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I have actually done this a few times, the first time was a woman in a coffee shop that had amazingly pigmented well applied eyeshadow, and we had only just got a a mac counter in my city, so i had read about it and seen it on the internet. So I went up to her and asked if she was wearing mac, and she was, i said it looked lovely.
But that was all, now that ive used it i would ask what colour she was wearing, so i could try get some.
In my opinion, one spends a lot of time doing eyeshadow and if it’s good then recognition for that should make the person feel good and inspired by their art.
Yes, its definately on my radar, if someone has poorly applied makeup, i notice too. I think sometimes its better not to wear than just slap some on cos you feel your ‘supposed to’. Fresh looking skin is lovely too!

That’s awesome, Calico! I agree that if someone does fantastic makeup, if I can, I’ll say something about it!

Oh, most definitely! I will find an opportunity to ask anyone that has beautiful makeup on. I ask what products they’re wearing and, if Mac, I try to guess the specific colors. It’s pretty fun and everyone has responded really well. They are very flattered and eager to talk about makeup, too. I love the way makeup brings us all together!!! =D

Of course! It’s always flattering when someone compliments my makeup, so I try to do the same. Plus, it’s a great way to find out about a brand or color you might not have known about otherwise.

I agree with Kristen and Chloe! I love getting complimented (especially by MA’s at the counter who think I’ve had it done by one of their own!), so I try to compliment others as well. And I notice bad make-up jobs too – ick. So yes, it’s always on my radar!

I’m with Chloe on this one too! unfortunately, here in Jersey City, there’s a shortage of women who know how to wear makeup properly — meaning I see alot of brown lipliner with clear gloss, imappropriate blue eyeshadow……….you know what i mean!

I usually notice the bad makeup, lol.
But, if I ask someone about their makeup, it is usually because it is a hard-to-find color. I remember several years ago when I was being rung up by a cashier who had incredible bright yellow eye shadow on, and I asked her where she got it.
Now, the color would look terrible on me, but I never knew eyeshadow was even made in that color, and I wanted to see what else this company had! She told me it was MAC, and that is when I started looking into their products… before that the only person I’d known who used MAC was a very sweet girl who unfortunately used heavy purple shadow up to her eyebrows. I always thought it looked tacky- it certainly didn’t make me want to check out MAC products.

I love chatting about makeup! I will compliment a well done makeup job in a heartbeat. I know when I get stopped and complimented (esp at the makeup counters or at Sephora) it makes me feel good for hours. Its a nice way to make someone else feel good and possibly strike up a convo with someone you normally wouldn’t have ever spoken to. In St. Louis you see a lot of bad makeup too! I always see that and I try not to stare… LOL!

Yes, I notice! What I’ve noticed is I care a lot more about makeup than most women I work with! So many don’t even bother to wear any, or if they are it’s virtually non-existent. I find myself wanting to do a “makeover” on them and imagine what colors they would look good in. When I do notice someone that has their makeup nicely done or a fabulous color I love, I don’t hesitate to ask them! After all, it’s a complement!

Same here! I’m finding out that I’m not normal in my make-up obsession. I thought it was normal to wear full make-up everyday…but I’m finding more and more that I am in the minority! 🙁 It’s too bad too…soooo many women would look sooooo much better with make-up hehe 🙂

lol dude i know what u mean. :]
i would totally wear bright crazy makeup everyday then again i think pple will get scared, esp when they see me w/o makeup anymore :[[[ so i’ll try to switch it up. anyways, i think that the MU u buy is so expensive like you might as well use it everyday 😀

omg yesterday i went to the mac store and one of pple there said he liked my e/s… i was like OMFG :D!!!!! YAY!!! HHAHAH but i didn’t get a chance to tell him that i was so grateful bc i thought he was asking me to move so i was like oh ok. haha whatevs :] i love him!! <3

LOL! I notice this too… I don’t see many women with really noticeable makeup. I notice bad makeup, too, though, lol!

I notice and comment on really good makeup, but the thing I notice most these days are eyebrows! I have a new obssession with well done brows, but I don’t compliment people on them.. it may seem weird hehe

Yeah I do, the last time I commented on a lady’s lip colour and she pointed out it was a Lancome l/s(can’t remember which one now) but I always do say something if I like it! It’s great when you start random conversations about make up! fun!

That’s so cute, Winnie! I do that too, but depends on the circumstance, and usually I have to be pretty impressed to ask!

YES, all the time! I’m one to compliment a good makeup application when I see it. Also, I see women everywhere and think….did she not look at herself before she left the house! I can’t believe in this day and age with all the makeup and beauty treatments out there that females still don’t take the time to make themselves look decent! I mean, makeup can literally take 5 min, and instantaneously change the way someone looks…for the better! Good question Christine, now I’m on a rant!

I definitely notice makeup on others. If I really love the color, I’ll ask what it is. If I’m impressed with the application, I’ll compliment them (if they seem approachable, some gals aren’t).

I have to admit I notice BAD makeup just as often, if not MORE THAN I notice good makeup. But that’s only been over the last few years since I really started getting into color & application. I think when you know a lot about something, it becomes more apparent in every day life.

Hey Ariele! That’s cool 🙂 I agree that sometimes the person isn’t approachable, or there just isn’t the time/space to ask!

I notice more OTT makeup, well, at least beyond the neutral category, OR if a woman just looks really polished. Then I drool!

Julia, I too have that brow obsession! A person’s brows are definitely one of the first things I notice. My own brows, without anything added to them, are kind of sparse, so I’m always in awe of people who have naturally amazing brows. I feel a little awkward if I compliment a stranger’s brows, so I don’t.

I do compliment on a woman’s expertly applied makeup, but since I’m a boarding school student, I don’t see very many girls around me who wear amazing makeup. Usually, they just wear wayyy too much (a la eyeliner) that overwhelms their face. Or, the girls just don’t care about how their mascara is flaking all over their cheeks.

Of course I (secretly!) check out what type of make up others have on. Most of the time, I tend to pay more attention to those who share a similar skin tone.

The only time I ever asked anyone what she was wearing was when I was looking for “the perfect beige” lipstick. It turned out she was wearing Divinora 480, which had been discontinued unfortunately. It looked amazing on her and I wish I had checked out Guerlain earlier!

LOL! Covert spy action? 😀

I check out people with really pale or dark complexions, because I’m always curious about what works for them.

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