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Only mascara, but I don’t fallow 3 month rule, since I use 5 mascaras at the time. I keep them longer then 3 moths and throw them after they dry out.

Mascara if it goes clumpy lipgloss if it gets that sickly smell liquid foundation if it separates, i try and keep my makeup clean by wiping round lids and tops with antibacterial wipes and keeping away from radiators and warm rooms like the shower room ect

I’m about to chuck some really old cheapie eyeshadows. The only other things I throw away on a regular basis are mascara and liquid foundation (or any other item that’s cream/liquid).

I throw everything out (or Back to MAC it if it’s MAC) when it’s expired. Nothing grosses me out like the idea of old makeup. Mascara, though… I don’t get too ridiculous about. I wear it maybe once a week so I mainly hold onto it until I’m tired of it or it’s not performing at it’s best (which usually isn’t more than four months, because bacterial builds up either way).

Well, like everyone else has mentioned, I mostly discard mascaras when they dry out. I use mineral foundation so that lasts up to 3 years and I usually use it up within less than a year. Eyeshadows.. well, I probably should clear out some stuff since I still have some eyeshadows from waaaay back in high school eons and eons ago lol!

When it smells or feels bad its out the door!I try to take reay good care of things I know will last me forever though like eyeshadow(powder) and pigments! Use a clean brush ect.

only after a few years..lol! I sometimes keep a shoebox of my fav colors which are either smelly or have gone to rot, but I keep them for the color dupes which I need. Other than that, it hurts like hell to throw away favorites ~~

Mascaras usually….with MAC i can B2M…..few lipgloss/lipstick frm my very initial days…they smelled funny…i throw them.
oh yeah, lotions n creams…if they separate or smell rancid..they are out….

I have had about 5 things in my life that I had to throw away because they went off, mainly lip glosses. I chuck mascara out when it dries out or runs out, but not one mascara has gone off in my possession. I chucked out a few old eyeshadows (ie older than 5 years!) because I didn’t use them anymore, but they were still fine, in fact I gave the better ones to my sister and she was happy with them. 🙂

I don’t if they still look fine. And but that I mean it does not smell bad or the powder starts creasing or a layer of oil on the top etc….

I usually throw out my makeup mainly the liquids according to smell / texture. I just back 2 MAC’d 12 glosses 🙁

Mascara’s go out every 3-4 unless they dry out before that…

Absolutely not. Lol I’m gross. Like others, I really base it on changes in color and texture. If a mascara is drying out, it gets chucked and replaced. I’m not about to throw away my perfectly good powder shadows which show no issue, though. My biggest fear in the world is one day I will get pink eye and lose everything. Watch, I just cursed myself.

I am the same way hahaha I’m glad I’m not the only one hahaha Unless it’s dried up and cruddy or smells or got watery, I use it haha

I do the smell & texture test – about once or twice a year I also “sterilize” my lipsticks by dipping them in alcohol & wiping them off so they are cleaner while I’mnot using them. I also sometimes will wipe the surface of my shadows to give them a clean. I only throw mascara out when it gets dry or the tube feels empty.

I’m really struggling with this right now, trying to figure out WHEN to toss things. I haven’t run into too many bad smelling or texture issues, and with MAC lipglasses how can you tell? Some things I’ve had for 5 years and I keep thinking it has to be time to pitch them but they don’t seem bad! But as other say, it hurts to toss favorites.

I just cleaned out a bunch of old stuff that i didnt use….. the only thing i throw out on a regular basis is mascara. when it gets clumpy or dry…. i dont like to throw away make up it makes me sad haha

mascara gets tossed on time. I spray alcohol on powder shadows after each use. If it looks or smells bad out it goes. But when u spend 50 for aneyeshadow quad.. you try and keep it as long as possible…

I think I’ve had makeup long enough for it to expire. Most of my makeup collection has been purchased within the past month and a half lol… But I have a ton of lipglosses and none of them smell bad yet and it’s been quite a while.

Foundation – when the water starts to linger on top! definitely off to trashcan when it’s over a year from opening unless it’s a powder foundation

Mascara – every 2months (I love using fresh mascara! This is why I buy them when it’s buy one get one free plus upon availability of a coupon)

Powder, Blush, Eye shadows – I scrape the upper part with a disposable mascara wand. I toss them when color or texture start to change. It should last for about 2 years or longer. You are better off changing any liquid products more often.
One of my favorites, MAC Barbie Beauty powder will never be tossed!

Lipstick – I lay down a piece of paper towel and run over it to make it fresh. Toss when smell changes or liquid comes out of it.

Gloss – Toss when smells funky, color changes, or when the sponge tip wears off. I store glosses upside down (the cap portion is facing down) to limit the air from entering the product.
The separation of a gloss does not mean it’s old; it simply means that it has not been mixed well when it was made. Many of MAC glosses have this issue.

Eye liner, Lip liner – As long as sharpen after every use and keep the cap on it will last for years. Automatic pencils can be scraped off, yet they have shorter lifespan than regular pencils. Gel liner/fluid liner will dry out and harder to use when it’s time to go.

Nail Polish – 1 year from opening, when becomes chunky in texture or change in color. Store it in the fridge if your house is warm.

*For those who have owned any opened products for more than 5+ years: It’s time to let go of them! Do not give them to your little sister or friend! Take them for Back 2 MAC or go shopping!!!

I did an inventory so to speak of my growing stash, and yeah I did toss a bunch of stuff. Mascara I usually toss every 3-5 months. I try to get as much as I can out of them. But all of my other stuff is still pretty good so far but I will most likely try and stick to the recommended toss out period.

If it smells funky and looks extremely different from when I first bought it, then I toss it. The only things I probably will never have the courage to throw away are my MAC eyeshadows and pigments.

Nope. If it smells fine, looks fine and hasn’t changed in anyway I am not chucking it out just because the manufacturer has stamped an arbitrary date on the bottom on the container. I’m of the opinion expiry dates are not there to protect the consumer, they’re basically just covering their butts… you should be able to use your own judgment on if you should use something or not.

And there is probably more bacteria on our hands and faces at any given time than what might get transferred to our makeup. Unless it is something harm causing like staph or the nasties that can cause conjunctivitis (pressed powder cosmetics can usually be sterilized by soaking a tissue in isopropyl alcohol and laying this over the product, popping the lid closed and waiting for it to evaporate – plus if you haven’t used the product after symptoms appear it shouldn’t be contaminated), being scared of bacteria is a bit like being scared of water.
Just my humble opinion.

E/S – I hang on and use up old ones before I B2M
L/G – Try to swipe old l/g whenever I can then B2M
L/S – same as above
Mascara – I use daily and B2M after 8 months hehe :-p
Powder runs out by 3mths – fastest to B2M
dats y i’m loyal to MAC…cus of their B2Ms!!!

Haha no.. I never look at the expiration date on makeup.. I know it’s a shame.

But when it doesn’t work anymore, or when it smells, i throw it away

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