Temptalia Asks You - Do you skimp on other things so you can spend more on beauty?

Do you skimp on other things so you can spend more on beauty? Do you think, “Skip Starbucks, gimme a lipgloss!”?


I definitely spend less in other areas, like clothes, shoes, and purses so I have more bucks for beauty. I prefer shopping at stores like H&M for my clothes so I can indulge in YSL lipgloss from time to time 😉


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Natalie Avatar

A few times, I asked my hubby to buy me MAC stuff, instead of treating me to dinner. That way, I could lose weight as well as looking fab ;).
Really, I haven’t bought clothes, shoes and purses for awhile, because all my money goes to MAC collections! Grr

Liz Avatar

I do. I used to go shopping all the time, but now I buy less clothes and more for makeup. On top of that, most of my wardrobe consists of pieces from Forever 21. I’m also not a shoe and purse person. I have just one purse and with shoes, I only have one of each type of shoe.

Kayc Avatar

I tend to do that when I’m trying to budget for MAC collections that will be coming out. Just like Natalie, I haven’t bought clothes, shoes, or purses for a while. My boyfriend tends to surprise me with those things every once in a while so I don’t really find the need to buy them.. which is fine, since that allows me to have a bigger budget for beauty =)

Elizabeth Zheng Avatar

I haven’t been really buying much clothes and but purchasing more makeup. I use to be a purse person, I spend mostly on buying handbags but lately I have been getting into makeup. So I skipped on getting the new hello kitty for tokidoki bags to save us for the hello kitty for mac stuff (even though I didn’t get that much).

valerie Avatar

OMGSH i so do!
now i don’t even get my hair colored at the salon anymore because that’s an extra $300 to spend on makeup. i even skip shopping at boutiques.
tahah i’m glad i’m not the only one!?! :X

IZzySA Avatar

I don’t necessarily Skimp — I have what I need but I have been a great believer that few key pieces and good shoes/purse, do more than a lot of clothes acquired on a whim. So I do skimp but with prejudice – lol. – Good skincare lines are a staple which I always spring for. With makeup, I tend to let go and buy on whims — especially color lines. Makeup is a great investment to a good wardrobe and a great way to express and vent (I have avoided shrinks for years!):D

IZzySA Avatar

oh yikes — I USED to have a huge hair stylist bill due to coloring and highlights… since I am letting my grey hair in (later on will add lots of platinum white highlites 2x years), and I myself cut off all my hair, lol.. I have a huge savings on this too which I apply to makeup:D:D

Ashlyne Avatar

Haha glad to know I know not the only one here! I used to spend my $$ on clothes but since I got hooked on makeup, I would rather buy more staples/classics that can last longer, which will lead to me having more $$ on makeup. Also, I tend to try not to spend too much on food. Anyway my boyf treats most of the times ;P

Sarah Avatar

You just said it all; a YSL makeup stash and clothes from H&M! Anytime!
TBH I can hardly afford high-end clothes and am not so brand conscious, I love high street gear, and shops like H&M, Monsoon and River Island are bloody brilliant, you can find a perfect top or dress or a pair of jeans and have enough cash left to spend on matching acessories and still not spend ridiculous amounts, saving you a healthy amount to fund your high-end makeup habit.

Anitacska Avatar

I agree. 🙂 I’d much rather buy my clothes in H&M, New Look, River Island, Debenhams, etc. and still buy all the luxury make up like Guerlain Meteorites and palettes and other lovely stuff. 🙂 I’ve never been into designer labels anyway, so don’t feel like I’m missing out. Lately I’ve not bought too many clothes anyway as I need to lose weight and don’t want to buy lots of size 14 clothes, when I should really be wearing 12s and 10s. *sigh* Don’t skimp on food though as I have young children who need good quality food, but we don’t eat out much, so I guess we save on that.

Zsofi Avatar

Hi 😀 Anitacska,Your name sounds as if You were from my country,Hungary.
Is it true? did i find a fellow hungarian Temptalia fan? 😀

Andrea Avatar

Absolutely! I used to go all out but I am trying to save for grad school so now I have to prioritize! I skimp on body lotions and use Oil of Olay or Jergens (which I buy with coupons- they end up costing next to nothing). I never stray to test out new items that arent a big deal (lip balm, shower gel, etc), I use staples such as burt bees lip balm and neutrogena eye makeup remover to save for quality MAC foundation and brushes. If I need clothes, shoes or a bag I stop by the outlet mall and search online coupon codes before buying anything full price. I find this allows for me to splurge on quality beauty products without feeling deprived. My last big spend was the T3 blowdryer and next I want to buy a Clarisonic!

Portia Avatar

Yes! I don’t do Starbucks… 1 cup a day dor a week, that’s one MAC eyeshadow already! and it lasts longer than than a cup of latte, makes you prettier and yeah, no calories!

Roxanne Avatar

No, not really. I tend to make a choice: either a new mascara or that cool shirt I saw. I don’t have that much make-up and I can’t say I need to restock every month or so… (and if I am in urgent need of concealer, it can be veeery handy to have mom around 🙂 )

PS: I really like that you added “Temptalia’s answer”!

sej Avatar

I don’t skimp on clothes or fashion because I love that as much as I love makeup, but I do skimp on beauty treatments that I can do myself. I don’t get manicures/pedicures, facials, hair treatments etc. very often because I can do them at home and it becomes a relaxing pampering session.

Anna Avatar

I sort of skimp on clothes and shoes/accessories. I don’t necessarily skimp, but I find that I naturally don’t want new clothes, shoes or other accessories as much as I want more makeup. Most of my clothes last me a while and my sense of style is pretty consistent. Plus it’s so hard for me to find something I really like. Last time I went to an outlet mall w/ my family, every got loads of clothes, but I couldn’t find anything I really wanted/needed. But as soon as I got to the CCO store, I went crazy xD . So it’s not a matter of me managing my budget, it just sort of manages itself ;D .

phuong k Avatar

me too christine. a lot of clothes is nice to change up your stuff but i think rather than buying each and every jean/shirt/etc. from new collections, its better to just pick a few key items from the trend. well that’s what i do because i sure love skin care products and that’s the one thing i absolutely try not to skimp on.

Macaddict Avatar

I have said before that my m/u & beauty products cost way more than my clothes and it’s true1 Instead of totally depriving myself cuz I luv everything girlie (accessories; gloves, nice scarves, hats, purses, belts, shoes, you name it…) I do shop on sale a lot. Most ppl @ work (I do work in a business office) are REALLY surprised when I tell them that most of my clothes come from AVON Marks and Superstore By Joe line!!! A few weeks back, I bought 4 HOT looking skirts for a total of $12!!! Each one was $3! You can’t go wrong with that. I still manage to pull it all together very nicely and I can look fab with great hair, great m/u, great fragrances, great looks! I am a firm believer that you don’t need to spend a ton of $$$ on clothes to look like you are fashionable! It’s all about how you match things together. Plus, who can see the designer tag anyways? Nobody can see if it says AVON or YSL on the inside of your clothes!! 😛

Zsofi Avatar

I absolutely try not to spend on anything else,just beauty 😀
i photo-copy the books for school,never buy expensive clothes,never go to restaurants,and in recent time i also dont spend on glossy fashion magazines…
i used to buy them,bc this was my beauty-tricks resource,but since discovering Temptalia,i find the magazines boring 😀
there wads a day in my life few years ago,when i decided: i will spend like a queen when it comes to makeup,i will be a beggar buying anything else :-DDDD
i really felt guilty last time,when i bought a bag… i could buy a pigment of its price :-DDDDDD

KaylaK Avatar

Yeah I usually have minimal clothes, shoes, accessories spending. Since I go to college MWF I usually work out when I’m at school, so there’s my day to day wardrobe almost just in athletic attire lol. That and work rules what little life I do have so there’s all black Macy’s attire there too. *Sigh* so it’s up to makeup to add a little life to my looks!

Arika BH Avatar

I scrimp on everything else to indulge in my hobby. I do drugstore for haircare ( John Freida and L’oreal), and skincare ( Cetaphil and L’oreal). I shop mostly at Target for clothes and shoes. Im vegan and I dont buy leather. Fake leather shoes and purses are less exspensive anyways.

Ceci Avatar

I skimp on manicures, haircuts, and expensive clothes. I do my own nails and my hair is just fine as is in a long bob. As for clothes, I buy a few well-made basics and use those in my everyday wardrobe mixed in with a few trendy (and cheap!) pieces from various places (H&M, Old Navy, even dept. stores because there are so many things that they are placing on sale due to the recession; I even see basics that are going for cheap now). More MAC and other beauty stuff over those things for me anytime! Sometimes I skimp on food too, but that’s usually more connected to me wanting to lose weight. However, it’s sweet knowing that I’ll be able to get the latest MAC products if I don’t indulge in that extra pack of Devil Dogs and some fries on top of the food I already buy at work.

The one thing that I don’t skimp on is skincare because makeup never goes on well on unhealthy looking or unevenly textured skin. It would take a lot of makeup to cover up the imperfections I would have without the skincare products I use now. That NEVER looks natural or pretty on me or anyone for that matter.

Ruth Avatar

I spend very little on hair, I have a pixie cut, I have so many pairs of shoes, so I’ll just buy cheap flip-flops for casual summer wear. I only buy average priced clothing and handbags. I haven’t bought any jewelery in along time, don’t need it really, I have enough. Once in a while I may eat out or go to a movie, plus I pay to swim at my rec centre BUT………….I SAVE ALL THE MONEY I CAN FOR MY BELOVED MAKEUP HABIT !

Zoffe Avatar

I rarely buy expensive clothes. I buy lots of clothes but it’s usually from places like H&M where I can get cute clothes without spending a fortune 😉
And I don’t have a lot of shoes or purses at all… I keep thinking “no way I’m giving up 5 eyeshadows to buy a pair of shoes!”, lol 😉
I don’t get expensive hair cuts, manicures, facials or other stuff like that. I like to buy good products and do all that myself 🙂 Except cutting my hair, obviously… That’d just look… Horrible xD

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