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Yes yes yes! I must always have shiny lips no matter what! I absolutely hate wearing lipgloss but I get endless compliments on my lipcolor/lipgloss so for me it’s a must!

wel yes, not that i run all day with lipstick lips.. but to go to work ill do.. and i eat it off my lips, so i have to reaply it 🙂

It really depends on the situation. I only re-apply my lipstick/gloss when I go to the bathroom, since I don’t like to do it in public. But it always gives me a good feeling to have smooth and shiny lips:) so I tend to go to the bathroom more often 😀

Now that I am working, yes I do tend to re-apply otherwise my lips would get all dry due to the AC. However if I’m out at the mall etc I usually wouldn’t tend to unless I feel my lips getting dry then I’ll reapply.

I’m currently in college so I don’t really eat during class-time so my lipstick and lipgloss tends to stay on. Usually when I have breaks I’ll go home and eat and then before I leave I’ll reapply! If I don’t come back home then I won’t reapply.

Not normaally but I plan to start seeing as I have 792,000 lipglosses and need to get a move on using them up.

Usually I do, but I don’t always think to.. which is a shame considering how many lip products I carry in my makeup bag every day!

I usually reapply my lipstick/lipgloss after my lunch ( around 13.00). If I do not go to the gym straight after work, I tend to reapply before I leave work ( around 16.00). On a night-out, I usually pay a visit to the bathroom after my first drink ( before I get too drunk) to reapply.

ugh, I do have to reapply! Mainly because I have a horrible habit of licking my lips frequently. So I tend to lick it right off >_<

Not usually, mostly because I go to a pretty hippy-happy university where pretty much only me and my equally makeup obsessed roommate wear eye makeup, let alone full face. You get dirty looks for reapplying lipstick! And at home I work at a vet clinic so lipstick/gloss = dog haired mouth in about 5 seconds so I don’t bother. When I go out I tend to reapply though.

I always carry whatever lip product I’m wearing with me, but I rarely end up reapplying. That’s mainly because I usually won’t apply any lipstick or gloss if I know I’ll be eating soon. In that case, I’ll wait until I’ve eaten and then apply it after. I don’t lick my lips, so it usually stays on for a good long time.

Not usually my lipstick because it leaves my lips pretty dry and flakey so reapplying just makes it worse, but I reapply lipgloss like there’s no tomorrow.

Yeah, I do, if I ate or drank something while I worked, or if time has passed where the color faded.

sometimes i’ll reapply my lipgloss but i dont really have time since my classes are so crunched in together and i tend to drink from my bottle a lot during lectures so i just head straight back home and call it a day…

Definitely reapply, especially after drinking, eating or whenever the color is fading off. I do it whenever I know my lipstick is fading, so I reapply in rest room, on the table while waiting for my bill, and even at the supermarket along the aisle after seeing my lips

Every time I finish my coffee or water. I either put on lipstick, gloss or lip balm. I feel naked without something on my lips.

It depends. If I’m out somewhere, I tend to only wear gloss because it’s easy to reapply, no mirror needed. If I’m wearing lip stick out then I have to take a compact because I can’t stand the look of fading lip stick. When I’m just at home I’ll let gloss fade or take of lip stick and put on chap stick. They need rest LOL

Since I’m in university I don’t really bother re-applying my lipstick and/or lipgloss throughout the day. None of my friends really bother to wear makeup during the school week so once my lipstick/gloss fades, I just apply my Burt’s Bees lipbalm and I’m good to go.
When I’m at work though, I always re-apply after lunch and in the car before leaving work.

Yes! I always re-apply before I leave the house. 🙂 Also take my lipstick/gloss with me if I’m out for longer. If I know I’ll be eating out, I usually use a long lasting lipstick like Max Factor Lipfinity, so I only have to reapply the gloss on top, that way I don’t have to go to the bathroom to do that.

If I have a nude lipstick, I normally don’t but with glosses and bright lipsticks I do. I have Full Fuchsia on today and only reapplied once! And that was after lunch, 2 cups of coffee and smoking!

I reapply lipstick or gloss whenever it wears off or my lips become slightly gummy/dry (PF’s plump potion dries down like that, so I can always tell when it’s about gone, it is, however, the most moisturizing stuff I have ever found so I adore it to death).

Yes, always. When it starts to wear off, I always re-apply. Not always the liner, but sometimes the entire process. I feel naked without it:)

I reapply whatever I’m wearing that day (l/s, l/g, l/b) at least a gazillion times every day!!! 😛 My lips always have to look perfect and colorful and shiny! Whether I eat, drink or not, every lip product tends to fade after a while.

Yes, just the lipgloss. Sometimes though, I really want to have the color from my lipstick, so I’ll re-apply that too.

No. I am so busy at work that it is not even an option. But if I am going anywhere but home after work, I will definately re-apply.
I have a balm near by during the winter as I often get chapped lips when it is cold (Denmark… brrrr)

Not only re-apply, I change it al the time. I have around 3 to 4 lipglosses in my make-up bag, and my mood during the day tells me what to wear at the moment. Comet blue, Date night, Fast friends and Spring bean at the moment.

Yes, I usually try and reapply! I think it’s very glam to pull out a gorgeous enamelled or crystal studded compact and a beautiful lipstick and take your time to apply it just so!
I usually reapply at my desk if I’m at work but in the ladies room if I’m at a conference or something. Plus I constantly carry at least several lipsticks and about a dozen lipglosses in any given handbag!

If I’m at work and really busy I don’t usually bother but it is a nice feeling when you come home from a busy day at work and still look fabulous instead of drained and tried.

I always have on gloss or chapstick at the very least. I lick my lips to a nasty point if I don’t. When I wear lipstick, which is rarely, I do reapply fairly often.

I always leave the house with something, gloss or liner and l/s. If it is line and l/s, I usually reapply 1x or 2x per day with a slicking of gloss in between. When it is gloss, I reapply about once every couple hours.

I always wear liner, lipstick & gloss. For me layering is the best way to get my lips to stay as long as possible. By mid-morning i may reapply my gloss because I’ve been drinking coffee and it’s all come off on my mug. Then after lunch, i may need to reapply lipstick & gloss and then later in the day, another reapp of gloss. I’m addicted to gloss so there is never enough on in my mind. For me the purpose of all 3 is really just to make my lips pop & create different color combos by switching things around.

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