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It’s the exact same for me.. i find that if i have any product on my lips, my hair sticks to it.. so i can’t win! However sticky hair is worth luscious lips.. so really, i dont care about the texture of the gloss, the only thing that matters is if i like the colour/smell or not ;).

non sticky!! not for my hair per say, but since I’m a teacher, and I basically talk ALL day, I need something that’s not gonna feel like glue…

I’m actually getting used to the sticky, which used to be just icky but isn’t anymore. In spite of being a teacher πŸ™‚ But sticky only on hair-tied-back-days, since my hair sticks to sticky lipgloss but not (luckily, it seems) to non-sticky/lipstick.

Definately not sticky… I go mad when my lips just glue together… Plus, the sticky ones gives me blisters on the lips… Too bad, they stay on for so much longer than the non-sticky ones… =)

Oh I hate when my hair sticks to my lipgloss – it drives me insane LOL but the sticky ones looks so lovely and shiny! I try to avoid sticky if my hair is going to be down, if it is tied up then that isn’t so bad!

Definitely non sticky! I wear my hair up mostly so that’s not an issue, but I always feel like sticky gloss sucks all the moisture out of my lips and glues them together.

I like sticky to semi-sticky because it feels like it stays put longer. The non sticky lip gloss disapears faster.
But the hair issue is always a problem reguard lis what lig gloss you have on : )

I always think the sticky ones always have the most staying power. I have been using an Origins one lately and it’s not very sticky, not as long wearing but is still moisturising. I guess the most important thing about gloss is that it shouldn’t dry up my lips!

I like sticky, but if I’m wearing glasses (99% of the time), my hair will hit my lips and then stick to my glasses, leaving weird streaks of gloss on them. Unpleasant, and it reduces how well I can see! It’s so tough being me.

Oh goodness, that does sound mighty troublesome!! I only wear glasses for class (and mostly because I always choose to sit in the back, lol), so luckily I haven’t encountered that yet!

I love sticky gloss!
I think it lasts longer and moisturizes better than non-sticky. (love lipglass, donΒ΄t like lustreglass)

I love sticky/semi sticky lip glosses! Since my hair is very curly and the curls really stick together, I don’t really get fly away hair that sticks in my gloss. I actually feel like sticky glosses are really moisturizing for me. I have very dry, peeling lips so that is a huge plus!

I tend to wear lipstick so my hair doesn’t stick to it but if I really want to wear a gloss I just wear a hairband so i don’t have to worry about it :o) As everyone’s been saying – non-stick seem to stick anyway so it doesn’t matter!

I vastly prefer non-sticky. I love Lipgelees! I am paranoid about getting hair stuck in my lip gloss so I’ll put it up and pin it if I am wearing gloss at all. I just don’t like having to peel my lips apart if I press them together.

i love sticky gloss, its lasts much much longer and i just like it. although it does stink when my hair gets stuck, but i’m not living on the beach anymore so i dont really have to worry about alot of wind anymore.

I love sticky gloss. It makes my lips look fuller and adds dimension. Totally don’t care if my hair sticks in it – it’s worth it when I get compliments on my full lips (which are totally an illusion, LOL)

the sticky ones DO have the best staying power
but it is annoying to wipe off
& when my hair blows in the wind it gets stuck lol

Non sticky!!!!

Or maybeee semi sticky is my hair is up. I can’t stand sticky, my hair gets caught in it and it feels like glue on my lips. When I speak I can feel the gloss between my lips.

Finding a good, non sticky gloss is pretty hard though. I tend to love tinted balms for normal days since my hair doesn’t stick to it at all.

LOL! That’s true, I don’t like it always feeling like vaseline on my lips… fine when it’s vaseline, but I don’t want my gloss like that!

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