hair there, but I guess she was just doing her job. By time I walked out my face was red and splotchy and all the ladies who were getting mani/pedis were staring at me lol. Plus, a little after we left my mom noticed she “missed a spot” and dragged me back to have it taken care of free of charge. Gah!! NEVER AGAIN, not to mention the cooling cream they put on me caused me to break out big time.

I wax my own lip & bikini line (sometimes). I use a sugaring system, not wax because if you screw up wax (and it’s hard not too) you only have 1 option which is to yank it out. Sugaring is as effective and it just washes off.

I actually have been waxing my mustache for about 11 years now. I get my eyebrows waxed professionally, but I am thinking of getting a bikini wax in a couple of weeks. My friend is getting married on August 8 and she talked me into it. I think I will do it next weekend when we go for her bachelorette party! I am kind of scared but she raved about it soo much, I decided to go for it!

I used to shave if it was an emergency:P Now I really stick to the waxing. My hair takes really 3 times as long to grow back. I need to wax like 1 a month in the summer. Best time to do it is after you have your period. Honestly! The hair really takes longer to grow if you wax right after you finish your period. I prefer getting it done by a professional. The times I used to do it my self, made me get a lot of ingrown hairs on my bikini area. They keep reappearing, but since ive been getting it done by a professional and I exfoliate daily and use a scrub with salicylic acid, they got a lot better!

I used to get my eyebrows threaded, which didn’t hurt at all but I started doing my own eyebrows (tweezers). Every 3-4 months I get my bikini area waxed which hurts like a SOB. I take painkillers/ Ibuprofin like an hr before and that cuts back on the pain. Plus if you do it regularly and not let the hair grow so long it won’t hurt so much. And it helps to have someone gentle. It’s painful and a little awkward if you’ve never done it, but worth it in my opinion.

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