Temptalia Asks You - Do you try to get others into the "beauty world"?

Do you try to get others into the “beauty world”? Who have you tried? Any successes? Have you turned anyone into a bigger beauty buff than yourself?

Sigh, I have tried, but never succeeded.  The closest I ever got was with my cousin, but it never grew to a full-blown addiction.  I bought my sister around $400 worth of MAC for her 16th birthday, and it continues to sit untouched!  The best I’ve been able to convince my mom is to use a face cream I gave her (I had several samples of La Mer).

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Yes,I sure did!! I’ve even started my own beauty & make-up forum in The Netherlands, since we’ve definetly lacked that! I’ve started in October 2007 and have almost 200 members who have posted over 10,000 times!

Your blog gets lots of attention in this forum, we all love it! Keep up the great work!

And I don’t think I have created a bigger beauty addict than myself, but they are getting there!!!

absolutely. i do their makeup at my home, at their home. most of them don’t know how to apply makeup and they like what i put on them so they go out and buy it. it’s nice when they can try the stuff first and see if it suits them. but i don’t do it to everybody, just close friends.

oh no i could never. i really like it because i find doing different shapes of eyes challenging. i get bored doing mine. almost no pair of eyes are the same, like if there are two girls with thick lids, they can still be different shapes and i want to practice what works on different eyes. but there’s so much to learn like when you do yours, the blending of colors is another thing to learn.

My best friend wont even touch face powder! She says shes going to go makeup less untill she “has too”. I told her people dont wear makeup because they have to, they do it because its beautiful! The colors,the mixing, the shading;its art! But shes not having it….

Mostly my Mom and friends are targets of mine. Neither wear makeup often because they “don’t have the time.” Its also a bit hard to translate the wonders of MAC since there are only two cities in this province that have MAC stores. Oddly enough my best makeup-aholic sucess has been my boyfriend. No, he doesn’t actually wear the stuff, but he talks to various MA’s when I’m not around about makeup. *lol*
P.S. I’ll make good use of your sister’s neglected makeup. 😉

My mom is usually my target, and my sister, but neither are into it, so I’ve pretty much given up!

Haha, my boyfriend has learned so much about beauty. Poor him! He accompanied me to the Stylistics event even 🙂

LOL, I bet you would! Seriously, she uses it once or twice a year, and I’m the one who has to apply it for her.

wow, i’m the total opposite. we’re all girls, my mom and sister all love makeup that’s why i’m keeping my collection hush hush to them.

I converted one of my closet friends (who used to be a tom boy) into more of a girl, and not even intentionally! And she is now in love with MAC, because she loves to wear bright colours.. her hair is bright pink and purple! She changes the colour of it so often that she buys more make up to match it, and one of the SAs put Macroviolet f/l in her eyebrows to match her hair last week 🙂 It’s nice to have someone to share my obsession with lol.

I haven’t bothered trying because I know it would be a waste of time. Though I have to give my SO props because he is so sweet and totally wiling to hear me go on and on about how excited I am about Heatherette and Fafi, even my son knows the names and when they are coming out. They also know to put Mommy in a good mood compliment her make-up. I soooo wish I just one girl-friend who I could talk make-up with. I must confess I have been spying the posters to see if anyone mentioned being in or near Sacramento, no such luck 🙁

Awww, your SO sounds like one fab find, Tanya. Hang onto that one! 😉

I think it’s adorable that your son knows the names and everything!

Maybe there should be a Temptalia SF PRO meet up 😀

Yes, I have tried on my mother and my sister. My mother never wore makeup at all and my sister goes for the super barely there look.

I was pretty successful with my mom I think. For her birthday in November, my sister and I took her to the mall and bought her a new outfit, mascara, BE foundation, the MAC Holiday Smokey Eyes Palette and Viva Glam V Lipstick. Now she loves her lipstick and takes it everywhere with her and gets complimented by people on her makeup. She even bought herself a new lipstick when we went to the CCO together over the holidays without my having to convince her to and had me show her what brushes I use (Sonia Kashuk) so she could get some herself. I was so pleased with myself.

I got my sister some new eyeshadow in more vibrant but not crazy colors for Christmas but I won’t know how much she’s using them till I go home for Spring Break. I do think it’s a promising sign though that she called me recently while she was shopping to ask my advice on hair straighteners and mascara.

Hey Christine!

Congrats on being successful with your mom 😀 You got her some awesome makeup choices!!

Awwww, how cute! I love it when my family comes to me for beauty advice.

Dude. You need to steal your sister’s makeup back. $400!?
I posted this in a different thread, but I brought my friend whose only makeup was a pink shimmer cream she stole from Claire’s when she was 14, so I made her go to MAC with me and it was a Nordstrom private party with champagne and we got makeovers and she ended up getting a card and started blowing $200 regularly. Soon her roommate was blaming me for money owed, and even one of the girls at the counter said “Dude, you messed her up!”.
Not my fault! Seriously!

LOL! I think about it sometimes, but I have most of what I got her.

Oh, goodness. Hey, she walked into her own addiction! You showed her the door, but she ran for it 😉

I have succeeded in some cases and failed quite miserably in others. I noticed that it’s easier to “convert” folks who live close by – mainly because I can physically drag them off for a make over.

So far my success stories include my mother, a cousin and three friends. I make it a point to buy them lipstick on their birthdays (any other color product is a waste because I know it’s not going to be used) and/or a powder foundation compact. I am trying to get my friends to wear liquid eyeliner but they refuse to learn how to apply it – I haven’t given up yet though……

I can see that! My cousin fell into makeup love… just a touch, because she was always with me at the store.

Congrats on your success stories!! And good luck 🙂

Heh, my friends think I’m so kind of cosmetic guru and maniac (they should see you and half of Specktra and eyeshadowsluts, haha)
I learned few things 2 of my friends – not animal tested products, some make-up tutorials, told them to use brushes and blending, made them try some new colors, recommended products…
My friend’s sister is getting married in March and she asked me to do her make-up and hair!!! Aaaaaaa!! Is she insane?! I’m so worried I’ll fuck up! Every time she paid professional to do her make-up she ended up crying in the bathroom cleaning the face. I told her I’ll come over one weekend and do several looks, like trial. So if she still wants me…:p

Aw!! How great to be thought of as the makeup genius 🙂

Ohh, good luck with the wedding makeup! Doing trial looks is the perfect way not to screw up! This way you and her can decide on the best look for the occasion 🙂

I have turned a few people on to being makeup fanatics, thought still not as bad as me. One of my friends called me insane because of all the make up I have and I keep adding, but she loves when I do her make up. She just bought an eye shadow pallet and asked me to show her how to use it. HA! So she’s on her way.

Oh, Dawn, lucky you! Ahh, it is difficult to turn anyone else into a bigger addict than ourselves… but we still try. And yes, I’d definitely say she’s on her way!

I kid you not but I’ve converted about 80-85% of my friends and colleagues. It first started with my sister in law then some friends from work. The majority of the time I’ll have “sold” MAC items to them without even realizing. So, their first trips to the MAC store result in a huge dent in their finances but they are so thrilled they don’t even mind. I’ve been asked lots of times if I sell MAC. LOL. I’m just a fan of their products and I’m passionate about what I like. Even the ones I’ve not yet converted have asked me to give them classes or just do their makeup. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve even begun to scratch the surface! Makeup artistry is a work of art and I plan on creating as many masterpieces as I can! =)

My older sister is the most natural girl ever, she occasionally wears eyeliner and some lipstick which is a big deal for her. My mom likes makeup & doesnt leave the house without it, but shes been wearing Lancome and Clinique her whole life. I did convince her to get a MAC holiday lip palette around Christmas time and she wears it alot, so hopefully she’ll start buying more with me 🙂 Close friends on the other hand always compliment my makeup but they still stick to Covergirl, Maybelliene, etc.

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