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Ive only recently started taking better care of my hands and nails. Keeping my cuticles healthy and neat, my nails filed and polished. Especially now in the colder months I rely on handcream to keep my hands soft.

Having well taken care of and pretty polished nails makes me feel prettier and like a lady. Love them.

Finger nails get a trim once every 3 weeks or so, just enough to keep them at the
length and shape I like. I seldom paint them. I do my toe nails once every two weeks — trim, shape and paint them, and then seal the nail colour so that it will
last for at least 2 weeks. I have a strong dislike for strangers touching me, so
I do my mani/pedicures by myself.

I care for my nails, mostly. I paint them twice a week, using Sally Hanson Hard as Nails Diamond as my topcoat Ive never found anything better. My nails are shiny, strong and a good length for me. Im a writer and I can both type and have nails long enough to look nice, but not so long I am devastated when one breaks.

My nails are my own and re-touching with the nail hardener seems to keep them strong enough not to mess with acrylics. I really hate those. So thick and when they remove them? Yuck. Right now Im wearing a color from E.L.F. that looks like purple grape juice. I love it! E.L.F. is fairly inexpensive, but it has nice color, two coats, and wont chip with my topcoat. I did forget the bottom coat this time and am a tad worried about my nails having a purple hue for weeks to come.

I dont have ridges (that has a lot to do with diet. If you have ridgey nails, eat more greens high in iron and stiff. Collards and Mustard comes to mind. Spinach works too, oh and use a nail and hair vitamin, just add some extra C, since it tends to get destroyed in a all-in-one pill).

I never, ever take any nail off with buffing. I need them to be thick and they are on the thin and brittle side. I use a good cuticle oil every day and at night I use Egyptian Magic on my cuticles. They really look nice. I keep them filed in a soft oval shape. Wish my skin looked this good. Acne at forty five. Sheesh.

I dont really do much. I use handcream every night and during the day if my hands feel dry, and file my nails if they break or get too long, but other than that, nothing.

I keep them all the same length and filed nicely.

I cant paint them often, because I work at a hospital with patients. It can be unsanitary and all the hand washing I do in a day makes the polish chip faster.

Hahaha, noooo. Theyre clean, theyre filed, and thats about it. I polish them/ grow them a bit longer from time to time, but they get chipped so easily at my job that it isnt something I bother with very often.

I honestly need to take better care…my nails are thin an break super-easy, and I need to spend more time on them. Dry cuticles are a big obstacle too.

Maybe this can be my New Years resolution for 2010?

I keep my nails polished at all times because otherwise, I will start biting them again. Plus, I have a teensy nail polish addiction. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Im pretty good about applying hand cream and cuticle butter. Thats mostly because Im sanitizing a lot and its really drying.

I paint my nails every week.. The topcoat makes sure my nail polish doesnt chip so that sorts out that issue!
I use LOccataine Shea Butter hand cream whenever I remember or whenever my hands feel dry.
Thats about it really!

Not really, besides trimming them sometimes. Which isnt super often since I have a bad habit of biting them when they arent painted.

I never used to but having stopped wearing false nails about 2 yrs ago, Ive been on a journey reconditioning my nails! I use Sally Hansen cuticle cream when I remember to and often use Soap Glory Hand cream! My nails have never been strong and dont think they ever will be but they have come on trememndously since using cuticle creams and also a ridge filler as a base coat to make them smooth and flawless when applying a colour on top.

Yes, I do! I use cuticle cream often, but once a week I do a full manicure so I push back the cuticles gently, massage the nails and file them. I also massage my fingers and hands with a nice rich cream. After im done I use the Herรดme extra strong nail hardener ๐Ÿ™‚

I use nailpolish very often so they need some extra loving!

Ive fallen in love with nail polish and repaint them every few days. Since polish can stain and leave my nails a super gross color I take great care of them.

I use a special base coat, Nubars Nu Nails, to protect and prevent staining.

Then I do a calcium hardener which helps keep my nails from breaking, which is a problem for me.

After that I use a ridge filler, just to make the color application smoother and add an extra layer of protection.

Once Ive done the color I use a top coat. Im bouncing back and forth between Seche Vite (which is AMAZING!) and Revlons Liquid Quick Dry. Seche Vite gives a nice smooth finish, but the Revlon has my nails drier faster, although Ive found a few small bubbles…

I dont really obsess over keeping my nails nice and neat. I just have a routine that keeps my hands busy, which definitely cuts down on snacking! I mean, you cant very well unwrap a chocolate with wet nails now can you?

Not really. Hand cream most days, plus filing with emery board every now and then. I look the look of a fresh manicure, but find I just cant sit still long enough for the nails to dry!

Yes and no. I am lucky to have natural strong nails. I love painting my nails and I file my nails as they get too long, but I rarely bother to push back my cuticles. I do apply lotion on my hands when I need to. I exfoliate my hands with left over scrub for my face weekly. Once in a while my mom would make a orange oil/sugar scrub for a exfoliating treatment and I would bum some of the concoction off her. I love Paraffin wax wraps though!

no :(. i apply sunblock to my hands…when i dont forget. and i started using cuticle cream but that didnt last long lol. i stopped biting them! i was never a nail biter until i moved away to college, but i totally dont bite anymore…nope

Since last Summer I take good care of my nails, I allways took good care of my hands (dry chapped), but as I bought a lot of nailpolishes (call it an addiction) I thought, hey…. you cant wear nailpolish on a chappy nail can you? So I give my cuticles a massage with lemony flutter every evening and change my nailpolish every 3 days and use good stuff to take it of and so.

Yes I do. I give myself a manicure once a week and I change my polish up to two times a week depending on where I have to go. Same for my toes.

Ever since starting to take a Shaklee multi-vitamin and B Complex with Biotin, my nails grow like crazy. They were always so thin and breakable that they seemed like they never actually grew. Now I can cut them completely off and in 2.5 weeks they are 1/4 of an inch long. I file them and if one breaks, I cut them all off and file them.

When I wear polish I wear it for about a week, or until I get serious chips. When I was a Nail Technician, women paid me $45 to put nails on them that looked like my natural ones now with these vitamins. I often wear a french manicure or a gloss coat now, but I also go months upon months with nothing on them.

I do use Burt’s Bees Lemon Cuticle cream when they are dried out and nearly every day in the winter. I use organic cocoa butter a lot too, and I think that helps keep them soft and flexible so they don’t break much.

I paint a new design once a week. Sometimes Ill go a week without polish to give them a break – if I wear red, hot pink, or teal for too long itll stain my nails yellow! LOL

Yes, I do now. For one year now I have allowed my nails to grow. I removed my gel covered false nails as they had damaged my nails so badly over the years and I was hearing way to much about fungus. Therefore, today I use a whitener from Sallys as many polishes stain, a stengthener called Tough Cookie from Orly (I have used better), China Glaze Base, any nail polish as I change the color almost everyday and a top coat like Essie To dry For so I dont have to wait so long for the nails to dry. I also love Essie Matte about you more than any other mattifiers. I also keep Lush Lemon Flutter nail cream with me at all times.

Yup – I get them done every other week and I have the best manicurist in the world – been going to her for 10 years and the one before her I went to for 10 years too….been doing my nails ever since I started working at age 18!! If I cant pamper myself like that twice monthly then I may as well quit and stay home and collect social security payments;) *smile*

Yes I do!!!

– I have sworn off mani/pedi’s since people always ruin my nails; no matter no pricey the salon. I do them myself now.
– I use a glass nail file and invested in a really good nail cutter.
– I apply handcream every night and throughout the day.
– I use Lush’s Lemon Flutter when my nails are feeling dry (also great on the heels of the feet, esp. if you’ve been wearing flipflops all day).
– When my diet is poor my nails are weak so I like to use Sally Hansen hard as nails treatment
– I give my fingernails a break between changing up polish
– I like my toenails to be painted throughout the year… giving a day or two break in between polish…. why you ask??? ok… Time for TMI —- My big toenails went through drama and actually fell off (eww gross, I know. sorry to share) but they grew back in 8 months or so. If this happens to you, don’t cry like I did, there is a simple solution… I recommend getting a false nail and try to fit one to your lost toenail.

I dont really do anything with my nails… which is why I think its so strong! I find that applying nail polish or getting a manicure weakens them and I just dont like it.

I dont really. I dont usually like to do anything to them, paint every now and then, manicure maaaybe once-twice a year. Otherwise I moisturize and trim and thats it. I dont bite my nails so aesthetically they look great compared to people who do lol. I think its a waste of money to get them done so often. I mean I could spend $15 and get my nails done that last about 2 weeks, or spend the same and buy something from MAC which will last way longer. Priorities I guess lol =)

I used to but not so much anymore, I dont invest much time in them like I should. I just started wearing polish again.

Absolutely. I use cuticle oil every few days and hand cream. I always use a base coat to attempt to prevent staining. I used to have gel nails so I could have longer nails, but they were a lot of maintenance and were damaging. I take vitamin mineral supplements as well, although not specifically for my nails.

No amount of taking care of my nails helps to improve them, so I have totally given up. Ive taken a break from polish (even though it breaks my heart because fall colours are gorgeous) to see if I can strengthen them back up, but they have been breaking ever since I was a little girl, so I am not holding out much hope! I do apply lots of handcream regularly, though, and am conscious of not using harsh handsoaps, since I think that womens hands are some of the first parts that show their age. Im obsessed with not having scary wrinkly hands!

My mom is actually a nail technician and owns a nail salon, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

But…I’m young so my nail beds are fine. Sometimes I’ll put hand lotion before going to bed if they feel dry. No point in the day because I wash my hands often.

I don’t do my (gel because it has a nicer finish than acrylic) nails unless I go on vacation or there is some special event.

I paint them occassionally because my mom has all these OPI and China Glaze nail polishes (there are extras of colours!)in boxes for her salon at home.

I don’t bite my nails because that’s terrible and disgusting.

I cut my nails every few weeks than I file them to rounded square shape.

That’s about the extent of “taking care” of my nails.

I’m an ex-nail biter, so I have to keep them filed & painted otherwise I get the urge to nibble. I usually redo my nails after 30% of the polish has worn off. Unfortunitly, bitting my nails from pretty much day 1 till 21 has left my nails growing out unevenaly as well. At least noticable to me once they get long.

I ignored caring for my hands so for the longest time; they looked like the hands of a 60-year-old lady. In the past month, I started using a hand cream (Eucerin Intensive Repair Hand Creme) and cuticle butter (Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme) and it made a huge difference. I put this stuff on every day before I go to bed and sometimes just before my morning commute. Now my hands look, dare I say, quite pretty and they don’t reveal an old age. I also stopped using my nails as tools.

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