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i want to know it when i’m still at home and can do something against it but i don’t like the way my boyfriend screams it around e.g. when we’re in public transportation

sometimes … when i can do something about it, or something i am unconsciously doing wrong all the time … but not when it’d make me worry about my look that day!

Well yes, I do want to know if I have wrong foundation/mascara flaking/smudges/harsh lines; however, I do not like when people criticize things like wearing “too red/orange…etc.” a lipstick because they like nudes more (I usually don’t wear any other makeup when I wear bold lips). In general, I would want them to tell me if something is actually wrong and not criticize my choice of colours/makeup.

I’m pretty much the same as you in terms of whether I like it or not. I like it that people tell me so I know what’s wrong but I dislike it if they make a passing remark saying that blues don’t go with greens or don’t wear so dramatic makeup during the day.

Definitely yes. Even if it is about my colour choices, because it’s important to me to know other people’s opinions. I think such criticism only hurts you when you don’t feel confident about your own look and then you should probably not wear it.

I dont mind I rather it be brought to my attention in a nice way rather than be a complete BICTH about it (like hahahaha she had the right idea but her technique is all wrong) Shut the @#*$*%%* up. If your gonna help the person-help! my 2 cents for the day 🙂

I agree with Brenda above! I’d like to know if there’s some sort of technical error that I’m making every day. But if you don’t like my choice of colors or creativity then I’d rather not know. I think I believe in “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all…” as far as people’s creative decisions are concerned.

what about a hairstyle? one that is VERY unflattering? i would want to know so i could make sure not to style it like that again!!

I’d prefer it if they’d (ie my DH) would tell me when I’m still at home rather than on our way someplace. So that I can fix it up there and then.

Yes, please so that I can know if I have lipstick on my teeth, my eyeshadow looks too clownish or 80’s or my makeup looks cakey or has a harsh line on my jaw line. These things i would beg that someone tell me. Just don’t tell me something that’s not fixable. that will just make me feel bad.

Id wanna know if its said in a helpful way without atttitude if its something fixable like a smear or fallout but not if its something like my color choices Ill wear what I want to

I would love to know if I make a mistake with my makeup. I think it’s kind of rude not to let someone know that there mascara is running!

if it’s something that i could easily fix…then yeah. like if i have a smudge, my mascara’s running, or i missed a spot with my concealer or something tiny like that. but it kinda bugs me when people are like “wow. you really shouldn’t wear that color.” or something like that.

Only if its in a positive way. Not just like, I don’t like that color on you! More like, that color would bring out your lips if it was just a few shades darker, lighter, etc.

It really depends on who it’s from – I can take it from my friends, they can tell me pretty much anything. But if it’s from someone that just wants to make a point out of the fact that I have panda eyes (or whatever) then I don’t really appreciate it. I also want to be able to do something about it – if you’ve put on too much foundation (or waaay to dark!) there is usually not much you can do about it. Keeping this in mind, if your friends decide to tell you about it, it just usually leaves you insecure (because you can’t really do anything about it, and you look like a fool!). So I’m kind of mixed about the question!
x Char

I would beg for people to tell me if I did not blend my eyeshadows well (and therefore have very harsh lines that just look ridiculous), if I have lipstick on my teeth, if I put too much blush on and I look like a clown, if my eyeliner is smudging and I look like death, if I missed a spot with my foundation, if my lipstick/lipgloss is bleeding.

But if you’re going to tell me that you don’t like the eyeshadow combinations I use or if you think I wear too much make up then just get out of my face lol.

I never really have this problem because before I leave the house i make my mom inspect my makeup and if it looks bad trust me she will say somthing

(Omg ur eyeshadow isnt blended)

Yes, in two instances: 1. I’m putting my pic out there for critique, and if it’s something that ACTUALLY doesn’t look good or something that will actually help me to hear & 2. If I’m out in public and I’ve got like a smudge of eyeliner on my cheek or something lol

Not Exactly.
I mean, if it’s the middle of the day and someone tells me how off my makeup is, I’m going to walk around the whole day feeling self-conscious, no matter what 🙂
Only small mistakes, like smudged liner, or mascara flaking would suffice 🙂

Yes to the foundation color and smudged eye makeup, but i guess not critisism based on personal opinion?

If it’s something as blatant as running eyeliner, then I don’t care who tells me. If it’s something along the lines of a color combo that isn’t working, I would rather hear it from someone who’s a little versed on make up application, not just some old lady who thinks I wear too much eyeshadow

Yes I would like it. I was just looking at some of my spring break pics and in a couple my eyeshadow wasn’t blended correctly and my lipstick looks off. I will say the other two girls I was with aren’t really into to makeup so maybe they didn’t notice

I don’t mind others telling me my makeup mistakes as long as it really is a mistake/mess up, not their opinion about how my makeup looks. Kina like constructive criticism.

I agree with most of the ladies on here. If I have eyeliner under my eyes, smudged mascara or something along those lines then it’s common courtesy to let me know. If you dislike my color choices then tell me at your own risk L0L.

If it is a stranger, no. If it’s a makeup artist at a makeup counter and I’m passing through, okay. Family/friends? Sure.

I would like to be told if there’s something wrong with my makeup – be it a product that’s not working or bad technique on my part. There are also certain people I trust to take makeup shopping with me or try my new makeup on in front of for the first time, because they’ll tell me if something doesn’t look good, so I know to take it back. They’ll tell me straight out things like “That color doesn’t look good on you” or “That’s too dark” or “Oh God, you look dead.” It’s nice to have people you can totally trust to tell you whether a shade or color combination works on you or not when you’re not sure.

However, it irks me when people criticize other peoples’ makeup or fashion choices because it’s not what they would pick. Just because you wouldn’t wear blue eyeliner and pink lipgloss doesn’t mean that it’s cool for you to go up to someone wearing it and say that their makeup looks trampy. It doesn’t get to me (I tend to be a “the heck with what other people think, I’ll wear what I like” type of person) but it really makes me mad when I see people saying hurtful things like that to others, and there’s been a few occasions when I’ve seen other people almost in tears because of something like that.

Constructive criticism is a nice thing, but plain hurtful or degrading comments are NOT okay.

Yes I would totally want to know, I don’t want to walk around with some crazy mistake haha but if its something that someone wouldn’t normally notice I wouldn’t care if someone told me.

yes i wouldn’t mind it….all depends on the tone of the way it is being said…i mean ultimately it will be up to me wether i agree with it or not so as to embrace it or ignore it 😛

Of course i would want someone to tell me if it was something really embarrassing. For example i knew a girl in high school who wore foundation that was waaaay too light and she didn’t put any on her neck or at least blend it out at the chin. So it literally looked like a clown mask. Ridiculous! But no one even told her..
So i would have wanted to know if i were her.
But if it were just about my technique (and nothing embarrassing), then i would only want constructive criticism.

It depends on who is telling me. If it’s a friend or someone close to me, and I’m somewhere, where I can do something to fix it, then yes. Otherwise I think I would be insecure until I could get somewhere to fix it. And if it were someone I didn’t know telling me, I would be embarrassed and mad.

If they are telling of something like I have lipstick on my teeth then yeah tell me but if you don’t like my style or colour choice then be aware, Unless it it my mum who is honest about it then yeah she can tell me

Only if its something terribly obvious. Like eye liner/mascara being smudged or a streak of concealer that wasn’t blended properly. But if its something based on their personal preference, No.

I agree with you on the “only if I’m able to fix them”-comment. I’d love to know if my foundation isn’t blended or something like that but there are certain things I really can’t fix unless I have my makeup bag with me and there’s no point in telling me about those! 😉

i’d like to be told if my eyeliner/mascara had smudged on my lower lashline or if my lipstick was bleeding or if my falsies were coming loose. i wouldn’t want someone to tell me they dont like the colors i paired together because it isnt any of their business.

Yea about she smuges or flakes, or feathered lips,lipstick on teeth stuff.

But if it was foundation too dark/light or blush too bright I’d prob. get real upset about it and not wear blush and foundation for a week.

But if my colors are too bright or bold, idc. that’s cool. I obviously saw how bright my eyeshadow was this morning, no need to let me know. dont look at it if you dont like it 🙂

Hey got a question for u girls..
so one night me, my girlfriend and her friends go out for dinner.
i noticed a black spot of eye shadow on her friend’s left eye
so i discreetly told my girl to tell her theres a smudge
(first off, all the people there at the table are all pretty close friends)
anyhow, she didnt understand what my girlfriend was signalling but after a bit she realized.. and we all kinda just laughed it off…
after that I noticed smthn on someone else so i discreetly told them about it too (food etc) no harsh expressions or mild embarrassing looks..

anyhow a week later i was with my girlfriend and my buddy and i told her her eye shadow is smudged…
she them tells me, “you don’t tell people their eyeshadow is smudged or there’s a dot somewhere, you’re like a girl!! my friend was so pissed off that day”

opinions plz.

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