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Definitely in advance. I need to save in advance, if I know a few months before I can skip the less tasty collections of get those things I really want. That’s why I heart Temptalia!!!

I love to hear about launches well in advance. This way I can anticipate and save for the products that I want.

Well in advance. I’m so busy with job and family that I’m sure to miss launches unless I read about them first. Also, I rarely return makeup any more because of resources like this one and karlasugar’s blog. Because of the swatches, I can tell in advance what’s going to work for me and then I put aside the time to buy. I definitely buy more when I know in advance about the collection—oh, wait maybe that’s not a good thing LOL?

I may be the odd one out. I forget about them if I see them too far in advance; by the time I remember and go to buy, they’re usually gone. I think I prefer a week or two before they are available for purchase. I’m also an instant gratification girl, so the longer I have to wait, the less I want something. I’ve often moved on to wanting something else more/instead once the collections come out 😡

In advance because I have time to make my lists of the products that I think I want sometimes it is the entire collection. As the collection apporaches and swatches appear I scratch a few things off and enjoy the items I have selected based on the advance notice of the collection

Definitely in advance, especially for the Mac releases as we get them so much later than you here in the UK.

Ditto! I have to know in advance so I can plan ahead accordingly. I’m taking the day off on 2/12 when Hello Kitty is released (it’s my bday too, so I don’t feel bad…)

in advance!! I looooove seeing the pics of the new colors and wanting to have them. lol. I suppose I just like to torture myself…

Same here! Sometimes, the period of anticipation is better than having the products! LOL… I mean, once I have the much coveted items, there’s always new ones to covet! It’s a never ending circle.

I love looking at the pictures of new products and reading about them on here. I get excited about what I like and I can go and hunt for it in the shops or on Ebay. 🙂 At the moment I’m really excited about the BBR launch (5th Feb) in the UK and will definitely go and buy what I want the weekend immediately following.

I’m not an avid collector, so for me it’s more like window shopping. It’s nice to check out, but I’m not planning around it. I’m very laissez-faire when it comes to make up shopping, unless I run out of something, I almost never have a list, just a budget.

I like to know in advance, gives me time to look through my stock to see if it’s something I have already. Or to save up if I want something!

Definitely in advance! I need to sort out what I want and if I will like it and to save money for the items. One of the things I love about this site… is to see the cosmetic future…lol

I like to hear in advance (although sometimes it’s hard to sustain my excitement!). It helps me try to plan (and control) my spending!

advance, it helps me pick out what i want and i can save up because if i spend a lot of money on makeup one day and then a new collection comes out, i might miss it cuz i wont have much money left to spend

I love knowing in advance. It gives me time to compare colors to what I have, look at comparison swatches, and plan out what I am most interested in. I get an idea of what I want so I can decide how much to spend. Knowing what is ahead lets me decide which collections I really want to buy from. I know that I wasn’t that impressed with Hello Kitty, so I spent more on BBR. If I had no idea what was ahead I would spend my money more irrationally. It helps being an informed consumer! So I don’t waste my money!

I’m starting to feel like I would prefer waiting. For me, knowing about them in advance and talking about them before they come out deflates the excitement for me on the day they come out. For example, I’m kind of already Hello Kitty’d out and the collection isn’t even out yet!

I like to know in advance, especially since you can eye which collections appeal and suit you. Less trips to the mall and no missing out on a fab product or colour!

Well in advance and seeing at swatches is great because that way I have a better sense of what I’m getting and the I can make a list of the items I want and hopefully I’ll stick to my list ;D (ha,ha,ha yeah right!! 😉 )

In advance. It helps me get over the hype by the time it’s launched and not make impulse buys. I like having a lot of time to decide on what I want 🙂

In advance. This way if it’s something I really want I can be prepared to purchase it when it’s released!

Definitely in advance! Cause I’m always near a mall on Thursdays so I can stop there after school when new launches come out, rather than get home… See that it came out, and have to make a special trip back out there.

Plus I love being informed. All the MAs try to tell me the new launches but I already know, muahahah! 🙂

Whenever I talk to MAC MAs, I always know more than they know about the new & upcoming launches! It’s funny; they rely on me for info :X)
Of course, I don’t divulge my sources; ALl I tell them is “I have my connections” (Ah!)

in advance. it is easier to decide what might look good on you and what to expect, rather than go there on the day of the launch and be pressured to buy something that you don’t actually love. I think that the preparation helps with those who are indecisive (me!), and gives you more time to consider the choices. it is helpful to see your reviews too, that way we get an unbiased perspective (unlike some pushy mu artists who just want you to buy something from a new launch).

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