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I try to but then when I get to the counter I see loads of extra things I want.
I’m quite sensible though & don’t overspend. I know my limit for the haul and don’t go over it, I usually change my mind on what I want though and come back with completely different things!!

Yeah same. I try to plan them. Well, I do… but when I get to the store, I might change my minds… very unpredictable :d

i usually plan them too but chances are big that i buy more than planed haha well mostly though i stick with colors i like so i never plan on getting to red or to brown lipsticks and lipglasses
i plan which shadows i will get and then swatch them and sometimes dont buy them if they look totally different swatched

Mostly, yes.
Usually I figure out my budget & then I pick the things I want most inside that budget. Usually I will replace or remove etc.. But I usually end up with a majority of what I originally wanted and a few things I didn’t think I’d EVER in a million years, buy.

i always plan but sadly i also go over budget.
for example, i went looking for shroom 4 times and 4 times they were out, so i bought other things just to satisfy my mac hunger, lol.

I always always plan what to buy, do some relevant ‘research’ before I hit the counters! That way u know whats good, what bad, and know what questions to ask the sales person before I open my wallet ๐Ÿ˜€

My hauls are always very carefully planned. I’m a little bit out of control about make up, so if i dont planned everything well i end up spending everything that i have.
Sometimes i just change the colors of lipsticks, lipglasses and eye shadows, but i always research very well before buy something.
[i’m sorry for my badbadbad english, i’m brazilian!]

Oh yes, I have to. I usually figure how many of each before I go (how many shadows, lip glosses, etc). The only thing I usually may change is the shade…

Since I’ve discovered beauty blogs that provide swatches, I’ve been pretty good about getting an idea of what I want to grab, and then I give myself a budget to go a little over. Just a little LOL.

Now when I go to the outlets to haul from the CCO’s. Ugh. That’s when I lose control.

Yes, I usually plan what to get, but Iยดve been known to slightly overdo it once Iยดm in the actual presence of God MAC…

I put so much research into the planning, checking multiple websites for swatches on different people, how the colours compare to other colors, FOTDs and tuts to see what they look like with what and then I get to the store and most of it goes out the window. Things are never quite the same in the store. Sometimes I add, sometimes I subtract and sometimes I walk away and dream about the thing I didn’t get while trying to force myself not to go back for it (good luck willpower I commend you for your efforts)

I have a stricter budget right now though so for cool heat I am going in with the greens/blues I already have swatched on my arm so that I know which I can do without.

I try to, but we all know how that goes! Something sparkly in the store catches my eye and I can somehow rationalize any purchase! However, I would never buy myself into debt or anything-if I spend a lot on makeup, then I pull back in other areas i.e. I’ll cook at home or not shop for clothes or shoes that month, eat ramen noodles lol etc.

Yes I usually plan what to buy beforehand.But if I see an item which I really love,I will lose my mind & all the plannings will go to waste.

I usually plan out my haul. I will look for at least a week online. I’ll put things in my shopping cart and budget, then I will go in the store with a list but I will still be a little open minded because ultimately I’m curious as to how it looks in person. Then I will purchase so it could be different then what I planned but usually I stay on track.

I always look at the website when new collections come out and decide what I want. Then after going to the counter, sometimes I change my mind if the products look different than what I expected, but I always come with a plan!

Yes I definitely plan by looking at Temptalia and other websites. I also put my haul in an online cart to see how much it will cost. but lately I have just been buying the stuff from older collections that I still want before they go away. Like I still need to buy Mutiny and stuff from NeoSciFi. I also have a really big want list so my hauls are kind of random but all the stuff is from that list.

I always go to MAC with a list, the same way I go grocery shopping. If you don’t have a list, you end up buying too much or buying things you don’t need.

I always plan it out, then go to the store and change my mind and then get it piece by piece over the next few weeks. Especially with Dazzleglass. I initially got Comet Blue, then when I had my NN make-over I got another one. When that one started running out, I went to get it again. They didn’t have it but I did walk away with two more.

I usually plan my hauls and I’m pretty good about sticking to them. However if a product I want is sold out then that is really the only time I’ll get something else I didn’t plan on.

I do research and plan it out completely, but when I go to get them.. I leave with MAYBE those things, but always lots more lol ๐Ÿ™‚

I am bad, I actually make a list of the things I want and I will call and see if “my girl” is at the counter. I will go over my list with her and by the time I get there I just pay and pick up. Macy’s is only a mile from my house and unfortunately I have no budget. I try to stick to ONLY things I will in fact wear.

I try to plan my bigger hauls (like when I’m shopping mineral shadows and such) but I often fall for impulses too…wich make my poor wallet scream in angst ๐Ÿ˜›


When preliminary info comes out about a collection, I usually start a prelim wishlist. Then, as descriptions/product photos/swatches come out, the list changes. I used to never stick to my list because I’d go in person & always want something I didn’t think I would. Then I started only buying online, so I’d always stick to my list. And now, I’m back to shopping in-store, but finding that I buy less than my whats on my list.

I used to be able to go ahead and get crazy, but I took a job that pays less… so now I really have to plan. Like, right now I’ve been on MAC’s site a million times, and on others like here to see swatches, just so I can try to decide what I would like to get next month with my “makeup money.”

I always plan my hauls. If I’m going to the counter, I go with a list and don’t even look at everything else in person because I’d just end up buying more. If I’m buying online, it’s even better. My wishlists rarely change anyway; I know what I want and won’t change my mind about it! ๐Ÿ˜› My wishlist usually doesn’t get any larger or smaller as the release dates near. Still though, I do plan carefully and only buy things I know I will use. I don’t buy things for the sake of owning them–not when it comes to make-up, anyway.

I plan them out but then as soon as I see something else while I’m at the counter it’s like I have to get that too, it’s a never ending chain.

I have a question, how much is a normal haul? I tend to spend between $120 to $200 every time and I know that I shouldn’t. Does anyone think that is just bad because I feel guilty when I do it and I don’t show anyone. It;s like “my secret”.

There’s no such thing as a “normal haul” LOL It’s all about YOU and what you want to do with YOUR money! If you can afford it, then you don’t need to feel bad. Just don’t go blasting your credit card to pieces. I’ve been there, and it ain’t fun :p

I don’t think that’s not normal, Rubi? It’s like… it depends on what your budget is, or maybe even just where you are at in life. I used to plunk down $200-300 EASY! Now I’m usually under $100.

I usually go online and look for colors I’m interested in so that I can budget for what I want. I’m a stay at home mom, so I try not to spend all the money that my husband earns LOL He doesn’t mind my “habit” though and he knows it makes me happy. I try to keep my budget of $100 each time I go to the counter. So I’ll write down the things I’m interested in and then go down the line and cross off what I can wait on and budget down to what I really want to get.

Some times I may change my mind on a color because it may not be for me, but I just swatch around for a different color.

I pay cash so I know I am not getting bills for it. I feel better knowing DaniMae tries to stick to around $100 because that’s my “mental” goal for damage control.

i check out makeupalley first to see if there are positive reviews
then i type out all the things i want in order of importance
i usually stick to just the list because its already pretty extensive lol

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