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First comment, sweet!
I LOVE palettes!! They make it so much easier and are so pretty. 🙂
I only keep one of the special packaging collection singles!

I prefer palettes, so that I can find them fastly and easily. When they’re single, they lose themselves in my vanity and I forget about them, it’s really not practical. Also, I prefer 4 pans palettes rather than 15 pans ones. But it’s not as if I was owning that much of make up to justify owning a 15 pans palette.

Eeek! I have 12 palettes full of shadows – imagine keeping them all in pots! No room lol. Some shades I have in pots though, especially LE ones like Barbie, Style Warrior, etc.

Singles! In palettes, there generally is a color that I don’t care for or better yet is a highlight… which I already have to many! That said, if a special edition palette comes out with a color I (need) have to have, well I guess that’s why I own the number of palettes I do!

I like both. Singles are easier if I’m off for a weekend, and just want to take 2 colors with me. I just custom built my first pallette last week, and it’s been interesting. Not gonna like, I’m OCD, I cannot stand to have the shadow get on the pallette, so it’s a bit messier for me 🙁

I love the pallet forms personally. They are like 3.50 cheaper. and the pallets hold up to 15 shadows. You are saving alot of money in the end. And the pallets are only $12 which is awesome. I do think the pots are adorable and would love to get some. For instance Freshwater is one of my favorite shadows, and it only comes in Pod form at my MAC store, so I am going to have to buy it

i love POTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1) i find that most eyeshadows in the pallete or even quads have a much higher chance of breaking
and since i dont hve money to spend of buying a replacement i keep the in the pots
2) I feel pots are easier to carry with you on the go and in your purse…. pluse quads always seem to break if u just throw it in your purse
3) they are cuter lol 🙂

That’s so odd! I am usually really careful with my makeup, but every time I have dropped a quad it’s been completely undamaged, but I have ruined a couple of singles by dropping them!

I was always under the impression that the quads are safer becauese they have the ease to move around within the quad. The energy of the impact is partially absorbed by their ability to slide around. The singles have no lateral movement, so the energy cannot be as easilly dissispated and is more likely to result in fracture.

It’s so interesting you have had the opposite experience!

For pressed eye shadows I prefer palettes. I think they take up less space and it’s like you said, eaiser to customize. It’s also easier to travel with.
For my loose powders / mineral makeup, I don’t mind the pots, but I definitely limit what I take when I go on a trip.


the clear quads are great!!! I love them because it makes it easier for me to decide what to use/take when packing. I can just look at it, i don’t have to open all of them!

I prefer palettes, either custom or ready made palettes. Ready made palettes are great if the colors work together well and allow me to create a variety of looks or a look that I really like. Palettes are much easier to store compared to the number of pots I’d have. For travel, I’ve only taken ready made palettes because of space constraints.

I like putting my mufe shadows in their special palette. But I use mac individual shadows b/c I am not going through all that crap to depot them. Why can’t they make it as simple as mufe??

I prefer palettes, they’re usually cheaper than singles, and make more sense. They’re also better for the environment, think of all the plastic they put around one little eyeshadow, plus the box, etc. Bit silly really. I should invest in a 15-pan-palette and depot my singles and then only buy pro-refills. Question is, do the new LE releases come in pro form or just in pots?

I like palettes because they’re easier to carry when traveling and it’s nice to see all or most of the colors when applying e/s’s because i know it takes me a while to figure which look i want to go for for the day

I like both. I recently depotted all my Mac e/s into 15 pans palettes, it’s much easier that way, having all the shadows together helps me figure out color combinations better. But I also like individual pots, if the packaging is really pretty or just if they can’t be depotted.

Palettes!!! They take up way less space and I can see all the colours so ones that i may have forgotten get used! I’m an outta sight outta mind kinda person. I don’t depot the ones in special packaging tho. The only this is I glue them in usually (the old ones I depotted, cuz the glue was already hot) so i can’t switch all of them around.

I actually like pots more. I like palettes for when I travel cause its easy to travel with and I dont need to worry about loosing indivdual pots. And at MAC I do like how the palette fills are cheaper than pots. I dont know what I like pots more. Maybe because it looks like I have more makeup or I like the click sound that the pots make.

ive depotted all my mac shadows. the palettes are really convenient and pack-friendly. but to be honest, i think from now on im going to keep my eyeshadows in their pots. i think it looks better that way, and makes you look like you have alot of makeup.

i love palettets! when i had all my single e/s in their pots , it got too overcrowded. i even depot my LE e/s and just keep the packaging just in case for the future. now if only , and i wish , mac would come out with a clear 15 pan palette, like they have for their 4 e/s quads. it would make it much easier to look at , and so i can see all the colors, without opening them and no labels.

I like the pots more, but the palettes do make more sense! The way I hvae my makeup organized, the palettes sort of hide and I reach for my pots more often though! But as the pots run out I switch to palettes (I buy perm colours in palette form, but sometimes I get some as gifts or whatever)

I do like palettes, but I find depotting too much hassle and I never seem to like the pre-made palettes MAC releases, accept Fafi eyes 1, so I keep everything in individual pots.

I do love Bobbi Browns palette system, where you can put foundation, e/s, blush and lipstick all in the same palette, you can also put the product back in the original package if you want to change colorcombo’s.

Why can’t all make-up brands come up with this idea ?!

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