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Yes I do!

it varies to what I have ‘in stock’ lol!

I have tried a few lush masks: Love Lettuce and Cupcake (they were both nice and refreshing, but no long term effects. Also, they are a bit goopy to put on and wash off, lol!)

I always end up going back to a Nivea Purifying Mask. It works really well and is a great price, about $3.00 for two sachets! I like it because IT ACTUALLY WORKS! I use it at night, and when I wash it off (in 2-3 mins) I can already see that my pores are more refined and my blemishes have ceased growing and reproducing.

I am a little wary in spending a lot of money on face masks because I know they won’t get used often, and usually the product does not work very well. HTH

Hi Tanya from Oz,

I’ve tried a few LUSH masks, too! I’ve liked them, but probably not enough to use them regularly. I am also lazy, and I rarely do masks, LOL.

I will have to try this Nivea Purifying Mask you rave about!

I use masks too. Mostly purifying masks. I use a got 2 be clay and avocado mask, a pharmacy brand mask that i like(from shoppers drugmart,and a peel off mask from st Ives. I like them all!

Hi Lauren,

Sounds like you know your masks! I have a few 99 cents masks I picked up at the drugstore many moons ago – they’re not bad. At least, I feel good afterwards, not sure if they have lasting effects, though.

Queen Helene Mint Julep! I actually need to use it tonight, since I saw saw crud near my nose. :-/

I use the Origins ones… I don’t remember the names exactly but I have like, 3 different types. Each for “different purposes” haha 🙂 I like their products. Very refreshing, and so far, the products have proven they are what they claim they are. So that’s good! Well worth the money.

Hi Viv,

I need to make a mental note to try more face masks, I think! Do you buy individual masks, or is it a tub/tube of several? If it’s the latter, how long do they last you?

I’ve tried most of lush’s masks.. haha

I’ve tried…

Love Lettuce (one of my personal favs! really exfoliating), brazen honey, bb seaweed, catastrophe cosmetic, A crash course in skincare (i like this one too), cupcake and mask of magnaminty (another fav. and shelf life of 4 months!)

I’ve tried 7 out of the 10 mask that they have only because 2 of the ones I haven’t tried are for mature skin.. and the other is a stronger one for oily skin and I’m combo.

I’m a lush addict. I hope to work there someday soon. lol

Ooooh, I love masks! I actually picked up the Clean & Clear one you used yesterday and I ADORE IT!

I used to work for Estee Lauder, so I had a wonderful Macy’s discount and stocked up on tons of masks then. The black one from Origins (can’t think of the name) is great, but only in moderation–it’s made everyone I know who’s used it break out. Here’s the trick–use it ONLY where you can then use pore strips!!! The mask brings everything to the surface of your skin, but doesn’t really draw it COMPLETELY out–the pore strips will, though! My nose has never been so blackhead free!

I also really like Clinique’s emergency mask, and ANY of Liz Earle’s masks!

Since I bleach my hair regularly, I use a lot of hair masks, too. Origins hair & scalp mask is a favorite, and so are pretty much all of Oscar Blandi’s! The smoothing mask of his is amazing, and the scalp exfoliating mask is great, too.

Hi Laney,

I haven’t tried any of the masks you’ve mentioned, but now I really want to! LOL, when I worked at Macy’s, I only did it because the Macy’s had a MAC counter! (Hey, 15% off is better than nothing!)

Proactiv’s mask. I don’t use the system, but I love the mask, the sulfur really does help clear up blemishes.

i use a sulfur mask by DDF that’s from sephora. It’s supposed to help with pimples and it cost a lot, but i’m not really satisfied with it, plus it’s REALLY stinky

I use a couple Aveda masques that I use.

Intensive Hydrating Masque – oil-free moisturizing masque with sodium hyaluronate (skin plumper) and aloe vera
Deep Cleansing Clay Masque – creamy deep cleansing masque
Botanical Skin Resurfacing – technically, this is a facial that Aveda does and it uses professional products, but this is kind of like microdermabrasion

I also want to try some Lush products, but that will be soon.

Hi Sarah,

When will you be heading out to Lush? What will you be trying?

Are you happy with your Aveda masks? The clay mask sounds awesome!

I’m not sure about what I’m gonna try from Lush.. I really want to try the UltraBland, though. There isn’t a Lush store around here, so I’m gonna have to just guess and go by what people say!

The clay masque is amazing. My boyfriend uses it, too!

i tried many many masks through the years,cheap and expensive and super expensive.
now my fave is (luckily) a cheap one,from Balea,i think made in Germany.
there are many types of it,but the multivitamin one is the best for me now 🙂

it can be that its not available in the US,bc its specially made for the dm (drogeria markt),which are 100percent german 🙂
balea makes many good things,surprisingly good,especially for their low prices.
now i start to notice that german eyeshadows have a good quality (Manhattan,ArtDeco,H&M)…

I have used facial masks once weekly since I was 14 years old!! (And trust me, that was a long time ago!!>>>:O)). Anyway, to me facial masks are a must because they deep cleanse what my regular soaps and makeup removers don’t get rid of. I have used so many kinds over the years. My fav was (I say “was” because MAC discontinued it about a year ago or so!!!) was the clay mask/facial scrub in one. It was honestly the best product out there. It did 2 jobs in one (so very time saving) and was very efficient. Now, my best buys for facial masks are AVEDA products. I have tried Lancome and the likes, but find them overpriced for what they do. Have yet to try LUSH products.

Hi MAC Addict,

I love using masks because your skin feels so good afterwards. Just clean and refreshed. I’ll definitely check out Aveda!

Oh my, I’m a Lush fresh biomask fan too, just like the others. I want to try them all. So far I’ve tried Ayesha and BB Seaweed. My only complaint is that you have to use them up in about 3 weeks and I hate throwing out a lot of the stuff. Maybe they should have smaller sizes.

I also use Talulah Natural Skincare’s honey and la crema mask. I like those too.

Have you tried mask of magnaminty? because it one of lush’s other masks that has a shelf life of 4 months. but then again I wouldn’t fully recommend it if you don’t have breakout-prone skin.

I’ve seen mask of magnaminity in Lush stores but you’re right, it’s not for my skintype. I need something more hydrating.

I use V&M’s (called the Dead Sea Company) Mud Mask. It has a refreshing smell and when I wash the mask off, I can seriously see that my skin tone has brightened 😀 And for my sensitive skin, it has never done anything evil 🙂

Oh, yes! I love masks. I used LUSH Cosmetic Warrior and Cupcake when I was in England; I currently have two Body Shop masks, Blue Corn and Tea Tree.

Oooh Yes! My staples are usually my own homemade Aspirin mask (you can check the recipe in the link below) and another favourite of mine – Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Pack. Both are helpful for those with pimply skin (that’s me!) and they have a proven track record (with me at least) to reduce pimples and help clear the skin up. Love ’em!

I love FREEMAN products. They have all sorts of masks. I used to use the Cucumber peel and the enzyme mask a lot. My husband really likes them too, the cucumber one. I just bought the oatmeal and avocado mask the other night, can’t wait to try it.

I bought some shampoo and conditioner from the same brand and they are great, smells so good.

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