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Dalacin-T on two occasions, and Skinoren. They weren’t miracle workers, I feel the only thing that helps my skin is birth control pills, especially Diane-35 and Yasmin.

I use Differin. It works on smaller pimples, but for really stubborn acne an injection done by the dermatologist is still my safest bet.

Two birds with one stone: Yasmin – skin clearing and birth control. (Not that I’d stone any birds lol.)

I’ve tried a lot (unfortunately) over the course of my life. I’ve dealt w/ stubborn little breakouts since I was 14 & now I still get them here & there & I’m 31. Eeek! I’ve used Retin-A (too drying), Duac Gel (too drying), Solodyn oral & Monocycline oral. Can’t any of those have been miracle workers, but I am using EpiDuo right now & i like it because it’s not drying on my skin at all. Helps the little pimples real well, but the big ones, not so much.

I had really bad acne throughout high school. I then tried Retin-A for 6 months and wished I’d gone on it sooner. Even though it is a severe medication, it worked really well for me and I had few side effects. Currently I’m on Diane-35. I think it helps acne but I’ve been on it for do long I don’t remember what it was like before!

I’ve used Benzoyl Peroxide 10%, it works well. Most acne gone within a few days. It is drying though, so I use it sparingly.

Nope i do not because i find that things u can get right off the shelf work just as good just that the dosages are lower and therefore they take longer to work.

I’ve used Differin for years now, it works really well for me. I also use Hydroquinone gel to helps lighten the dark marks left by pimples.

Duac spot treatment, Rosula facial cleanser 1x/day, Finacea all over 1x/day because I had patches of small pimples that left red skin that wouldn’t go away.

Nope, I’ve used Benzoyl Peroxide in my late teens but that’s it. I hardly get break-outs anymore, but if I do I just use a little Avène Diacnéal (which contains Rétinaldéhyde), which works wonders for me.

My skin has completely cleared up finally due to using 4 things… Aczone gel and 75mg of spironolactone in the am, Ziana gel and 135 of Solodyn in the pm. Been using this combo for 3 months and so far so good! In the past I have used Retin-A, Differin, Benzaclin, Clindagel, and Duac all of them worked fairly well but nothing like the combo i’m on now. Hope this helps! Oh and also, if you are using any retinol products you need to use a mild cleanser and a good moisturizer, I currently use Cera-Ve cleanser and lotion, and Mac cleanse off oil to take off my make-up, so nothing harsh going on.

I know this question really only pertains to acne, but I sometimes work in a bacteria infested environment. When these bacteria get on your face, it causes for facial infections (which, in my opinion, is a bad beauty dilemma!!) In order to prevent these infections, I occasionally use Mupirocin which does not allow bacteria to make proteins, therefore blocking your skin from possible infection. Although it’s usually used once an infection is noticeable (or inside your nose to prevent germs from getting inside your body…bleckie), I use it anyways 😛

I am currently using the lowest strength of Retin-A. When I first started using it, I would have to use it every 2-3 days because my face would get so flaky and dry. Now I use it every night with no problem. I think my dermatologist will probably bump me up to a higher percentage next visit. He said it really can’t be beat for helping acne and reducing the appearance of wrinkles/fine lines.

I´ve been using Retin-A for 2 months now. I already had clear skin, but stubborn red marks from past, deep pimples. I had very little side effects with Retin-A (although I started out at a dosage of 0.025%), and my skin already looks a lot better. I use it every night and get zero flaking or redness. Of course I protect my face from the sun during the day.
Plus, Retin-A is a wonderful anti-aging product that will work better than any $200 cream at Sephora or something. Results are scientifically proven!

Retin-A. Wish I would have started using it earlier. My skin never got irritated from it (probably because I started with retinol for a few months first?).

I use Retin-A almost daily & I think most everyone should. It causes cellular turnover and when used with the proper dosage, can be an amazing anti-acne, anti-aging miracle drug!
Also, I am totally into Latisse for hrowing eyelashes. It is a prescription drug from the makers of botox. It is so cool and very worth the high price tag!

I’m using Retin-A and Clindamycin but I use it sparingly. Like twice a week or basically when I have acne. Because it really makes my skin dry and I hate it.

I use Retin-a micro and it works like magic for me. It takes away 99% of my acne, it smooths out and brightens my complexion and I swear it has made the fine line on my forehead disappear. I love this stuff and could not be without it.

I use Yasmin and Differin, I will probably work my way up to Retin-A or Retin-A Micro in two to three years.

Yup! Cuz even at the ripe young age of 40 I still have acne 🙁
Ampicillan – an oral antibiotic + Retin-A .05% Cream. I also spot treat with over the counter Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid products. In a couple months, my Derm plans to bump the Retin-A up to 0.1%, the strongest formulation for better results. *sigh* The battle continues…

Currently using aczone for acne inflammation, about to start using Ziana as a retinoid. I have very sensitive skin, and am allergic/have skin sensitivities to benzyl peroxide. Have used Differin, ProActiv, Clean and Clear, Clinique, Dermalogica, and nothing worked. I use Aczone morning and night, but my new regimen will be Aczone a.m. and Ziana p.m. Aczone works really well for clearing up my skin and reducing redness/inflammation, but I need a retinoid for preventing new acne.

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