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Yes. I tend to try and wear mineral makeup. Also I tend to wear more bright colors on my eyes during the Summer and lip balm. I wear my darker lipsticks only during winter.

Yeah, I tend to wear less face make-up (perhaps just concealer and blusher, rather than also wearing powder) and I also wear lip gloss more often.

Of course…in the summer my colors are usually on the lighter side unless i’m going out that nite but even then not as much foundation. I usually go with a tinted moisturizer.

My skin tends to get extremely dry in the winter, so I actually am ABLE to wear face makeup during the summer, since it just flakes/peels off in the winter! But I do tend to wear lighter eye shadows as well.

Instead of a full face routine, I just do tinted moisturizer and some concealer. Summer is also a time to break out my brights again, and I practically live in tinted lipbalm alone.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a great setting powder for the summer?
I change my routine by not wearing foundation, and only wearing tinted moisturizer with a high SPF in it. I tend to get shiny half-way though the day so I always look for a really good powder to wear especially when I’m in the office. I have some spots/discolorations so I need something to help even me out. Other than that I use blotting papers.
Any suggestions?

Why dont you try MAC MSF Natural it gives really good coverage if you apply it with a slightly damp kabuki, to dampen it use water, MACS Fix Plus or you could even us a mineral water spray like the EVIAN one.
I also use this dry to set my foundation in the winter , but use it damp by it self in the summer.

Maxiene – I agree with Emily with regards to MAC’s MSF Natural. I, too, struggle with shine especially during the summer because i have oily skin. I started using MSF Natural recently to set my foundation with a kabuki brush & i am very happy with it. Because it comes in different shades it can even your skintone w/ medium coverage.
A drugstore alternative I have used in the past that has worked as well for shine has been Rimmel’s Stay Matte pressed powder. I use a fluffy powder brush to dust it on & set my makeup. It works nicely too. It comes in 3 different shades but the coverage is more sheer.

I use Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder too and it’s good. I don’t really like a lot of Rimmel’s cosmetics, but the powder is a good one. I’ve almost run out, so you’ve just reminded me to buy a new one. 🙂

Yes. I usually use products with less moisturizing properties. I also use mac face and body instead of the liquid msf foundation. I also use blot powder and in July and August I skip mascara and liquid eyeliner during the day.

I definitely try to change it up & use products that will help control my shine. Having oily skin means the problem worsens in the summer heat. I try to go with the “less is more” philosophy, but breakouts sometimes force me to put on a full face in order to cover it up. Tinted moisturizers, setting powders, bronzers & golden/peachy lipglosses seem to be some of my summer staples typically.

I’m not wearing foundation all summer. Instead I wear Neutrogena visibly even which is like a slight tanner that takes care of some of my dark spots.. I do still need concealer(nw 45 and nc40) and powder and I just carry my blot powder loose in one of those portable powder brushes to touch up. I will do bronzers and blush still.
I guess just no foundation for me during the summer to reduce the cake effect

I tend to go for lipsticks, rather than gloss. Gloss melts in summer heat, and lipsticks melt onto lips better in the summer. I wear more eye liner and tend to forget blush. Otherwise, my face is bare except for occasional sunscreen. I like UV blocking hats.

Still use concealer under my eyes and for “marks”. I switched to a tinted moisturizer with SPF (Clinque Almost Makeup)instead of foundation and then very light amount of powder. Very little blush. Looking to try out a nice cheek stain.

i’m mixing my own tinted moisturizer, followed by concealer, followed by MSF natural. a touch of bronzer and a nice light blush followed by a spritz of Evian mineral water spray and i’m good. i tend to use less eye makeup in the summer. wow. i still sound high maintenance. haha!

the tip on the damp kabuki brush is good one. i’ll have to try that out.

I shave a lot more in the summer months than in the winter (not my face obviously though). 😉

I have combination/oily skin and in the spring/summer I always change my moisturizer from a cream to a fluid (with SPF). I also leave the (matte) lipsticks for what they are and go with shimmery pink and peach lipgloss.

I also replace my heavier bodylotions and butters with a lighter lotion.

I tend to not use foundation (i prefer a light tinted moisturizer), and I wear sunscreen (SPF 30). I also don’t wear so much makeup on the eyes, I like it light in the summer, or a least lighter colours. I also tend to go towards mineral makeup. And of course I only wear waterproof mascara (which I don’t the rest of the year LOL)

and on the lips, only lipglosses in summer :p

I wear minimal powder foundation, with fix + and lip balm, if I’m wearing mascara in the summer it would always be clear

Not much. I use a little less moisturizer and a little more sunscreen, but that’s about it. (I wear lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer all year.) Doing my makeup is a lot less pleasant in the summer, though. My bathroom isn’t air conditioned, and it gets HOT in there. So I try to do my makeup as quickly as possible.

I wear bronzer more often as I suspect many of us do. I reach for my blotting wipes more often (Memphis in July=heat stroke) and I’m more fickle about foundation like others have stated. I also seem to use more cream products (eyeshadow/blush) BC I feel like my powder products settle/crease more in the summer.

I noticed since the weather in Hawaii has gone haywire for Summer, I stopped using liq foundation and have gone straight to moisturizer and face powder. It’s lighter and does well in this darn heat. I use MSF and lip balms instead of gloss.

This summer, I’m going for bronzy neutral looks and will start using mineral makeup. I’m also going to start wearing concealer for my undereyes.

Yes it does. In summertime I apply only moisturizing and clear loose powder (T. LeClerc in banane, nacré and lilium, with sometimes a hint of Orchidée). Allows me to stay matte all day, and to have a rather pale/porcelain complexion.

forgot to add: I also carry around a tub of Johnson&Johnson baby talc powder: kills of the sweat on the forearms and make me feel fresh and clean at work 🙂

I don’t wear heavy face makeup anyway (ie. no foundation, just some Clarin’s eclat minute and a little dusting of sheer pressed powder), so that remains the same year round.
I do, however, change the colours I wear, I opt for bronzer over normal pinky blush, a bit more playful with eyeshadow shades (little pops of yellows, oranges, turquioises)and so forth.

I tend to wear a less dramatic make up during summer. Pure black smokey get more on the gold/khaki side. I’m dropping blush and use highlights on my cheekbones instead. Lipstick get replaced by lipgloss. Less make up in general. Just some matifying powder over sunscreen to even my face while I’m generally wearing non tinted Dior foundation during winter.

Definitely. I wear very little make-up in the summer, because I just sweat it right off. I unfortunately sweat a lot all year, but in the summer it’s worse, of course. I really only wear eyeshadow and liner, and I make sure to use the primer to keep it on.

No, not really. I guess I’m too lazy to change it up 🙂 and worried about using new products at times cause my skin is sensitive and will break out easily if it irritates my skin! I might change colors for eye-shadow or lip gloss but no dramatic changes.

Yeah, in the winter I wear MAC studio fix fluid, but definetly not in the summer. Although I don’t have oily skin, who wants a full face of makeup in the summer? So recently I’ve just been using my MAC MSF Natural and some studio sculpt concealer, but I’m on the market for a tinted moisturizer. Any suggestions ladies? I’m thinking Benefit You Rebel Lite or perhaps Laura Mercier or Smashbox…I really have no idea, I’ve gotta get me some samples =)

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