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Hey Cristine,

I alwas read the instructions even if i know,and always go through the ingredients,sometimes i understand the sceintific names and sometimes even not.”My freind nothing precious like skin,if its once damaged then never cureable like b4”


Yes, I do read them, and thanks to Paula Begoun and med school I even understand them. I think it is very important to read them, especially with skincare products, although I have been known to be sucked into the hype about a product, even though I should know better.

i do.. because i can’t use products that contain talc, bismuth, or silicones… all these make my skin go crazy so i have to read them.

I actually never pay attention to ingredients. I’ve only had a few products negatively change my skin. Perhaps I should have looked to see what was in them, but instead I just threw them out.

I sort of do…but I haven’t had any bad reactions to anything so I’m not too diligent about it. The only thing lately that I’ve been wondering about but not too concerned about it is parabens b/c I’ll be trying to get pregnant soon. But I’ve noticed they are usually the last ingredients on the ingredient list which means they are such tiny amounts and I’m not sure how much that would really affect me.

I do, but there is still a lot I have to learn. After reading Paula Begoun’s books I learned 80% of my acne products were probably irritating my skin and making my acne worse!

I do because I have a life-threatening aspirin allergy so I have to be out on the look out for salicylic acid and sodium benzoate. I also check the red dyes, especially in eyeshadow because it can make my eyes itch. I am also interested in parabens …. I wonder if they are doing more harm than good, but they are in Paula’s Choice products, but I still wonder.

I watch for glycerine, since it’s a drying product. It can’t be helped when it comes to mixing medium for pigment, though!

i usually dont cause i dont know what they mean. i do try to look for foundation that is non-comodongenic(sp?) because i know that means won’t clog pores! and that is good so yey

I don’t really look deep into ingredients beyond the main active one. Because I mainly use pharmaceutical products I know, I feel safe in using them especially in delicate areas like the eyes. The rest of the beauty products I buy, mainly make-up, tend to be from high end brands like Dior, YSL or Chanel, and for the money they make they BETTER research their ingredients damn well!!!!

I do now. After investing in Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple face cleanser [which everyone raves about] I used it all it did was make me itch n breakout [& it smells bad to me] I found out that has Chamomile in it,which is in the ragweed family..for anyone with ragweed allergies AND it has black pepper in it !..So girls with allergies..be on the lookout if you decide to try this.

Funny enough, I’m doing a journalism project at school about makeup, ingredients, how it’s made, etc. In a poll, 100% of girls I surveyed had no idea what their makeup is made of! It’s almost alarming that 80% of my school’s females apply these unknown products every day. I’ve learned a lot in this project I’m doing and some of the ingredients and chemicals are really shocking!

As for me, I fall under the 100% who don’t know what makeup is made of. After this project, I am a lot more knowledgeable, particularly about the basic components of products and animal testing. But will I apply this knowledge and read the ingredient lists every time I consider buying a new product?…probably not!

Bismuth and mica makes my face go all red and itchy. I learned this the hard way with Phys. Formula mineral foundation…man, I was so excited at first and when my face was all red, I still didnยดt think it was the foundation (so many good stuff are said about it). But finally, of course, I found out the culprit. I would like to use mineral found. I have yet to find one without those ingredients.

Bismuth oxychloride is highly pore-clogging to me (comedogenic). I made that mistake last week when I tried a MAC Mineralize skinfinish for the first time. Sigh. Also I’ve developed an allergy to Vitamin E over the last year or so, so I’m constantly on the lookout for Tocopheryl Acetate. Overall, I’ve been moving to more and more natural face cleansers, etc. a) because I know what’s in them and b) because it’s actually clearing my face up!

I don’t generally look unless I’m bored…There are one or two chemicals that I know are bad to allow into your body, but I’ve forgotten what they are called. Ooh well. LoL

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