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At the moment I prefer more natural looks but I will do bolder looks when it gets closesr to Christmas and then wear natural looks again until Spring and Summer.

Im more into natural looks lately, because they are so much more easy to make and when Im in a hurry they are also faster. Sometimes I get in the mood for some bold looks but I have to stay in front of the mirror about 15 min. When I go to club I always have bold looks 🙂

I love natural looks. They suit me best and I feel more comfortable with natural colors on my face. Im a very fair (dark)blonde and bold colors make me look like a dragqueen!

Id say somewhere in between. Im loving looks using really pigmented bright colors, but Im more into shimmery versions of bold looks than matte opaque really bold versions.

I really like both. It depends on my mood that particular day. Though if I had to choose one, Id go with BOLD. Dark and dramatic or bright and brillant.

Being a mom, I dont enter the bold zone often. I enjoy putting on a full face every day, but stay pretty neutral.

natural looks better on me, or maybe I just dont have the confidence to pull off a bold look :p but I guess, once in a while, Ill put on something a bit bolder. But otherwise, most of the time, its natural and I think it suits me.

I think everyones interpretation of bold will be a little different. Perhaps its the wisdom that comes with a few decades under my belt, but I prefer a bold look that compliments my natural beauty. I dont go for bright colors that dont work with my skin tone, eye and lip color. For example, I would never go with a teal look because Id look like a clown or the simple, every day look that provides just a hint of color on the lids because it washes me out, my eyes dont pop with that kind of look. I have smaller eyes (not apparent because Ive learnt how to create the illusion of a bigger eye with a slight wing and a definite V. I prefer a pop of color on the lip that coordinates with my shadow (which is usually a purple, burgundy or brown) because I have a small mouth.

Itll be interesting to see what other women prefer. Great question! I just found your blog, and I love it!

i think you are on the right track. it depends on what you mean by bold. i like natural looks but i don’t want to always look like i have no makeup on. i frequently do a dark smokey eye that depending on your opinion could be considered a “bold” look. however, i don’t like my makeup to look like a rainbow exploded on my face. there are days i look pretty natural and other days you can tell i have makeup on but i don’t think i’m too outrageous or bold. for instance i have yet to embrace a true red lip. maybe one day…

I love the natural look that makes me look like i naturally have flawless skin and not like im wearing tons of make up.

I love dramatic looks on my eyes but I love to keep my lips and cheeks very simple. So I usually do a bit of both.

I really like bold, colourful looks, I find natural boring. I will however sometimes do more natural looks when the bold look isnt approproate / too much work.

I get loads of compliments with a bold and/or bright look, but none when having a natural look. So I mostly do the bright and fun looks!

I love neutral looks on myself, but I love to do bold looks on other people.
I have pretty bad acne as well as scarring, so I don’t like to draw too much attention to myself in any way, but most people I work with have really smooth skin, so they can pull off bright or dark looks.

I like both, just depends on what I’m going to be doing. Natural is great for daytime and bold is great for night. I’m doing more bold during the day too.

i prefer bold looks on myself…if im gonna look natural, i might as well just be natural (i.e. no makeup) i like to have fun with makeup!

I love both, but natural looks take less time, so that’s usually what I wear, but on the weekends I like to go bolder.

I love bold looks. I have black hair and dark brown eyes but am very pale nw20 or 15 so I love to play that up with bright bold colors.

Since I’m an artist and hopefully makeup artist to be, definately bold. Lots of bright colors look pretty and make my eyes pop. Or neutral eyes and a red lip. I mix it up as often as possible! I think it makes things fun and intresting to expiriment.

I prefer having that balance, so not just wearing something completely neutral and not just wearing a rainbow on my lids.

Now that I’m older and out of high school, I find that my tastes are getting more refined and matured, so my looks aren’t always about just being the most colourful person there, but wearing the most elegantly applied looks. I LOVE using bold colours in my crease and lower lash line with a neutral colour on the lid and darker bolds like purples blended into the outer half and a little into the crease.

I don’t think I ever do a look that doesn’t incorporate a bold, whether light or dark, colour. I guess I’m just colourful at heart 🙂

I love neutral looks because they are much more easy to make and they go with any outfit.But i do wear bold looks during the holidays lol.

I agree with you 100%!

If I’m going to wear makeup, I want it to look OBVIOUS that I’m wearing it so BOLD BOLD BOLD! If I’m going to wear a natural look I’m just not wear makeup. That’s as natural of a look you can get!

Bold. I am not a nautral type of person unless I have to be. Job interviews and special functions I go “natural” and even then I still find a way to spice my look up. I don’t like color so much in my clothing, but I love to wear it on my face.

I tend to wear all colors that most may consider bold, but I really think it is somewhere between natural and bold. I think Lady Ga Ga would tell me I am boring, but Jennifer Aniston may say think I wear too much. I hope that comparison helps:)

I like in-between looks mostly. I’m not into too bold or dramatic for everyday, but I like to look polished and classic and I definitely don’t mind looking like I’m obviously wearing makeup (i.e. brighter lipstick or shadow).

I love bold looks, because i can truly express myself, and it sets me asside from everyone else and stands out. I feel when i wear bold looks, i can inspire woman and they too will want to wear make up, mabe not as bold but a look to express theirselves, all women are beautiful without make up inside an out, but makeup to me just is the icing on the cake and it it expresses onself.

I generally do the same look, which is a variation on neutral. However, I do change up my lips quite often. I like to do a bold red lip paired with neutral eyes. I don’t play with bold colours on my eyes yet.

99% of the time I use natural look, love it… but when the occasion is worth of course a bold look which is also fun!!!

That way I don’t look the same every day

everyone in my life knows my mood by my makeup. i have every color imaginable, but if i’m not feeling it, i will do a neutral look. i stick to colors most of the time though. 🙂 so bold for me.

Up until recently I’ve done mainly neutral looks to walkin the wilder side of smokey eyes and bright/bolder colors (like today – purples!). I like the duality of being able to do either depending on my mood and the time I have available. But latey, its bold or go home.

I prefer a bold look, take for instance the standard makeup rule of if you go with a bold eye, do a nude lip or vice versa. I throw that rule right out the door and do a bold eye and bold lip and it does not look too much or overdone.

Bold. All the time. Day or night. The bolder and brighter, the better. I’ve never seen anyone else wear more acid green eyeshadow than me.

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